Insurance against borrower's unemployment and incapacity for work

56% of cases is unemploy-

Safety throughout the loan period!

If you lose job, fall ill or suffer a trauma, insurance against unemployment and incapacity for work will, probably, not solve all your problems but it will certainly help in your daily life with loan repayments.

* A summary of losses in 2016 according to the data of Swedbank P&C Insurance AS Latvian branch regarding insurance indemnities paid out.

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Monthly loan payment
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Precisely so little as to forget about loan repayment woes in case a sudden misfortune strikes you!

See to it now that your loan payments are up-to-date even in case of unemployment or incapacity for work.
We will reimburse for monthly loan payments for up to 12 months!

We will reimburse for monthly loan payments for up to 12 months

  • Accident*
  • Illness*
  • Notice of termination by employer**
  • Mutual agreement**

* The insured’s loss of capacity for work as certified by a physician and if resulting from an illness or accident.
** The loss of work by the insured due to the employer's notice of termination of employment or by mutual agreement between the employer and the insured if such agreement is initiated by the employer and the insured receives the status of an unemployed person.

In case of temporary incapacity for work

If you need to undergo treatment of more than 30 days due to you unexpectedly falling ill, suffering a trauma, or having other mishap, we will provide funds in your bank account to the amount of your monthly mortgage and/or consumer loan payment.

For example, we will pay out indemnity to you also if, while doing sports, you hurt your knee, which takes 3 months to heal and, because of this, you can’t go to work. We will pay indemnity to you also if you require long-term treatment due to a serious illness, such as an unexpected cardiovascular disease.

In case of unemployment

We will pay out indemnity to you if, for example, you are offered an agreement to terminate employment, you are given notice due to downsizing or your position is closed due to reorganization of the company.

Also for guarantor/co-borrower

If the loan has a guarantor or a co-borrower, then we recommend taking out a policy for them, too. Even if the borrower continues repaying the loan, we will pay out indemnity to the guarantor / co-borrower in the event of illness or unemployment of the guarantor /co-borrower.


  • When entering into contract for the insured risk - unemployment, it will enter into force after 90 days as from the policy issuance date.
  • Indemnity is paid out once a month to the amount of the loan payment, for a maximum of 12 consecutive months.
  • When an insured event occurs, no indemnity will be paid for the first 30 days as this is the ‘deductible period’.