Credit cards

Credit card - support when travelling and in urgent day-to-day situations

The credit card will support you in your travels and in bigger or smaller purchases.
Credit limit on the card - up to the equivalent of 3 salaries.

  • Travel insurance allows travelling together with the whole family without worries
  • Organize vacations – possibility to rent a car or book hotel
  • Peace of mind in shopping – insured purchases
  • Save when shopping – discounts and special deals

Borrow responsibly by fairly assessing your loan repayment capabilities.

Choose the credit card which suits you best

Your monthly income:
Credit card's benefits:

Interest-free period
Purchase insurance

Credit cards compared

Fixed Payment
Credit Card

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Credit Card

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Gold Revolving
Credit Card

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Credit Card

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* Full travel insurance risk cover here.
** In order for travel insurance to be in force for the Gold Revolving Credit Card holders and their family, the expenses of accommodation or buying the trip or transport tickets or fuel must be paid for:

  • with the Gold Revolving Credit Card - MasterCard Gold;
  • by a money transfer from Swedbank account;
  • with debit cards linked to Swedbank accounts.

Travel costs: accommodation, trip purchase, tickets, fuel
Borrow responsibly by fairly assessing your loan repayment capabilities!

*** Does not apply to cash withdrawal in ATMs or transfers from credit card account

If the item purchased with your Credit Card is damaged or stolen, then purchase insurance will reimburse for the loss.

Most common purchase insurance cases

Important to know

  • Make sure you save the receipt
  • Insurance is in force if the purchase is paid for with credit card (worldwide, also online)
  • Insurance is in force for 6 months as from the receiving the purchase

What should I do if an insured event occurs?

Contact us as soon as possible:

Decision is made and indemnity is paid out within 2 days.

What documents do I need to submit?

Sum insured

For one insured item 1000 EUR
For one insured event 2000 EUR
Per year 4000 EUR
Deductible for one event 30 EUR
Special group of insured items which covers the following purchases:
  • computers, computer parts and accessories
  • mobile phones
  • glasses, incl. sunglasses
  • watches
  • unique items, valuables (incl. precious stones, precious metals and pearls)
  • fur items
400 EUR per one
insured event

Good to know

Travel insurance will keep you safe from unwanted worries and, most importantly, from unexpected expenses when enjoying your holidays.

The Gold Revolving Credit Card and Platinum Credit Card are invaluable support when travelling as these credit cards provide travel insurance at no extra charge for the cardholder and their family. If you travel with your family even just once a year, the Gold Revolving Credit Card and Platinum Credit Card will pay off.

Most common insured events

Important to know

  • In order for travel insurance to be in force for Gold Revolving Credit Card holders, the expenses of accommodation or buying the trip or transport tickets or fuel must be paid for with any Swedbank card or from any Swedbank account.
  • Travel insurance is valid for a family which travels together with you and covers your spouse, partner, children and grandchildren (up to 17 years of age (inclusive) or, if full-time student and single, then up to 21 years of age (inclusive)).
  • Each individual trip of up to 3 months in duration is insured.
  • The sums insured may be increased under "Travel Insurance" on the Swedbank Internet Banking site.

Insured risks

Gold Revolving Credit Card Platinum Credit Card
Maximum sum insured per one person insured
Death or disability due to accident 10 000 EUR 20 000 EUR
Medical assistance insurance 500 000 EUR 500 000 EUR
Emergency dental expenses 200 EUR 200 EUR
Expenses of purchasing medical accessories (glasses, hearing aids, prostheses, etc.) 200 EUR 200 EUR
Maximum sum insured per one credit card (EUR) and amount of deductible
Personal belongings (incl. passport, driver's licence, registration certificate, bank card against theft or robbery) 1000 EUR
Deductible 30 EUR
2500 EUR
No deductible
Travel or transport disruption Deductible 30 EUR No deductible
Change in itinerary / schedule (incl. trip cancellation, failure) 2000 EUR 3500 EUR
Flight ticket change 150 EUR 150 EUR
Delay in departing flight by over 4 hours 150 EUR 500 EUR
Delay in departing flight by over 24 hours 300 EUR 500 EUR
Luggage delay by over 4 hours 300v EUR 1000 EUR
Liability insurance 10 000 EUR
Deductible 30 EUR
20 000 EUR
No deductible
Bail 3000 EUR 5000 EUR
Expenses of legal assistance 1000 EUR 10 000 EUR
Rental car’s CASCO insurance - 40 000 EUR
Deductible 250 EUR

Frequently asked questions

  • What should I do in case I fall ill during travel?

    For assistance during and after travel, contact Swedbank’s insurance claim handling specialists.

    If possible, we encourage you to pay yourself medical expenses of up to EUR 1000 at the trip destination and, upon return, present to us the receipts or other proof of payment to have your expenses refunded.

    To get the indemnity:

    Fill out the insurance claim form and our claim handling specialist will get in touch with you to agree on document delivery and next steps.

  • What loss will be compensated in case of luggage delay?

    If luggage gets delayed for more than four hours, we will pay the expenses incurred in acquiring the most essential items.

  • What compensation will I receive in case of flight delay, due to which I am unable to make it to the next flight in other country?

    If the flight delay lasts for more than four hours, we will reimburse for all necessary and reasonable food and accommodation related expenses until the next flight. The maximum indemnity for one insured event is EUR 150.

  • How can I find out more about Swedbank Travel Insurance?

    For any travel insurance related questions, please contact Swedbank P&C Insurance AS Latvian branch.

    +371 67 444 449 (24/7)

What to do in case of an insured event?

During travel, assistance is available from Swedbank insurance claim handling specialists:

We calculate the indemnity and make the decision within 2 days.

If used wisely, the credit card provides a number of benefits. The interest-free period allows drawing on the credit without paying anything for it, provided that the credit limit used on the card for purchases is repaid on time. The duration of the interest-free period varies depending on the type of the card.

  • Swedbank Credit Card - the interest-free period lasts until the end of the month. It means that no interest will be charged if you repay the amount drawn by the last day of the same month.
  • Gold Revolving Credit Card - the interest-free period lasts until the 10th date of following month.
  • Platinum Credit Card - the interest-free period lasts until the 20th date of following month.

The interest-free period applies only to purchases by card and not to cash withdrawals from ATMs or transfers from the credit card account.

Example for how the interest-free period works for Swedbank Credit Card:

Interest-free period

All interest-free period transactions are shown in the account statement as reserved transactions until a certain date. Example:

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