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Purchase protection

Every purchase is insured

When you pay with your Swedbank credit card, you can always be sure about the safety of the transaction because every purchase is insured.

No more worries that the items purchased with a Swedbank credit card could be damaged or stolen - the loss will be compensated by Purchase Insurance.

You will be protected against losses unexpectedly arising in connection with items purchased with Swedbank credit cards, including losses caused by mechanical damages, third-party malicious acts (theft, robbery, vandalism), natural calamities and other contingencies.

What should I do if an insured event occurs?

Without delay and as soon as possible, but in any event not later than within 14 days of occurrence of the insured event, give a notice about the loss to the Claims Handling Department of Swedbank P&C Insurance AS Latvian branch.

The Claims Handling employees will process your notice and will instruct you how to proceed.

+371 67 444 449 (24/7)

Do I need to provide any other documents apart from the insured event claim form?

The following documents must also be provided together with a completed insured event claim form.

  • proof of purchase and receipt of the item (such as original cash register receipt, online store's purchase confirmation and evidence of delivery);
  • in case of damage to the purchase - a photo of the damaged purchase and the estimated cost of repairing it.


Swedbank P&C Insurance AS Latvian branch:

+371 67 444 449 (24/7)

Balasta dambis 15, Riga, Latvia, LV-1048

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