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How to start investing

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With us, investments become clear to everyone

Why invest at all?

  • Inflation erodes the value of the money earned
  • Investing allows money to grow in the long-term
  • Anyone can invest - you can start from as little as 1 EUR

Please be aware that investing entails risks. The value of investments may increase or decrease over time. The historic yield does not guarantee a similar performance in the future.

What investment solutions could I consider?

Fill out the simple questionnaire and find out.


Investment amount

1 / 3

Regular investments

2 / 3

Investment management style

3 / 3

Based on your answers, you could consider:

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Please note that the purpose of this quiz is to give an indication of the possible asset classes to consider when starting to invest, depending on your initial investment amount. This quiz is not investment advice, investment recommendation or an invitation to invest in any asset class mentioned in the quiz and it is not designed to evaluate the suitability or appropriateness of any asset class for your personal circumstances. Please use Appropriateness Questionnaire for assessing whether particular product group is appropriate for you or seek Investment Advice to find suitable investment and saving solutions.

The aim of this quiz is to demonstrate the investment amount sufficient for starting to invest in the respective asset class. The information provided is based on the considerations of the proportionality of the investment amount to the minimum transaction costs for respective asset class, where the bank deems reasonable that minimum transaction costs on average do not exceed 1% of the investment amount.


Where would you like to invest?

1 / 2

Choose the fund’s risk level

Choose the region you would like the fund to invest in

Choose the sector or theme you would like the fund to invest in

The lower the risk, the generally lower the return; the higher the risk, the generally higher the return.

2 / 2

Currently, no Swedbank Robur funds are available with a high risk indicator.


Based on your answers, you could consider:

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What to do to start investing?

Book an appointment

In the consultation, we will help you understand:

  • Which investment solutions would work best for you
  • How to start investing - step by step
  • We will answer your questions

Open an account

Making investments requires a separate account - an investment account or a securities account. The investment solution Private Portfolio does not require any special account for making investments.

Learn how they differ and choose the one that's right for you.

Want to know how... invest from 1 euro into funds?

Find out more about funds start invest into securities?

Open investment account get an investment advice?

Fill the questionnaire

Which account to choose to start investing?

Investment account

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Securities account

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Investments are conveniently separated from your daily transactions
Income from investments is subject to declaration
All profits are subject to declaration during current year or next year and income tax (20%) has to be paid
You can defer income tax and re-invest your profits tax-free
Filling in your annual tax return is convenient and easy (*By using the “Investment account statement” which can be easily preppared in Internet Banking)

All the investment solutions:

Investments and a diversified portfolio available even from 1 euro!

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An investment solution with the possibility to get a refund of the personal income tax.

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Investing in different indexes, industries, etc.

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Investing in specific companies.

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Investing in bonds issued by governments or corporations.

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The future is unpredictable but it can be taken care of - by starting to save with Swedbank’s 3rd pension pillar today.

Children grow up so quickly! Seems like just a moment has passed and all of a sudden your darling is applying for college and want to start an independent life.

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Talks about investments make you feel like a child among adults?

With us, investments become clear to everyone.

  • You can start investing from as little as 1 EUR
  • You don’t need to be an investment expert to invest
  • Don’t be afraid to start! Our consultants will help you if any questions arise