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Deposit Guarantees Law

According to the Deposit Guarantees Law of the Republic of Latvia every deposit with a Latvian commercial bank, including term deposits with Swedbank, in a savings account or a current account is guaranteed to receive a reimbursement equivalent to the amount of the deposit of up to EUR 100 000 per one depositor.

Basic information about the state-guaranteed deposit reimbursement.

A depositor becomes entitled to the guaranteed reimbursement if the credit institution with which their funds are held is found to face unavailability of deposits, i.e. the inability of the attractor of deposits to pay out deposits, if at least one of the following circumstances, or a combination thereof, has occurred:

  • the court has declared the attractor of deposits to be insolvent;
  • the Finance and Capital Market Commission (“FCMC”) has revoked the permission (licence) to operate as a credit institution/credit union;
  • The FCMC has established that the attractor of deposits is unable to pay out the deposit to the depositor and has decided to declare occurrence of deposit unavailability.

Every individual is entitled to the guaranteed reimbursement for funds placed with a commercial bank (current account balance, term deposit, savings account, Majority savings account, Dynamic deposit) to the amount of the deposit.

The amount of the maximum guaranteed reimbursement is EUR 100,000 per one depositor.

The depositor is entitled to a guaranteed reimbursement of EUR 200,000 is the funds have been placed with the bank within the last three months and the deposit consists in:

  1. amount of money from transactions with residential real estate owned by a person;
  2. social benefits, compensations;
  3. compensation for a damage of criminal nature or for wrongful conviction of a person.

The guaranteed reimbursement will not be paid to an individual for:

  • deposits that are related to money laundering or that constitute proceeds derived from criminal activity, provided a verdict of guilty has entered into force;
  • deposits placed by a person who has not been identified as a customer in compliance with the requirements of the Law on Prevention of Laundering of Proceeds Derived from Criminal Activities and Terrorist Financing;
  • private pension fund deposits;
  • deposits below EUR 10 if there have been no transactions with such a deposit during the last two years.

In the event of deposit unavailability, the guaranteed reimbursement will be paid out to the depositor starting with the 21st business day as from the day of occurrence of deposit unavailability.In the event of deposit unavailability, the guaranteed reimbursement will be paid out to the depositor starting with the 21st business day as from the day of occurrence of deposit unavailability.

The guaranteed reimbursement is only payable in euro currency, balance in foreign currencies will be translated to euros.

For further information see the Deposit Guarantees Law.

When saving becomes easy

Looking for a simple way to build savings and earn interest with ease? The Easy Saver tool will be the right choice for you.

  • Earn 2.5% a year for your savings in the Easy Saver
  • You can withdraw the money at any time free of charge
  • Whenever you pay by card, the amount is rounded up to the next nearest euro and the difference is transferred to your Easy Saver*
  • In addition, you can make regular or one-off deposits to reach your savings goals faster

* If the payment round-up feature is enabled.

Grow your money with 2,5% interest rate Access your money in seconds No any fees
  • 240  EUR
  • 360  EUR
  • 8  EUR
  • 608EUR
  • 0year

The calculation is approximate, and your final yearly savings amount may differ from the results presented. Interest amount is calculated with actual interest rate according to Price list and is shown before withholding the income tax.

Want to know more about investing? Learning how to invest is the easiest part of investing, and you can get started with as little as EUR 1.

More about investing

Easy Saver is a deposit, which allows you to save money step by step. No minimum first contribution requirement applies. With Easy Saver you decide yourself how much to add to savings. This is available in our mobile app and Internet Banking.

  • using card payment round-up feature – top up your savings with every card payment;
  • setting up a standing order to reach your saving goal faster;
  • depositing extra money to your Easy Saver. It will help to reach your goal even faster;
  • setting up multiple Easy Saver goals and savings accounts to reach them;
  • earn interest on the Easy Saver savings.

Good to know!

Interest is calculated on the balance of funds in the Easy Saver account at the end of each day and automatically paid out to the Easy Saver account on a quarterly basis. The payout is made on the date corresponding to the date of concluding the Easy Saver Agreement. The personal income tax on the interest earned is withheld automatically.

Your savings are available to you at any time free of charge.

Guaranteed repayment – deposit is protected to the extent stated in the Deposit Guarantees Law.

Enable the card payment round-up feature and add to your savings every day. The more you pay with a card, the more you`ll save.

How does it work?

  • With the round-up functionality enabled, an amount equivalent to the difference between the purchase amount and the next full euro amount will be transferred to the Easy Saver. I. e., if you pay 2.35 Eur, then 0.65 Eur will be transfered from your servicing account to the Easy Saver.
  • When you start using the Easy Saver, the round-up feature is activated automatically
  • Enable/disable the round-up feature at any time in your settings
  • If the round-up is enabled, it applies to payments by all cards
  • Money for round-up purposes will be debited from the servicing account that you’ll choose when concluding the Easy Saver agreement
  • The round-up feature may be activated for one goal at the time. If you’ll open several savings accounts for different goals, you’ll need to select which one will be debited with round-up feature.
  • The feature will work if there are sufficient funds in the account. Make sure that the account also has enough funds for covering mandatory payments.
  1. Set up and manage the Easy Saver via our Internet Banking or mobile app.
  2. Set the savings goal
  3. Then choose to add regular top-ups by setting up a standing order
  4. Have in mind, that card payment round-up feature is activated automatically. You can enable/disable this feature at any time in Easy Saver settings
  5. To save regularly you can add a standing order
  6. Conclude the agreement and see your savings grow!

Remember, with Easy Saver You can add or withdraw money at any time without any fees.

  • No minimum first contribution requirement applies
  • Easy Saver deposits can be made in EUR only
  • Concluding an Easy Saver agreement is available from the age of 16
  • The agreement is open-ended
  • No fee charged for withdrawing money

documentTerms of Easy Saver Agreement

Service Price, EUR
Setting up the contract Only in EUR. Free of charge
Administration Free of charge
Withdrawal of money Free of charge
Annual interest rates
- EUR 2.50%
- Agreements in other currencies (USD, SEK, NOK, GBP), which are concluded till 06.05.2020 0%
Termination of contract Free of charge
Payout of savings in cash from current account See Cash transactions in branches

Effective from 15.09.2023.

Saving is the key to your financial sustainability

People with savings are more financially resilient to shocks as unemployment, natural disasters, and unplanned expenses like medical bills or a new rooftop. Being mindful about your consumption may not only reduce your impact on environment but also help you save more.

  1. Set specific saving goals, e.g. safety pillow, vacation, new laptop, etc. This will help monitor progress and assign meaning to saving habits.
  2. Save small amounts routinely to increase your savings. Have at least 3 months of your expenses saved to ensure you can overcome any unexpected challenges.
  3. Save money by choosing products that will last longer. Evaluate the cost per use of each product and choose your purchases wisely.
Saving becomes a habit for many people. Join them and build your financial sustainability. 7 out of 10 Latvians say they recently started saving more on daily basis. Swedbank survey, 2020.

Save instead of wasting

People throw away 20% of food and 43% of clothes they have purchased every year. See how much money you could potentially save if you only consumed as much as you needed.

Monthly spendings

Potential monthly savings

  • 0EUR
  • 0EUR
  • 0EUR

Based on European Environment Agency.

Do you have an overview of your spending’s? My Budget is a perfect tool for that.

Build up savings for your child's future now, so you can have peace of mind and your child – their own capital.


The future is unpredictable, but it can be taken care of - by starting to save with Swedbank’s 3rd pension pillar today.

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Planning to renovate or buy a property?

If you need a loan, choose a Home Small loan.

Special offer! Until 31 July, the loan agreement fee – 0 EUR.

  • Loan up to 20,000 EUR
  • No down payment and no pledge on property