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My pension assets

How will you spend your life’s longest vacation?

Start saving under the 3rd pension pillar to have a chance to choose.

  • 20% tax refund – get back a portion of your contributions on an annual basis
  • Flexible contributions – choose the amount and frequency of contributions yourself
  • Low fees – from 0.57% which allows saving more
  • Access the accrued capital from already 55 years of age

We take care of your pension

All you need to do is choose the most suitable 2nd pillar pension plan to allow your savings to grow.

Why entrust pension care to us?

  • More than half a million people in Latvia entrust the creation of their pension savings to us*
  • We have more than 50 years of experience in pension management and our goal is to increase your retirement savings in the long term
  • You accumulate more because we offer low fees

* The largest pension manager by the number of participants and by assets (data source:, 30.11.2023). By applying for the 2nd pension pillar, I agree to my personal data (given name(s), surname, identity number) being made available to the State Regional Development Agency (VRAA) for provision of the respective e-service. The asset manager is Swedbank Ieguldījumu Pārvaldes Sabiedrība AS and the asset custodian is Swedbank AS, having their seat at Balasta dambis 1a, Riga, LV-1048. The 2nd pension pillar investment plan prospectuses and historical performance are available here. The suitable pension plan is determined based on the customer’s age.

Smiling customer consultant answers to customer’s questions

Let’s have a talk about what’s important for you

Book a consultation with our specialist.

In order to transfer your accrued 3rd pillar pension capital from Swedbank Atklātais Pensiju Fonds to other pension fund in Latvia, conclude a 3rd pension pillar individual participation agreement with the pension fund to which you wish to transfer the capital.

Fill out the "Application for transfer of supplementary pension capital". Submit the application via Swedbank Internet Banking site’s section Payments, accounts > Document signing > “Document upload”.

If you use e-signature, upload the electronically signed application.

documentFill out the application

Pension savings overview

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Choose a 2nd pillar pension plan that suits you the best

6% of your monthly salary goes to the 2nd pension pillar. Choose a pension plan that suits you the best for bigger savings in the long-term and to preserve the accrual as old age draws closer.

Start savings under 3rd pension pillar and enjoy the advantages already now

Build financial means for a wholesome life in the old age, as well as getting a 20% tax refund for the contributions on an annual basis.


Assumptions taking into account the duration of saving and the accrual payout period.

  • Pension plan yield after fees:

    • Negative scenario: %NEGATIVE_SCENARIO%%
    • Moderate scenario: %MODERATE_SCENARIO%%
    • Positive scenario: %POSITIVE_SCENARIO%%
  • Inflation: %INFLATION%% The inflation has been calculated taking into account the macroeconomic indicator forecasts for Latvia.
  • Expected annual increase in regular contributions: %CONTRIBUTION_AVG_INCREASE%%
  • Expected pension payout duration in years: %PENSION_TERM%
  • Fees per year from accrual: %ANNUAL_FEE%%

The 3rd pillar pension accrual can be received upon attaining 55 years of age.
The calculations are based on the assumption that: the accrual is built under one of the selected pension plans, as well as being based on the past investment returns over the last 10 years and the investment policy of the respective pension plan, after all the fees set forth in the prospectuses.

The yield calculation for the pension plan Dynamics Index has used historical data since the launch of the plan in November 2021, and for the period until the launch of the plan the comparative index MSCI World data is used, so that the total period would be 10 years in the aggregate.

The latest economic and budgetary long-term forecasts for Latvia available in the European Commission's Ageing Report are used for the macroeconomic indicator forecasts.

The actual pension plan yield and other figures used here may differ from the values used in these calculations and the historical yield does not guarantee an equivalent yield in the future.
The forecasts may differ from the actual amount of the supplementary pension to be received. The forecast calculations do not take into account the provisions of taxation legislation that may affect the amount of supplementary pension capital to be received.

The calculation uses yield data for the period until 31.12.2023. The data is updated once a year.

Calculator for 3rd pillar pension accrual payout scenarios

Forecast scenarios for pension payout from the pension plans Stability+25, Dynamics+60, Dynamics+100

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The 1st pension pillar refers to the state mandatory non-accumulating pension scheme where all social insurance contribution payers are participants. This accrual is not made as a long-term investment, but is paid out to the current generation of old-age pensioners.

More about Latvian pension system

The 2nd pension pillar refers to the mandatory funded pension where contributions equivalent to 6% of your salary are paid into.

The savings are invested in financial markets. This allows not only preserving the amount of the pension accrued, but also increasing its value. Choose a plan that's right for your age to save up more!

More about the 2nd pension pillar

3rd pension pillar refers to the voluntary savings aimed at building up greater support for your future. You can claim a 20% personal income tax refund for the contributions made on an annual basis and access the savings as early as from 55 years of age. Moreover, the savings are heritable.

More about the 3rd pension pillar

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