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Securities account

Securities Account

The Securities Account is an account for depositing securities and for making payments pertaining to securities transactions. After opening a Securities Account the customer may buy securities independently or through the bank's brokers, and invest in Latvian and global securities markets.

In order to conduct a securities transaction via Internet, you must open a securities account

Possibilities and advantages

  • Sell and purchase securities,
  • Effect reliable and timely payments for all transactions,
  • View or receive securities from third parties,
  • Invest the free funds in securities of various risk profiles and yields,
  • Use Swedbank Securities Account for holding all publicly available securities of the Baltics and the world,
  • De-register or receive the shares obtained during privatisation of the company to the customer's Securities Account. It is also possible to de-register own shares to a Securities Account of another person. In such event the customer signs a de-registration application indicating that the recipient of securities is another customer of the bank,
  • Receive a unified Securities Account statement on all transactions performed and the status of the securities portfolio.



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