Beware of scammers calling and asking for card and Internet Banking details or Smart-ID codes. Keep in mind - confirm with the Smart-ID or PIN calculator only the operations that you’ve initiated yourself (such as logging in to Internet Banking, making payments, registering the mobile app on a new device etc.).

Currently, visits to branches are possible by prior appointment only. Book an appointment


The fee for services provided in branch and over the phone will be equivalent (unless special pricing is applicable).

Accounts, payments

  • Accounts

  • Payments

  • Cash operations

Bank cards

  • Debit cards

  • Credit cards

  • Temporary ATM Card

  • Cash operations in ATM and traders

  • Non-promoted cards

Loans, Leases, Credit Cards

  • Consumer Credit

  • Credit Line

  • Car Lease

  • Car Loan

  • Mortgage Loan/Home Equity Loan

  • Consumer Credit for Home

  • Study Loan

  • Credit cards


  • Home Insurance

  • CASCO Insurance

  • MTPL Insurance

  • Travel Insurance

  • Family Support Insurance

  • Life insurance

  • Life insurance to cover loan

  • Insurance against Borrower's Unemployment and Incapacity for Work

  • Credit Card Liability Insurance

  • Purchase Protection

  • Travel Insurance

Digital channels

  • Internetbank

  • Quick notifications

Savings, investments

  • Easy Saver

  • Majority savings account

  • Savings for child’s future with guaranteed amount

  • 2nd pension pillar

  • 3rd pension pillar

  • Fixed-term Deposit

  • Private portfolio

  • Investment funds

  • Securities and Other Exchange-Traded Financial Instruments

  • Non-promoted Deposit and Life insurance products

Safety boxes, bank letters, documents etc.

  • Bank letters, documents etc.

  • Individual safety boxes

Fee information

  • Fee information document

  • List of standardized terms of services

For Golden Customers

For Golden Customers

Special bargain prices available to Gold Service customers which differ from Swedbank’s general offer.
For prices of the rest of services, see the bank's general price list.
Service Price, EUR
Daily banking services
Term Deposit
(with interest payout upon maturity)
Best value via Internet Banking Interest rate improvement + 0.02%
Setting up and disbursement of mortgage loan Apply for via Internet Banking 1% of the loan amount (min. 71.00) In the general price list - 1.5% of the loan amount (min. 71.00)
Contract fee 1.2% of the car's price (min. 150.00, incl. VAT) The reduced price is valid if the application is submitted at a Swedbank branch or via Internet Banking.
In the general price list - 1.5% of the car's price (min. 150.00, incl. VAT).
Home Insurance Easier via Internet Banking 10% off the standard price Lower price
CASCO Insurance Easier via Internet Banking Extra CASCO insurance for the price of Standard CASCO insurance Lower price

Effective from 19.08.2020.