The price for services at branches also applies to services provided by Telephone Banking unless a special price is set for Telephone Banking (TB).

Accounts, payments

  • Accounts

  • Payments

  • Cash operations

Bank cards

  • Debit cards

  • Credit cards

  • Temporary ATM Card

  • Cash operations in ATM and traders

Loans, Leases, Credit Cards

  • Consumer Credit

  • Credit Line

  • Car Lease

  • Car Loan

  • Mortgage Loan/Home Equity Loan

  • Consumer Credit for Home

  • Study Loan

  • Credit cards


  • Home Insurance

  • CASCO Insurance

  • MTPL Insurance

  • Travel Insurance

  • Family Support Insurance

  • Private Life Insurance

  • Credit Life Insurance

  • Insurance against Borrower's Unemployment and Incapacity for Work

  • Credit Card Liability Insurance

  • Purchase Protection

  • Travel Insurance

Digital channels

  • Internet and telephone banking

  • Quick notifications

Savings, investments

  • Savings account

  • Majority savings account

  • Savings for child’s future with guaranteed amount

  • 2nd pension pillar

  • 3nd pension pillar

  • Fixed-term Deposit

  • Private portfolio

  • Investment funds

  • Securities and Other Exchange-Traded Financial Instruments

  • Non-promoted Deposit and Life insurance products

Safety boxes, bank letters, documents etc.

  • Bank letters, documents etc.

  • Individual safety boxes

Fee information

  • Fee information document

  • List of standardized terms of services

For Golden Customers

  • For Golden Customers