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Accounts for investing

Choose an account that suits you best and start investing.

Investment account

Conduct securities purchases and sales transactions, as well as paying the personal income tax from the profit only when the amount withdrawn from the investment account exceeds the amount invested.

Securities account

Hold securities, conduct securities purchases and sales transactions, perform deregistration, receive shares acquired through privatization of a company in your securities account.

Investment account

Securities account

Investments are conveniently kept apart from your everyday transactions.
After each securities sales transaction resulting in profit, you need to perform the personal income tax calculation. Further information is available here.
The personal income tax is payable from the profit only when the amount withdrawn from the account exceeds the amount invested.
The declaration of income is convenient and simple using the investment account statement which can easily be prepared via Internet Banking.
Preparing information and calculating the personal income tax for the declaration is more complicated as it involves manual calculations using the securities account and cash account statement.
Securities can be transferred to and received from third parties or family members.
Transfers of securities can only be made to your own account of the same status with another bank.


  1. Open an investment account via Internet Banking.
  2. Opening an investment account will entail automatic opening of a new securities account that will be linked to the investment account.
  3. Add funds to your investment account.
  4. Make investments. Invest in stocks, bonds, investment funds or other financial instruments. Permitted instruments and transaction types are described in the Law and the Terms of Investment Account.
  5. Manage your investments: add money to the investment account at any time, buy and sell securities, perform fund switch transactions, derivative financial instrument transactions and other permitted transactions.
  6. Get dividends and interest payments in the investment account. According to the Law, the taxable income from the investment account can be updated if the PIT has been already collected from the income derived or if income is not subject to the PIT.
  7. Make withdrawals from the investment account by transferring money from the investment account to your current account. You become liable for the personal income tax as soon as the total amount paid out exceeds the total amount paid in. Fees for account maintenance or transactions are not treated as amounts paid out from the investment account. Income must be declared and the personal income tax must be paid for the earned income at the beginning of the next year as part of the annual tax return only in cases when the amount paid out from the investment account exceeds the amount paid in. The income tax must be calculated and paid for this excess. Declaration timeframe (depending on the size of total annual income): 1 March - 1 June/ 1 April - 1 July.
  8. Prepare the investment account statement on an annual basis to determine your potential tax liability for income from the investment account.
  1. Open a securities account via Internet Banking.
  2. Securities account is linked to an existing current account of your choice.
  3. Make investments from your available funds into the current account linked to the securities account.
  4. Get dividends and interest payments in the current account linked to the securities account.
  5. When selling, take into account that after each securities sale transaction that results in profit, you need to declare the income and estimate the tax. Returns must be filed depending on the size of the income earned: for income earned during the quarter (by 15th date of the next month after the quarter during which the income has been earned) or for the income earned during the whole year (by 15 January of the following year). A special form (DK) must be used for income declaration. In the next year, you can file the summary declaration for the previous calendar year and include loss from sale of other securities during the previous calendar year to reduce your personal income tax liability or get a refund of the income tax already paid.
  6. Prepare the necessary information for the tax return on income from capital gain using the securities account statement.

Important! The investment account is subject to the current account and securities account price list.

Service Price, EUR
Account opening Free of charge Incl. self-employed
Opening an additional account Easier via Internet Banking Free of charge
The first verification of documents for customers who hold a personal ID issued outside the EU, the EEA or Switzerland and do not hold a permanent residence permit issued in Latvia. 200.00 50% discount for students, pupils, researchers, teaching staff and contractors whose links with Latvia are based on a study agreement or an employment contract with an educational institution accredited in Latvia. Documents are inspected within 5 business days.

EEA - (European Economic Area) countries - Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France (French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Réunion), Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Croatia.
Setting up Swedbank's power of attorney Only in branches Free of charge
Account maintenance Free of charge
Maintaining an inactive account 1.00 per month The fee will be withheld from accounts in which no bank operations have been carried out during the year (with the exception of bank commissions withheld).
Fee for unauthorized debit balance 0% per annumFee is cancelled from 25.07.2019
Other services
Inheritance document processing within 5 business days 12.00, incl. VAT Document inspection fee
Serving with power of attorney issued by Swedbank Only in branches Free of charge
Serving based on a power of attorney certified by a Latvian notary or the Orphan’s Court Only in branches 12.00, incl. VAT Power of attorney verification fee applicable for each verification Power of attorney inspection fee. The service will be provided within 2 business days.
Serving based on a power of attorney certified by a foreign notary Only in branches 12.00-45.00, incl. VAT 45.00, incl. VAT - first check
12.00, incl. VAT - every following check
Power of attorney inspection fee. The service will be provided within 2 business days.
Closing an account Easier via Internet Banking Free of charge Closure of an additional account can be requested by sending a message on the Internet Banking site or over the phone by calling 67 444 444. To close your only and last account, please visit a branch.
Fee for handling of funds remaining in an account for a customer with whom the bank has terminated business relationship 50.00 The fee is charged once from the total balance of funds that the customer has not transferred to other credit institution within the specified timeframe.

The Bank does not calculate and pay interest on account balances to the Client.

Effective from 01.10.2021.

Effective from 01.03.2020

Service Price, EUR
Account opening 0,00-4,50 Via Internet Banking - Free of charge
At branches - 4.50
Account statements
Statement of holdings 0,00-7,00 Via Internet Banking - Free of charge
At branches – 7.00
Statement of transaction 0,00-7,00 Via Internet Banking - Free of charge
At branches – 7.00
Monthly Securities Safekeeping Fees options
  • Safekeeping fee is calculated based on the value of the portfolio on the last date of the calendar month. Securities are priced according to the month end prices of the Bank’s local agents, market price or nominal value. Bonds are priced at nominal value. Fees are debited on the 20th or later date of the following month from the Client’s cash account linked to the securities account.
  • If Client only holds securities of Estonian, Latvian or Lithuanian companies under liquidation or bankruptcy proceedings according to the Nasdaq CSD SE data, no safekeeping fee is charged.
  • ETF safekeeping fee equals to the safekeeping fee of its trading country.
  • Safekeeping of Depositary Receipts (ADR, GDR) is subject to the respective DR Agent’s fees in addition to safekeeping fees.
Swedbank Group funds Free of charge
Other investment funds, equities and bonds*
- Up to 30 000 EUR** Free of charge
- From the value above 30 000 EUR** 0.008%
* Securities registered in Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, USA and Depositary Receipts (ADR, GDR), Eurobonds.
** Swedbank Group Funds are excluded from the calculation of the portfolio value for safekeeping fee calculation.
Other countries Subject to agreement
Other services options
  • Tax relief at source / tax reclaim and general meeting services are subject to availability on each specific market.
  • Maintenance fee of an owner account is charged in addition to monthly securities safekeeping fee. Owner account is an account in the name of the Client opened at Nasdaq CSD SE and used only on behalf of the specific Client.
  • Owner account at Nasdaq CSD SE may be opened only at the branch office.
Owner securities account opening at Nasdaq CSD SE 50.00
Owner securities account monthly account maintenance 50.00
Tax relief at source / tax reclaim Subject to agreement
Participation in general shareholder’s meeting Subject to agreement
All securities account types Free of charge
Transactions with securities See Securities and Other Exchange-traded financial instruments
Transactions with investment fund units See Investment Funds

Effective from 01.03.2020.


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Agreement fee 0 EUR

Small Loan for turning plans into a reality

Until 31 October loan agreement fee – 0 EUR.

  • A loan from 300 to 12,000 EUR
  • Money in your account immediately after signing the contract
  • Early repayment without any fees