Private Portfolio

Regular payment amount
  Estimated results at the end of contract
Total payment
Estimated total tax refund
Estimated total fees
Estimated value of savings at the end of period
Schedule (Positive Scenario)(Zero rate scenario)(Negative Scenario)
Total payment amount in contract year Tax refund Contract fees* Estimated
Investment Reserve

*  according to pricelist

All values generated by this calculator are not guaranteed and only serve as an illustrative example generated based on the values entered in the calculator. Please take into account that the value of an investment unit may increase or decrease during the contract lifetime and also the value of the reserve may accordingly increase or decrease in line with the value of the investment unit. The average annual return rates used by the calculator do not guarantee an equivalent yield in the future.

Further information about this product’s offer is available at any Swedbank branch or by calling customer service at 67 444 444 or by sending your question to e-mail address:

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