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Home insurance

#StayHome and take care of your home and vehicle security

During the pandemic people are being urged to stay home and self-isolate in order to protect the health and safety of themselves and others. With home having become an office, school and playground for many, it is worth giving some thought to home and vehicle security.

Protect your personal belongings by creating various zones and make sure your property is insured

If you spend most of the day at home, it is definitely worth thinking about setting up various zones in your home to help you focus on specific activities. For example, you can set up a work area, a study area for the children and a relaxation corner for yourself and your family. These areas do not necessarily have to be separate rooms, they simply have to have a specific purpose. This will let you better focus on the task at hand, whilst also protecting, say, your work computer from accidentally spilled tea or the television set from children’s games.

According to Swedbank insurance data, we ourselves are often the ones to blame for various damages to our home and personal belongings. Last year 15% of insurance claims were filed for accidental damages to household appliances, such as a cracked ceramic hob or a television damaged due to a fall. The average insurance benefit paid was EUR 330, with the highest reaching EUR 3039. Right now, with people spending much more of their time at home, such cases are no rarity. Therefore, if you have already insured your home, it is worth checking whether you have also insured your belongings and if so – whether the sum insured is suited to your current needs.

If your permanent residence is left empty, ask a neighbour for help and think about home insurance

Since the declaration of the national state of emergency, many people have left their permanent residences for family property on the countryside or smaller towns. In such a case it is very important to have someone check in on your property from time to time to make sure everything is in order. Perhaps a neighbour can help by keeping an eye on what is going on at your home, including any vehicles you may have left outside.

Home insurance will protect you and your family from various possible financial damages – not only in case of burglary, which is actually relatively rare, but also such troubles as flooding of your own or a neighbour’s apartment. Last year 37% of home insurance claims filed were related to broken pipes causing water leaks in apartments accounting for an average of EUR 855 in damages to the homeowner. Furthermore, this is something even a vigilant neighbour cannot protect you from. Therefore, it is important to have your home and personal belongings insured, so that you do not have to spend your rainy-day savings on problems that can be covered by insurance.

If your car is parked outside for the long-term, insure it with CASCO

Right now, your car may be left alone in the yard or on the side of the street, but that does not mean it is safe. A car can fall victim to thieves or gusty winds that are no longer a rarity in Latvia. Thus, for example, last year the highest compensation for damages caused by a tree falling on a car was EUR 4700. Densely parked cars in courtyards are also often damaged by careless cyclists or other drivers. For example, last year one car owner whose vehicle had been damaged by a passing car, incurred a loss of EUR 1900 from the incident. We must also not forget that prowlers are not sitting idle at this time, especially in regard to stealing vehicle parts. Therefore, at this time it would be advisable that in re-examining your spending, rather than cutting insurance as a financial shield, make sure that it is there, so that in this time of uncertainty any additional troubles create as little added worry as possible.

Discount -25%*

Protect what keeps you safe!

Buy home insurance online by 14 February and have peace of mind about:

  • your home and its facilities;
  • your personal belongings inside and outside your home anywhere in Latvia;
  • damage unintentionally caused to your neighbors, guests or other people.

* The offer is valid for real estate not currently insured with Swedbank P&C Insurance AS Latvian branch, including in contract insurance of home contents and third-party liability. Discount in force for 12 months from the starting date of the contract.

Now your day-to-day living is happening at home or countryside property together with the family. Proper home insurance is, therefore, more important than ever. Take a look here

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* The offer is calculated with 7500 EUR insurance limits on home contents and on liability.

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What is home insurance?

Home insurance will secure your home and protect you from unexpected losses in case of different mishaps at home. Here are the covers you should consider include:

  • Real estate insurance will cover unexpected damage caused to your flat or house. It includes cover for built-in furniture (e.g. kitchen), fences, gates, playgrounds, greenhouses up to 20m². In case of damage, your home will be completely restored.
  • Home contents insurance will cover damage caused to your personal items. It includes theft, burglary and various accidents, e.g. valuable things (electrical appliances, sports equipment, etc.) broken by yourself or your children. There are a few limitations for home contents cover.
  • Liability insurance will cover damage caused to others. It will come in handy in case you happen to flood your neighbour's apartment, a tree in your yard falls onto the neighbour's house during storm or if your dog claws at your neighbour's car.
Why to choose Swedbank home insurance?
  • We offer proper insurance with all-risk cover: any unexpected event is insured if it’s not listed in the exceptions.
  • We insure the real estate at its reinstatement value, which means that it will be completely restored with modern building and furnishing materials.
  • We offer wide cover and limits for home contents.
  • We’ll reimburse for expenses of renting a temporary residence for up to 12 months. Loss of rent income is also covered.
  • Insurance is valid for your personal belongings even outside home anywhere in Latvia.
  • Our liability insurance is valid in the whole of Latvia for all family members and pets living in the insured property.
  • The annual premium doesn’t depend on your payment schedule.
Good to know!
  • 24/7 home emergency assistance by the locksmith, plumber and builder included at no extra charge.
  • Cover for lock replacement expenses included if property keys are lost, stolen or damaged by a third party.
  • You don’t need to provide a list or photos of your home contents items for concluding home insurance.
  • No requirement to have a home security system.
  • Insurance is valid for your bicycle or baby stroller as long as it has been locked or otherwise fixed to an immovable object.
  • Home insurance excess is 140 €. There’s no excess for replacing the locks or using the services of 24-hour emergency assistance.
  • We don’t insure real estate that is used for commercial activity.

Life insurance supports your family when you are unable to do so.

With CASCO insurance you will be covered for unexpected events on the road.

If you are planning to borrow more than 5000 EUR for home improvement, we recommend taking a look at the condition of this loan.


The insurer is Swedbank P&C Insurance AS which is represented in Latvia by Swedbank P&C Insurance AS Latvian branch and the tied insurance agent is Swedbank AS.

Insurance claims handling

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24-hour home emergency assistance

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In case of sudden trouble with your home, such as property keys are lost, pipeline rupture, broken window, we will provide assistance by a qualified specialist - plumber, locksmith, builder. Full service is provided by the locksmith and limited service is provided by the plumber, builder.

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