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Platinum Credit Card

New card - more possibilities to explore.

Exclusive credit card with comprehensive travel and purchase insurance for business or leisure trips abroad.


Borrow responsibly by fairly assessing your loan repayment capabilities.
* Standard monthly fee of 17 EUR will be applied from 01.10.2020 for the previous month.

It takes only 2 minutes to fill in the application Access credit limit before card arrives Manage your card easily in the mobile app

*Terms and conditions apply. Boingo services provided by Boingo Wireless, Inc. See for full details.

  • Manage your credit card via Internet Banking and Swedbank mobile app: block and unblock the card, manage limits and make repayments on the go
  • You can start using the credit limit right after signing the credit card agreement
  • Transfer money and make payments directly from your credit card account
  • Book and pay for hotels and use car rental services without a hitch
  • Contactless payments – use contactless payments or add your card to Apple Pay and other supported e-wallets
  • Enable the Internet shopping feature

When to pay back your used credit limit?

  • No interest will accrue if you repay the amount of the credit limit you have used during the current month by the 20th day of next month

How does repayment work?

  • On the date due for repayment, the outstanding amount is automatically debited from the account linked to the card. If funds are insufficient, the interest starts to accrue, and you can repay the used limit anytime later.

Important! The interest-free period does not apply to cash withdrawals and transfers from the credit limit account.

  1. Apply for the credit card via Internet Banking
  2. We will inform you of the decision by phone or via SMS
  3. Read the conditions, accept them and sign the agreement via Internet Banking
  4. After signing the agreement, you can immediately start using the credit card limit
  5. Your card will arrive within 5 working days
  6. When you receive your card, log in to Internet Banking or the mobile app and activate it there


  • Your after-tax income must be at least 670 EUR per month
  • You must be earning a steady income for at least 6 consecutive months and your probation period must be over


  • Monthly expenses for covering your credit payments may not exceed 40% of your monthly income
  • You may not have overdue credit payments at Swedbank or other creditors or unpaid bills for different services
  • Be ready to submit the official documents evidencing the income if the expected source of repayment is not a salary/wages
  • Card’s monthly fee - 17 EUR
  • Card production and delivery by post - 2 EUR, to the branch - 4 EUR
  • Interest rate from 14% per year. It is set for each customer individually.
  • With the Extra package, the annual fee is 171 EUR

Full price list

Service Price, EUR
Ordering the card Easier via Internet Banking Free of charge The way of receiving the card can be selected via Internet Banking. Countries to which card delivery by post is not available: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Guyana, Laos, Serbia, Trinidad and Tobago, Uganda, Vanuatu, Crimea, Moldova, Cuba, North Korea, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Sudan, South Sudan, Syria, Myanmar (Burma), Liberia, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Pakistan, São Tomé and Príncipe, Lebanon, Zimbabwe, Bolivia, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Thailand, Afghanistan, Yemen, Egypt, Eritrea, Gambia, Guinea and Guinea-Bissau, Somalia, Tunisia, Ivory Coast (Côte d'Ivoire), Haiti.
Card production and delivery Best value by post 2.00-4.00 By post in Latvia - 2.00
At branches - 4.00
The fee is debited automatically upon activation of the card. The production and delivery fee for a card produced after expiry of the previous card's validity period is payable by the customer in the last month of the validity period of the previous card or upon activation of the card.
Accelerated production and delivery of card
- In branch Ķīpsala, Spice Collectable within 4 hours 35.00 The fee is charged in addition to the production and delivery fee. Accelerated card production and delivery can be ordered at branches or by phone via Telephone Banking on 67 444 444. If the card is ordered on business days by 13:30, it will be produced and delivered to branch Ķīpsala (Riga, Balasta dambis 15) or Spice (Riga, Jaunmoku iela 13, s/c Spice Home) within 4 business hours. Next business day delivery to other branches in and outside Riga.
- Other branches in and outside Riga Collectable on the next business day 35.00 The fee is charged in addition to the production and delivery fee. Accelerated card production and delivery can be ordered at branches or by phone via Telephone Banking on 67 444 444. If the card is ordered on business days by 13:30, it will be produced and delivered to branch Ķīpsala (Riga, Balasta dambis 15) or Spice (Riga, Jaunmoku iela 13, s/c Spice Home) within 4 business hours. Next business day delivery to other branches in and outside Riga.
Monthly fee 17 The fee is debited from the account linked to the credit card on the monthly payment date set in the agreement. The fee is debited automatically for each month when the card has been in customer’s use.
Purchases in Latvia and abroad Free of charge
Currency exchange mark-up 0% The fee is charged if the transaction (purchase or cash withdrawal) is made in a currency other than the card currency. Information about current exchange rates is available on the websites of the international card organizations and
A transfer from the credit card account See Payments Fees for transfers from the credit card account are identical to those for payments from the current account.
Cash transactions See Cash transactions in ATMs and retail outlets
Purchase Insurance Free of charge More about Purchase Insurance.
Travel Insurance Free of charge More about Travel Insurance.
- Program membership fee Free of charge The LoungeKey unlocks access to special lounges at over 1000 airports worldwide. Find out more on or the mobile app.
- Platinum Extra Package annual fee 171 EUR (incl. PVN) The Platinum Credit Card’s Extra Package allows the credit card holder to have 20 free airport lounge visits per calendar year. The annual fee is debited from the current account linked to the credit card on the day of entering into the credit card agreement.
Fee for visiting the special LoungeKey airport lounges
- For Platinum Extra Package users 0 EUR The list of airport lounges included in the LoungeKey programme is available on the website
- For Platinum without Extra Package users 28,00 The list of airport lounges included in the LoungeKey programme is available on the website
- A visit to the special airport lounges by a person visiting the lounge together with a Platinum credit card holder 28,00 The list of airport lounges included in the LoungeKey programme is available on the website
Interest-free period Until following month's 20. date The interest-free period applies to card purchases only. The interest-free period does not apply to cash withdrawals and transfers.
Interest rate per annum on amount outstanding From 14% The interest rate is set individually and depends on the customer’s credit history, amount of loan obligations, and transfers of regular income to their account with Swedbank.
Exceeding the credit limit and using the credit limit not repaid on time 0.167% of the exceeded amount per day Excess and overdue penalty.
Change of date of monthly payments or change of the linked account Best value via Internet Banking 0.00 - 7.00 Via Internet Banking - 0.00
At branches - 7.00
Early partial repayment of credit Easier via Internet Banking Free of charge
Other changes in the credit card agreement 0.00 - 14.00 Via Internet Banking – 0.00
At branches – 14.00
Internet Banking fee applies to raising the credit limit.
Balance in ATMs
- In Swedbank ATMs in Latvia Free of charge
- In ATMs of other banks 0.40
Printout of last 5 transactions in Swedbank ATMs in Latvia 0.20
Emergency cash assistance in Western Union service points 42.00 In cases of loss or blocking of the card.
Claim processing Free of charge If processing of the claim involves obtaining documentary proof of transactions, then a fee will be charged to the amount of the actual cost of the service.
Closing the card Easier Internet Banking and the mobile app Free of charge Cards can be easily and quickly suspended in the mobile app, and will be closed automatically within 10 days.

Effective from 09.07.2020.

  • Many expenses connected with unwanted travel changes like:
    • flight cancellations
    • delays
    • travel interruption
    • etc.
  • Lost or stolen luggage
  • Injuries while traveling (incl. skiing, swimming pool accidents etc.)
  • For rental car, as CASCO for it is included
  • Need for legal assistance
  • Trip cancellation due to illness
  • And other situations
  • Travel insurance will keep you safe from unwanted worries and, most importantly, from unexpected expenses while enjoying your holidays or business trip.
  • Travel insurance is in force for the cardholder and their family members* travelling together with the cardholder at no extra charge.

* Travel insurance is valid for family members which travel together with you and covers your spouse, partner, children and grandchildren (up to 17 years of age (inclusive) or, if full-time student and single, then up to 21 years of age (inclusive)).

Gold Credit Card

Platinum Credit Card

Credit card fees The monthly fee is EUR 3.91, including free travel insurance The monthly fee is EUR 17, including free travel insurance
Insured persons Entire family travelling together Entire family travelling together
Insured risk Sum Insured per one person Insured, € Sum Insured per one person Insured, €
Medical assistance (cost) 500 000 EUR 500 000 EUR
Insured risk Sum Insured / limit per one credit card, € Sum Insured / limit per one credit card, €
Personal belongings (damage, theft) 1000 EUR 2500 EUR
Travel itinerary / schedule change 2000 EUR 3500 EUR
Flight ticket change 150 EUR 150 EUR
Flight delay (over 4 hours) 150 EUR 500 EUR
Flight delay (over 24 hours) 300 EUR 500 EUR
Luggage delay (4 hours) 300 EUR 1000 EUR
Liability insurance 10 000 EUR 20 000 EUR
Legal assistance 1000 EUR 10 000 EUR
Bail 3000 EUR 5000 EUR
Rental car CASCO 40 000 EUR (deductible 250 EUR)
Deductible 30 EUR* No deductible
Coverage Insurance cover applies automatically**.
Validity Valid until the expiration date of the credit card agreement for the first 3 months of the trip.
Terms Travel Insurance Terms & Conditions for Gold Credit Card Travel Insurance Terms & Conditions for Platinum Credit Cards
Travel Insurance for Private Credit Card Holders Information Document

* Excess applies to insured events related to property insurance, travel itinerary changes and liability and legal assistance insurance.
** The insurance cover enters into force from the moment when the credit card agreement is concluded and remains in force as long as the credit card agreement continues in force.

Worldwide airport experiences delivered directly via your Platinum card. You can now access hundreds of airport lounges around the world, regardless of your airline or flight class.

  • Your Platinum credit card is your access key , with no other cards needed
  • Manage your visits easily in the LoungeKey™ app
  • Complimentary amenities at select lounges mean you have the luxury of escaping the hustle and bustle of the airport terminal
  • The list of LoungeKey™ lounges available to you and further information about the program can be found on the LoungeKey™ website and app.
  • The offer of the Riga International Airport is available here.

Make the most of the comforts of a LoungeKey™ airport lounge.

To get access to the airport lounges, please follow these steps:

  1. Make sure that internet shopping is enabled for your card;
  2. Create your personal account based on your Extra package usage:
  3. Download the app, log in with your account and you’re ready to manage your visits:
    ‒ view airport lounges available to you,
    ‒ access your digital card and hundreds of discount offers,
    ‒ track your visit entitlement and visit usage,
    ‒ see the lounges you have visited.
  4. Arriving at the lounge, be sure to mention you have LoungeKey™ membership. Present your Platinum credit card or LoungeKey™ digital card and boarding pass to gain entry. Your card will be swiped or scanned to register your visit.

Lounge visit fees:

  • For Platinum card holders - 28 EUR per visit
  • For each person accompanying Platinum cardholder as a guest - 28 EUR per visit


Card holder will be charged for each lounge visit directly to their Platinum card when entering the lounge.

You can find the terms and conditions on or the mobile app.

Extra package

  • You can enjoy 20 free* airport lounge visits per calendar year with the Platinum Extra package.
  • Extra package is optional and costs 171 EUR a year.
  • Apply for Extra package via Internet Banking or by getting in touch with the bank.
  • Access to the airport lounges will be available in the next day after activating this service.

* When registering at a lounge, the standard visiting fee of 28 EUR will be reserved, which will not be debited from the credit card account. The reservation of money will be cancelled within 10 days.

Boingo Wi-Fi for MasterCard® Cardholders: Share your unforgettable experiences with premium quality Wi-Fi access at more than 1 million hotspots worldwide, at no cost to you as a Platinum credit card cardholder.

  • Enjoy fast, premium quality Wi-Fi at more than 1 million hotspots worldwide.
  • Stay connected on up to four devices including mobile phones, tablets and laptops.
  • Save time and spare the hassle with the Boingo Wi-Finder mobile app – it helps you locate nearby hotspots and gets you connected in just a few clicks.
  • Access 24/7 customer support via email, phone, chat and social media.
  • To use the service, please register and create your customer profile at
  • Locate accessible hotspots by visiting or downloading the MasterCard Boingo Wi-Finder app. Find the map of hotspots on the website or use the Wi-Finder hotspot locator in the mobile app.
  • Register your card only once and after that connections will be automatic.

*Terms and conditions apply. Boingo Wi-Fi for MasterCard® for Cardholders services provided by Boingo Wireless, Inc. See for full details.

  • Bicycle got stolen
  • Child tore their winter parka in kindergarten
  • Glasses got broken
  • Computer got damaged
  • Skis got broken
  • Surfing equipment got damaged
  • And many more
  • Purchase insurance applies to goods purchased with credit card at stores and online.
  • It compensates expenses on repair or replacement of durable goods* in case of theft, damage or destruction even if it was done unintentionally by the card holder himself.
  • It applies to most purchases incl. clothing, sports equipment, tech gadgets etc. for 180 days from the day of purchase.
  • To file insurance claim, you need to present the purchase document or payment information.

* Durable goods are items with a lifespan of at least 3 years. The lifespan of a product is determined by the manufacturer.

Sums insured are determined for each insured item, insured event and calendar year.

  • One item 1000 EUR
  • One insured event 2000 EUR
  • One year 4000 EUR
  • Special group of Insured Items 400 EUR*
  • Excess per insured event is 30 EUR

* Computers, computer parts and external devices; mobile phones; glasses, incl. sunglasses; watches; unique items, jewellery (incl. precious stones, precious metals and pearls); items made of fur.


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Discounts and offers for Swedbank credit card users.

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Join Avis President’s Club for an even greater level of service, discounts and benefits


World Elite cardholders can now enjoy complimentary Avis President’s Club membership, which includes benefits such as:

  • Priority service and priority reservations
  • Guaranteed single upgrade at airports & rail stations, single upgrades and double upgrades at weekends (subject to availability)
  • Coupon for free weekend rental after three rentals
  • Free additional driver and guaranteed car when reserved within 48 hours of pick-up
  • Up to 35% discount for AVIS car rentals

Platinum credit card holders can access Avis President’s Club benefits in 3 easy steps.

Step 1:

Register on the website using your email address, and enter the promotional code Mastercard World Elite*.

Each cardholder can only register once. The cardholder then completes the registration form on the following pages.

During the enrolment process, cardholders are asked to register their Mastercard Platinum Credit Card and driving license number to complete the registration.

Step 2:

Membership confirmation is sent to cardholders from Avis Preferred with their unique membership number. The details will be delivered after the first car rental.

Step 3:

To rent a car, enter membership number and book here.

Offer validity period:
Ongoing until further notice

In collaboration with:

*Please note this cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion.
Full terms and conditions can be found here.


Works like hire purchase - useful for bigger purchases.

Best choice for your purchases and occasional travels abroad.

Comes with travel insurance for the whole family and protects most of your purchases.

Insure your credit card repayments and get financial safety in case you unexpectedly fall ill or lose your job.

Card related questions and card claims

Insurance related questions and claims

  • +371 67 444 449
  • Insurance is provided by Swedbank P&C Insurance AS Latvian branch.

Make insurance claim

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