It’s good to have a credit card with included travel insurance at your fingertips

  • For travels anywhere in the world.
  • Valid for the cardholder and 3 colleagues travelling with them.
  • 750,000 EUR limit on medical expenses in case of injuries during travel (including skiing, swimming pool accidents, etc.).

Good value! Apply by 30.04.2024 and get a discount on the credit card issuance and monthly fee for the first 3 months of using the card.

When would this be useful?

  • Delayed or cancelled flight
  • Lost luggage
  • Third-party liability is incurred or legal assistance is required
  • Travel has to be cancelled due to illness
  • Medical assistance is needed during the trip

Packaging manufacturer

At the start and end of larger projects, I meet the customer abroad in person. I don’t bring much when travelling.

As I say - if you’ve got the passport and credit card with you, everything will be alright. The possibility to rent a car and book hotel has proven useful for me.

I appreciate the included travel insurance because I’ve happened to both miss the connecting flights and run into trouble with health.