Credit Card Liability Insurance

  • Average payout for unemployment was 589* EUR
  • Highest indemnity due to sickleave was 1275 EUR*

Insure yourself against an unemployment and incapacity for work

Credit Cover will help you make your credit card repayments.

  • If you unexpectedly lose your job;
  • If you stay on sick leave for more than 30 days also due to your child‘s illness;

If unemployment or incapacity for work lasts longer then 12 months, we‘ll reimburse the whole outstanding balance.

You‘ll pay for the insurance only if you use the credit.


* A summary of losses in 2018 according to the data of Swedbank P&C Insurance AS Latvian branch.

How much would it cost?

Used credit card limit at the end of month
Insurance payment
What is Swedbank Credit Cover insurance?
  • Credit Cover will help you repay your credit card liabilities, if you lose your job or stay on sick leave for more than 30 days in case of an illness or consequences of a trauma.
  • You’ll be charged for the insurance only if you use the credit. The rate of insurance premium is always the same: 0.6% of the used credit amount. For example, if you only used €100 by the end of month, the insurance will cost you as little as 0.60 EUR.
  • We will reimburse 5% of the used credit every month for up to 11 months. In case you haven’t returned to work after 12 months, the total credit balance will be paid out with the final payment.
  • This insurance is available to all Swedbank card holders between the ages of 18 and 62. Log in to the Internet bank to see the eligible credit card contracts.
What events are covered?

In case of incapacity for work

If you or your child gets ill unexpectedly, suffers a trauma, etc., and a treatment that lasts more than 30 days is required, we will provide indemnity for partial repayment of your credit card liabilities.

In case of unemployment

We will pay you the indemnity, if for example, you are offered an agreement to terminate employment, you are given a notice of termination of the contract due to downsizing or eliminating your position in a reorganised company.

The unemployment cover will take effect 90 days after the insurance contract has come into force.

The indemnity will be calculated starting from 30 days after the insured event.

The insurer is Swedbank P&C Insurance AS, which is represented in Latvia by Swedbank P&C Insurance AS Latvian branch and the insurance agent is Swedbank AS.