Home insurance

If you cherish home peace, you have what to insure

If you've got something to lose, you’ve got something to insure!

Take care of your home and home contents in unforeseen events with Swedbank Home Insurance as we offer the widest risk coverage and a fair handling of claims.

  • We will insure your home from the foundations to the TV aerial;
  • We will insure the home contents both inside it and outside it throughout Latvia;
  • Third-party liability insurance for the entire family living in your home.

Read the complete Terms and Conditions of Home Insurance prior to entering into insurance contract! For further information call 67 444 449.

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* The offer is calculated with 7500 EUR insurance limits on home contents and on liability.

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If you’ve got something to lose, you’ve got something to insure!

See how many different mishaps have occurred at homes and how big unexpected losses they can cause to your family’s budget!

Suffered by 5% of customers

Damage to neighbour

Average loss945 €
Protect yourself

Suffered by 4% of customers


Average loss571 €
Protect yourself

Suffered by 3% of customers

Wind, storm, flood

Average loss677 €
Protect yourself

Suffered by 11% of customers


Average loss749 €
Protect yourself

Suffered by 21% of customers

Household damages

Average loss653 €
Protect yourself

Suffered by 2% of customers


Average loss12 385 €
Protect yourself

Suffered by 63% of customers

Pipeline rupture

Average loss804 €
Protect yourself

Suffered by 16% of customers

Locksmith service

Average loss214 €
Protect yourself

Suffered by 2% of customers

Other damages

Average loss517 €
Protect yourself

A summary of the most frequent causes of loss, the percentages of customers affected, and the average losses in 2016 according to the data of Swedbank P&C Insurance AS Latvian branch regarding insurance indemnities paid out.

What home insurance covers?

  • Home insurance provides cover for the building, home property and cases where you have caused damages to other people (e.g. your neighbours).
  • In the case of an insured event involving your home, you will be reimbursed for costs related to restoring your home.
  • In the case of an insured event involving home property, you will be reimbursed for the repair costs or the costs of repurchasing.
  • If you or one of your family members has cause damages to a third party (e.g. your neighbour), the resulting property damage or personal injury will be compensated.

Home contents insurance

With Swedbank home insurance, your home contents will be protected in case of such common mishaps as dropping a hot frying-pan lid on ceramic stove surface and damaging it, or when cleaning your home the vacuum cleaner trips over the TV set's cord and the TV set falls on the ground and breaks, or while working on your laptop you tip over a cup of coffee which spills on the computer and damages it.

Liability insurance

Liability insurance will come in handy in case you happen to flood your neighbour's apartment, a tree in the yard of your house falls onto the neighbour's house during storm or if your beloved dog claws at your neighbour's car causing damage to your neighbour.

24-hour home emergency assistance - a complimentary service

In case of sudden trouble with your home, such as pipeline rupture, broken window, we will provide, free of charge and without applying any excess, assistance by a qualified specialist - plumber, locksmith, builder. Full service is provided by the locksmith and limited service is provided by the plumber, builder. Call 67 444 449 at any time and get prompt emergency assistance for your home!

Home contents insurance outside home

Our home contents insurance provides cover for home contents also outside the home anywhere in Latvia for the whole family living in the insured property. You won't have to worry if, when you're outside your home and carry your groceries, you drop your phone and it breaks, your child's schoolbag gets stolen with all of its contents and phone, or when fishing, the boat capsizes and all the stuff, including fishing equipment, falls into the water.

Liability insurance outside home

Our liability insurance is valid in the whole of Latvia for all the family members living in the insured property which means that damage caused to third parties while outside the home will be reimbursed for. For at some point we all have accidentally toppled something from shelf in a store or have broken school's window during childhood when playing ball - with our liability insurance, all such loss will be covered.

Home insurance IPID (All terms and condition are available in the section Help & Legal/Terms and condition.)