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Home insurance

#StayHome and take care of your home and vehicle security

During the pandemic people are being urged to stay home and self-isolate in order to protect the health and safety of themselves and others. With home having become an office, school and playground for many, it is worth giving some thought to home and vehicle security.

Protect your personal belongings by creating various zones and make sure your property is insured

If you spend most of the day at home, it is definitely worth thinking about setting up various zones in your home to help you focus on specific activities. For example, you can set up a work area, a study area for the children and a relaxation corner for yourself and your family. These areas do not necessarily have to be separate rooms, they simply have to have a specific purpose. This will let you better focus on the task at hand, whilst also protecting, say, your work computer from accidentally spilled tea or the television set from children’s games.

According to Swedbank insurance data, we ourselves are often the ones to blame for various damages to our home and personal belongings. Last year 15% of insurance claims were filed for accidental damages to household appliances, such as a cracked ceramic hob or a television damaged due to a fall. The average insurance benefit paid was EUR 330, with the highest reaching EUR 3039. Right now, with people spending much more of their time at home, such cases are no rarity. Therefore, if you have already insured your home, it is worth checking whether you have also insured your belongings and if so – whether the sum insured is suited to your current needs.

If your permanent residence is left empty, ask a neighbour for help and think about home insurance

Since the declaration of the national state of emergency, many people have left their permanent residences for family property on the countryside or smaller towns. In such a case it is very important to have someone check in on your property from time to time to make sure everything is in order. Perhaps a neighbour can help by keeping an eye on what is going on at your home, including any vehicles you may have left outside.

Home insurance will protect you and your family from various possible financial damages – not only in case of burglary, which is actually relatively rare, but also such troubles as flooding of your own or a neighbour’s apartment. Last year 37% of home insurance claims filed were related to broken pipes causing water leaks in apartments accounting for an average of EUR 855 in damages to the homeowner. Furthermore, this is something even a vigilant neighbour cannot protect you from. Therefore, it is important to have your home and personal belongings insured, so that you do not have to spend your rainy-day savings on problems that can be covered by insurance.

If your car is parked outside for the long-term, insure it with CASCO

Right now, your car may be left alone in the yard or on the side of the street, but that does not mean it is safe. A car can fall victim to thieves or gusty winds that are no longer a rarity in Latvia. Thus, for example, last year the highest compensation for damages caused by a tree falling on a car was EUR 4700. Densely parked cars in courtyards are also often damaged by careless cyclists or other drivers. For example, last year one car owner whose vehicle had been damaged by a passing car, incurred a loss of EUR 1900 from the incident. We must also not forget that prowlers are not sitting idle at this time, especially in regard to stealing vehicle parts. Therefore, at this time it would be advisable that in re-examining your spending, rather than cutting insurance as a financial shield, make sure that it is there, so that in this time of uncertainty any additional troubles create as little added worry as possible.

If you cherish your home, you have something to insure!

Get home insurance & feel confident and at ease about:

  • Your flat or house and its facilities
  • Your personal belongings at home or when taken with you anywhere in Latvia
  • Unintentional damage to your neighbours, guests or other people
If the total area of the residential property includes a large terrace, an extended garage or the building has an unconventional layout, please contact us for a personalized offer by e-mail at or by phone on 67 444 449.
Residential building is a house, a semi-detached house, a terraced house or a summer-house.

In the case of stone construction, the construction of a structure, load-bearing walls and inserted ceilings are made of stone.

In the case of stone and wooden constructions, the construction of the structure and load-bearing walls are made of stone, and inserted ceilings are made of timber.

In the case of wooden construction, the construction of the structure, load-bearing walls and inserted ceilings are made of timber.

For an apartment, give the total area in sq.m., including any balconies. For a house, give the total area in sq.m., including any terrace/patio. In order to insure a residential building that exceeds 400 m2, please contact out insurance support line by calling +371 67 444 449.
  • 7,29
  • 0%
  • 7,29EUR

* The insurance premium calculation is only indicative. The calculation also includes a 15000 EUR sum insured for home contents and a 15000 EUR third-party liability limit. You will get a personalized insurance offer when you proceed with conclusion of the insurance contract.

Why choose Swedbank Home Insurance?

With all-risk cover any unexpected and sudden event is insured if it’s not listed under exceptions.

Examples of insured risks:

  • Fire, pipe rupture
  • Natural disasters such as wind, hail, lightening
  • Robbery, theft, vandalism
  • Accidental damages caused by your own action
See more examples

Deductible, unless specified otherwise, is 140 EUR.

  • Personal items at home, outbuilding and even outside the home anywhere in Latvia are insured. It also includes work laptop or mobile phone, sports or other hobby equipment
    See some limitations
  • Liability insurance is valid in all of Latvia. It also includes damages to third parties caused by pets or during your home renovation
  • 24/7 home emergency assistance with locksmith, plumber, builder, drying and cleaning services in case of unexpected accidents
  • 0 EUR deductible for 24-hour emergency assistance
  • 0 EUR deductible for cases where third party’s liability is proven
  • Temporary residence or loss of rent income is included automatically for up to 12 months
  • Psychological aid to help you recover after burglary, robbery or fire
  • Your home will be restored with modern building and furnishing materials
  • If insured items can’t be repaired, we’ll apply the principle of “new replaces the old”

Include three protections into one agreement

Real estate insurance

If damaged, your home structure will be completely restored. Facilities (e.g. fence, playground) are insured automatically.

What can happen

  • Solar panel damaged by hail
  • Floor damaged by washing machine leakage
  • Ignition of built-in furniture as a result of damaged home appliance
  • Car collision with gates and electrical car charger that gets damaged
  • Greenhouse gets damaged due to a fallen tree

Home contents insurance

Covers items at home and personal belongings you use inside or outside your property.

What can happen

  • Damage to stove caused by a falling bowl
  • Damage to electric device due to lightening
  • Theft of robotic lawnmower from a property with no fence
  • Theft of sports equipment
  • Damage to clothes and footwear due to a fire

Liability insurance

Covers cases where your household (incl. pets) or you have caused damage to others.

What can happen

  • Flooding your neighbour’s apartment
  • Tree from your yard falls onto a neighbour’s house or fence
  • You accidentally break neighbour’s window
  • Your dog causes personal injury to your guest or other pet and they need medical help
  • You crash into another person while riding your bike and cause injuries or damage to their personal belongings
  1. Choose covers suitable for your flat or house, its contents and liability and calculate the premium.
  2. Fill in the blanks about the property to be insured and other contract details.
  3. Make the first payment and conclude the insurance contract via Internet Banking.
  4. Insurance cover will come into effect from the date chosen in contract or on the next day after concluding it. The insurance policy is always available in your Internet Banking profile.

Make sure to call the emergency services or property management company if necessary. If the situation is safe, please notify us via Internet Banking as soon as possible.

Fill out the insurance claim form

Our claim handling specialist will contact you shortly after receiving it and will provide further guidance.

In case you need 24-hour home emergency assistance, please call 67 444 449 (24h).

  • If a third party has caused damage to your home or home contents, as well as in a case of theft or burglary, report it to the police immediately. Also notify your security service if it has not been alarmed by the security system.
  • In case of fire or explosion, please immediately notify emergency services.
  • If you are unable to close off the pipes damaged in the incident, contact the emergency service or your property management company.
  • If, as a result of water leak, your home is flooded or there is a risk of flooding your neighbours, please notify your property management company.

Life insurance supports your family when you are unable to do so.

With CASCO insurance you will be covered for unexpected events on the road.

For property purchases or biger renovations up to EUR 20 000.


The insurer is Swedbank P&C Insurance AS which is represented in Latvia by Swedbank P&C Insurance AS Latvian branch and the tied insurance agent is Swedbank AS.

Insurance claims handling

Fill out claim form

24-hour home emergency assistance

phone 67 444 449 (24h)

In case of sudden trouble with your home, such as property keys are lost, pipeline rupture, broken window, we will provide assistance by a qualified specialist - plumber, locksmith, builder. Full service is provided by the locksmith and limited service is provided by the plumber, builder.

See the limitations that apply to certain items:

Works of art, jewellery, valuables and antiquities are insured to the extent of up to 25% of the sum insured for home contents.

Home contents kept in a yard, storage room, basement, outbuilding, sauna building or yard located at your insured property are insured to the extent of up to 25% of the sum insured for home contents.

Non-installed building materials, non-installed equipment and tools are insured to the extent of up to 25% of the sum insured for home contents, only if stored in a building with locked doors and closed windows.

Cash located inside of living house or apartment is insured to the extent of up to 500 EUR.

Home contents outside the home anywhere in Latvia for the whole family living in the insured property are insured to the extent of up to 5% of the sum insured for home contents. Damage is indemnified only if the property was under your direct supervision during the insured event. Your supervision is not required for these objects: bicycle or baby stroller (as long as these objects have been locked to an immovable object); home contents left in a locked vehicle in such a manner that it cannot be seen from the outside of the vehicle; home contents stored in a mini warehouse (up to 10 m2) rented from a professional warehouse service provider.

Mobile phones and tablets older than 2 years and laptops older than 4 years are not insured including the aforementioned devices used for remote working provided by your employer.

The all-risk cover insurance covers damage caused by any sudden unforeseen event, except those mentioned in the terms and conditions as exclusions. The most common damages that can happen at home are covered even if you accidentally cause them yourself. For full protection, include home contents and liability insurance covers.

What is covered:

  • Fire. Unexpected damages like gas explosion will be covered
  • Pipe rupture. Water can damage not only your home but also home contents and your neighbour's home
  • Natural forces such as wind, hail, lightening, regardless of the strength of the wind
  • Electrical fluctuations. Electrical appliances can be damaged, for example, due to overvoltage or other external electrical failures
  • Accidental damages caused by your own action. Home and valuable things can be damaged by yourself or your children
  • Accidental damage during home renovation or construction.
  • Theft, robbery, vandalism
  • Mechanical or internal electrical failure of structure equipment which is part of your home and is up to 7 years old. Your heat pump, boiler or other equipment may be damaged
  • Damages to your home window or door glass caused by any reason. The glass of your windows can crack because of rapid changes in temperature or any other reason
  • Other risks that are not mentioned in the Terms and Conditions exclusion list

There are exclusions for the insurance cover:

  • Damage caused by long-lasting processes such as mould, corrosion, condensation or humidity
  • Defective construction or repair work - we will indemnify you for the loss if it leads to a sudden and unexpected event, but we do not indemnify the part of the insured object that caused such loss
  • Other exclusions that are listed in the Terms and Conditions

In the Terms and Conditions you can find detailed information about insured events and exclusions, insured objects, principles of indemnification and other important conditions.

Services provided by 24/7 home assistance

Locksmith services. Emergency opening of door or gate locks and, if necessary, replacement of locks in case the key is lost, stolen or broken, the lock or key is damaged, or the key has been left inside the home and the door or gates are locked. We indemnify for the cost of purchasing and installing a new set of locks.

Plumber services. Prevention of an emergency situation in case of pipeline rupture by turning off water supply or providing a temporary solution by sealing the damaged part of pipe.

Drying and cleaning services. If your home is exposed to water or precipitation as a result of pipeline rupture, flood, storm or fallen items, drying and cleaning services will be provided. If necessary, temporary heating for your home will be provided.

Builder services. Prompt installing of a temporary covering for home, for example, a damaged window, door or roof resulting from a natural calamity or an unlawful act by a third party (such as actual or attempted breaking and entering), as well as removal of a tree fallen on your home.

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