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Travel insurance for credit card holders

Travel insurance will keep you safe

To fully enjoy a trip, one must see to it that nothing spoils it. Travel insurance will keep you safe from unwanted worries and, most importantly, from unexpected expenses when enjoying your rest.

  • Feeling safe about yourself and your dear ones - insurance covers the cardholder and the family members who are also on the trip.
  • For a complete peace of mind - insurance covers personal belongings such as telephone, wallet, passport, documents, camera and other items, as well as luggage for the whole duration of the trip.
  • Active recreation enthusiasts are also covered - mountain skiing, snowboarding, diving to depths of up to 10m, mountain hiking are included in the basic risks cover and you won't need to pay anything extra for this.
  • Your health and that of your loved ones is what matters most in a trip - travel insurance will cover medical expenses in case of an accident or illness.

What is insured?

  • The risk of illness or accident while abroad (covers medical expenses, including dental services, expenses associated with death, disability caused by an accident, repatriation and other expenses)
  • Personal belongings, incl. passport, documents, camera and other items, as well as luggage for the whole duration of the trip
  • Third-party liability (covers loss incurred in connection with damage to a third party's life, health or property, for which the insured personal has civil liability)

Valid with Gold Revolving Credit Card

Valid with Gold Revolving Credit Card if one of the trip expenses has been paid from an account at Swedbank, Swedbank debit card or credit card.

The following is considered as trip expenses:

  • expenses of purchasing tickets to the trip destination;
  • expenses of purchasing the trip at a travel agency;
  • accommodation expenses;
  • fuel expenses.

For assistance during and after travel, contact Swedbank’s insurance claim handling specialists.

If possible, we encourage you to pay yourself medical expenses of up to EUR 1000 at the trip destination and, upon return, present to us the receipts or other proof of payment to have your expenses refunded.

To get the indemnity:

Fill out the insurance claim form and our claim handling specialist will get in touch with you to agree on document delivery and next steps.

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