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Majority savings account

A valuable gift for your child upon reaching the age of majority!

If you want to save money for your child, choose Majority savings account. The account is opened in the child's name, but in relations with the Bank the child until the age of 18 is represented by his/her parents or custodians.

Calculator for child's maturity savings

Initial amount*
Contribution amount
Child birthday*
Deposit interest
Total income
Grand total
  • Limited access

    The child is registered as the owner of Majority savings account and thus access of 3rd persons to the account is limited. Only the owner of the account can use the accumulated funds once he is 18 years old.
  • Interest rate

    Interest rate is changed once a year on the date of agreement conclusion. Accumulated interest amount is credited to the base amount once a year.
  • Easy to supplement

    You can supplement the savings easily and without limitations whenever you wish, or you can add a standing order from your salary account.