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Investment account

Smart solution for active investors

An investment account gives possibility to manage all your investments in securities and other financial instruments and to pay the personal income tax from capital gains only when amount withdrawn from the investment account exceeds invested amount.

  • Convenient investing in securities
  • Favorable tax payment options

Please be informed that starting with 17.09.2019, it is possible to prepare the statutory investment account statement on the Internet Banking site. Investment account statement can be used for filing tax returns with the State Revenue Service.

Investment account instruction

News for investors in the Baltic States!

Initial public offering of shares of Lithuanian energy company AB “Ignitis grupė”.

Subscription to AB “Ignitis grupė” shares takes place September 21- October 1.

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What is an investment account?

An investment account is a specific solution for investors who actively buy and sell securities or other financial instruments and want to use special conditions of personal income tax (PIT).

Terms of Investment Account
Why to choose an investment account?
You can deposit money in investment account and make transactions with various financial instruments, e.g. stocks, funds, bonds and etc., without worrying about declaring income and paying the PIT after each transaction.
Securities or investment account?
According to the Law on Personal Income Tax, there is a possibility to make private investments in securities in two ways (from the aspect of paying the PIT). You can choose which way to use or even invest using both possibilities at the same time.
Investment account Securities account without an investment account
Declaring income and tax calculation To be done in the beginning of the next year when amount withdrawn from the investment account exceeds deposited amount. To be done if profit is derived from each security sales transaction.
Reports for making the PIT declaration The bank will provide the option to prepare the investment account statement for investor to be used as the basis for filling the annual income declaration. The investor shall themselves prepare information for the declaration of income from capital gains.
Permitted and not permitted transactions All transactions with securities are permitted except securities transfers. All transactions with securities are permitted.
Open an investment account Open securities account

An investment account is intended for investing. Therefore, any transactions not related to investing, e.g. payments of e-invoices, using payment cards, making loan payments etc, are not allowed in this account.