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Private Portfolio

Investment strategy matched with risk tolerance

When concluding the agreement, it is crucial to select the most appropriate investment strategy. In selecting the investment strategy, give careful consideration to the following issues:

  • What is the level of risk you are willing to expose your investments to (a higher earning potential also entails a higher probability of loss);
  • When will you want to access your investment or, in other words, what is your investment horizon.

With your choice of strategy you agree to the main conditions of investment, namely, the assets and financial instruments your money will be invested in, the risks and the recommended investment horizon.

We offer a choice of five investment strategies:

  • Capital Preservation Strategy
  • Real Value Strategy
  • Balanced Strategy
  • Growth Strategy
  • Aggressive Growth Strategy

If necessary, our financial consultants will be happy to assist you with choosing your most appropriate strategy.

The selected investment strategy may be changed free of charge.

Professional investment management

Portfolios are managed by a professional team of Swedbank Group investment experts using an extensive analytical base and the industry’s latest management methods. Private portfolios are managed in cooperation with Swedbank Robur, a Swedbank Group company with a proven track record from 1967. Robur has been named the Nordic region’s best investment management company for three consecutive years.

Selection of funds is based on quantitative analysis, measuring historical performances and risk levels of funds, as well on qualitative analysis where the fund management and investment processes are assessed.

If the financial market situation calls for any change - the balancing of investments or replacement of certain investments - it will be done automatically in your portfolio. All changes in the portfolio are made at the then-current fund unit prices, without charging any extra fees.

Flexible contributions

You can set up the Private Portfolio Contract with automatic monthly contributions or with a one-off contribution (anywhere from EUR 1000) and later pay additional contributions into the investment contract whenever and how much you choose to. The minimum amount of monthly contributions is EUR 50.

Also, you can withdraw money from the investment at any time. During the first five years, the contract termination fee is 0.5% of the contract's cash value, and later the termination is free of charge. If you make of the statutory personal income tax benefits, then terminating the contract within the first ten years is not recommended as otherwise any tax refunds received will need to be paid back to the state.

Regular investments in the Private Portfolio allow avoiding the so-called untimely investment (i.e. buying fund units when the prices are the highest) - if the same amount is invested each month, you will buy units at various prices, consequently reducing the risk of buying fund units at highest prices.

Keeping track of savings easily via Internet Banking

Our Internet Banking site provides a detailed report of your Private Portfolio and information about the current value of investment, amounts paid and withdrawn, fees applicable to the contract, and the yield both in numbers and in the form of a chart. There you will also find the monthly portfolio report on changes made in investments, a brief overview of financial market developments and, of course, the portfolio's investment result.

Likewise, you can make any alternations to the contract via Internet Banking, such as change the beneficiary or payment details.

Personal income tax

The tax rate for income earned under endowment life insurance contracts is 20%. In case of Private Portfolio, the PIT is calculated on and withheld only from the payout at the end of the contract; hence, no tax is applied on doing rebalancing within the same strategy or on change of strategy.

Moreover, the capital gains tax is calculated, withheld and transferred to the state budget by the insurer. It means that the customer won’t need to make the calculations or file tax returns to the State Revenue Service.

Personal income tax refunds

According to the law on Personal income tax you may receive a 20% personal tax refund for amounts transferred that do not exceed 10% of your annual gross salary and the aggregate limit of 4000 EUR.


Gross monthly salary: 800 EUR
Amount deposited monthly: 40 EUR
Amount deposited yearly: 40 * 12 = 480 EUR
Personal income tax refund: 480 * 20% = 96 EUR

Key information document

Single premium payment

Regular premium payments

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Now even better value

An easy and effective way of investing money

A unit-linked life insurance solution for saving and investing money in financial markets according to an investment strategy of your choice. A convenient solution if you want to entrust your investment decisions to an experienced team of investment experts.

  • An investment strategy matched with your risk tolerance
  • Professional investment management
  • Possibility to get a 20% personal income tax refund every year
  • Tax on the profit gained is calculated and withheld automatically

From 4 January 2021, the insurance premium fee (up to 1.5% of the contribution made) is no longer charged.

If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to sign up for a remote consultation at a time convenient for you.

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Private Portfolio Calculator

Savings period
Monthly payment
Choose strategy
  Positive Scenario Zero rate scenario Negative Scenario
Total premiums EUR EUR EUR
Projected savings value at the end of period and estimated total tax refund EUR EUR EUR
Projected savings value at the end of period EUR EUR EUR
Estimated total tax refund EUR EUR EUR
Estimated annual average earning rates of underlying assets (  Strategy) % % %

All values generated by this calculator are not guaranteed and only serve as an illustrative example generated based on the values entered in the calculator. Please take into account that the value of an investment unit may increase or decrease during the contract lifetime and also the value of the reserve may accordingly increase or decrease in line with the value of the investment unit.

  • Please note that this estimate calculator uses variables and methodology (planned contribution, saving period selected, savings profitability forecasts and their scenarios) which substantially differ from the savings profitability forecast calculation methodology provided in the regulatory technical standards of the key information documents for packaged retail investment and insurance-based investment products (PRIIPs).
  • In deciding on the choice of the product, please refer to the calculation forecast results indicated in the Table of Performance Scenarios under the section "What are the risks and what might I get back” of the Key Information Document of your selected product.


  • Investment strategy matched with risk tolerance

    Choose an investment strategy that matches your goals and permissible level of risk.

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  • Professional investment management

    With the Private Portfolio, you won’t need to thing and worry about which assets are best to be invested in or what would be the right time to change the existing assets - our investment specialists will do it for you.

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  • Flexible contributions

    The contract may be set up with regular contributions or a one-off contribution. Additional contributions towards savings may be made during of the contract at any time.

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  • Personal income tax refunds

    In addition to being a great opportunity for investing your spare funds, the Private Portfolio entitles you to annual personal income tax refund of 20% of the amount of contributions which have been made towards savings and do not exceed 10% of your annual gross salary and the aggregate limit of 4000 EUR.

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  • Keeping track of savings easily via Internet Banking

    The performance of your investments can be easily tracked via Internet Banking, as well as viewing reports on contributions made, profit generated by savings, cash flow and other transactions.

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Good to know

  • Personal income tax

    Treatment of Private Portfolio contracts is more favourable in respect of personal income tax (“PIT”), which is calculated on income earned from investing capital.

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  • Inheriting

    If a particular beneficiary is named in your contract, then the accrued capital is segregated from the rest of the estate. With the required document submitted, the capital is paid out to the beneficiary within a short period of time. Any person may be named as the beneficiary by the customer.

Choose investment strategy that suits you best

Capital Preservation Strategy
The strategy aims to preserve the value of assets by assuming low risk. 100% of the portfolio assets are invested in fixed-income securities. The portfolio is suited for investors who want to avoid strong investment volatility within one year or over a longer period of time.

Real Value Strategy
The strategy seeks to attain a moderate growth in the value of assets by assuming low risk for the customer. The portfolio assets are mainly invested in debt securities and, to a limited extent, in equity securities. The strategy is suitable for investors with medium investment horizon (at least 3 years) who have little experience with financial markets.

Balanced Strategy
The strategy seeks to protect the value of assets against inflation in medium-term by assuming moderate risk for the customer. The portfolio assets are predominantly invested in equity and fixed-income securities funds. The portfolio is suited for investors who want to make medium-term investments (at least 5 years).

Growth strategy
The strategy seeks growth in the value of assets in excess of inflation in medium to long term by assuming high risk for the customer. To achieve the investment goal, the greater part of the fund assets is invested in equity funds. The portfolio is suited for investors who wish to take higher risk and make longer-term investments (at least 7 years).

Aggressive Growth Strategy
The strategy aims for maximum growth in the value of assets by assuming high risk over a longer period of time. To achieve the investment goal, the fund assets are invested in equity funds and also hedge funds may be used. The portfolio is suited for investors who want to take higher risk to earn maximum profit. The recommended investment horizon is more than 10 years.

Performance of investment strategies

Frequently asked questions

Changes in the investment structure of strategies are made as necessary, for example, if the financial market situation necessitates any change - the rebalancing of investments or replacement of certain investments. Strategies are managed in line with the terms and conditions set forth in the simplified prospectuses and according to the strategic asset allocation. Investment targets in strategies are selected based on quantitative analysis, measuring historical performances, risk levels, and investment processes. The investment strategy may be changed free of charge at any time. To do so, please visit Internet Banking page "Investments, savings" ▸ "Savings insurance" ▸ "My contracts", then select respective contract and in "Modifications/Payouts" page select option "Change of investment strategy". Investment strategy may be changed by visiting any Swedbank branch as well. Regular contributions can be suspended via Internet Banking by opening one’s investment contract. To do so, log on to Internet Banking and go to section "Investments, savings" ▸ "Savings insurance" ▸ "My contracts". After that, click on the contract number to open the contract. Click on the “Modifications” tab and select the “Change of payments mode” from the pop-up menu. If you suspend regular contributions, you can make one-off contributions to the Private Portfolio at any time and of any amount. The Private Portfolio contract can be terminated at branches of the bank. In case of termination within first 5 years of the contract’s start date, you will have to pay a fee at the rate of 0.5% of the contract’s cash value. If more than 5 years have passed after you entered into the contract, then no service charge will be applied in case of termination.

The Private Portfolio is unit-linked life insurance contract with accrual of funds. Before entering into the contract, please see the terms and conditions of the contract and the price list on Swedbank’s Internet Banking site. The service provider is Swedbank Life Insurance SE. The charts shown in the description and their explanatory texts are for information only. The figures used do not represent any actual results on financial markets. The insurer is unable to guarantee or predict performance of financial markets.



Monthly overviews of strategies

2nd pillar of pensions is a scheme funded by the government - opportunity to increase your pension by forwarding a part of your social insurance contributions to a professional funds manager, who then invests the funds into securities and operates to make profit.

Children grow up so quickly! Seems like just a moment has passed and all of a sudden your darling is applying for college and want to start an independent life.

Feeling confident and safe in any life situation is possible if you have a sufficient financial safety net!

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Select a pension plan that suits you best!

6% of your monthly salary go to the 2nd pension pillar. Select a pension plan that suits you best to enable your savings to grow.

Why to choose 2nd pension pillar with Swedbank?

  • Low fees – from 0.30% per year
  • A wide selection of pension plans – from active to conservative
  • Sustainability – your savings will be invested for a greener future for you and for your offspring
  • Great profit potential – your savings are invested in various industries across the globe
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By applying for the 2nd pension pillar, I agree to my personal data (given name(s), surname, identity number) being made available to the State Regional Development Agency (VRAA) for provision of the respective e-service. The asset manager is Swedbank Ieguldījumu Pārvaldes Sabiedrība AS and the asset custodian is Swedbank AS, having their seat at Balasta dambis 1a, Riga, LV-1048. The 2nd pension pillar investment plan prospectuses and historical performance are available here. The suitable pension plan is determined based on the customer’s age.