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Start saving now!

With a good pension you’ll have all the possibilities!

We don’t know what you’ll want in your retirement. One thing we know for sure – with good savings you’ll have all the possibilities.

Start saving and make use of the 3rd pillar pension advantages:


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2nd pillar of pensions is a scheme funded by the government - opportunity to increase your pension by forwarding a part of your social insurance contributions to a professional funds manager, who then invests the funds into securities and operates to make profit.

Children grow up so quickly! Seems like just a moment has passed and all of a sudden your darling is applying for college and want to start an independent life.

Feeling confident and safe in any life situation is possible if you have a sufficient financial safety net!

Get back 20% of your contributions into private pension funds!

Please be informed that the Law on Personal Income Tax entitles you to a personal income tax refund in the amount of 20% for private pension fund contributions in 2018 of up to 10% of your gross annual salary in the taxation year and the aggregate limit of 4000 EUR.

Gross monthly salary: 600 EUR
Monthly contribution into pension fund: 30 EUR
Sum of contributions into pension fund per year: 30 * 12 = 360 EUR
Personal income tax refund: 360 * 20% = 72 EUR

To claim your refund for personal income tax, you need to file the annual tax return ('income declaration') with the State Revenue Service.

To save for retirement and to get a chance to use tax benefits, become a participant in the 3rd pillar pension scheme!


When reaching the age of 55 you have the right but not the obligation to take out your accrued additional pension capital:

  • in a lump-sum payment
  • by parts over a longer period of time (the share of capital remaining in the pension fund continues to participate in the income derived from the made investments)

To take out your accrued additional pension capital You need to fill an application in the Swedbank Internet Bank or visit any branch of Swedbank. Additional pension capital will be paid out within 10 working days.

Additional pension funds are heritable

Accumulated pension funds are disbursed to the beneficiary mentioned in the agreement or are heritable according to the civil law.

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