MTPL Insurance

It's convenient and beneficial to conclude traffic insurance in Swedbank

Choose Swedbank's Agreement on MTPL Policy with quarterly payment:

  • The policy will be extended automatically;
  • A convenient way to pay for the policy: automatically from your account once a quarter;
  • The policy is always available to you in the internet bank.
What is traffic insurance?

Traffic insurance is mandatory to all vehicles that are involved in traffic.

In case of an accident, traffic insurance will reimburse, on your behalf, any damages caused to the environment, ohter vehicles, assets or injuries concerning any third persons.

Traffic insurance offers protection in case Your vehicle causes damage to a third party.

Why to insure in Swedbank?

Simplify your life - manage your financial and insurance matters in one place. Your insurance policy will always be accessible in Swedbank Internet Bank.

Conclude the Swedbank Agreement on MTPL Policy and never again you'll have to worry about validity of the MTPL policy as the bank will make sure your policy is always extended on time:

  • The agreement is based on a 3-month MTPL policy which is renewed automatically;
  • The payment is automatically debited from the account once a quarter.
Travelling abroad

Before travelling abroad, please make sure that your vehicles liability is also valid in those countries.

When travelling abroad, it is also required to have printed version of your traffic insurance policy so you can verify the availability of your liability insurance.

You can conveniently print out your traffic insurance policy from the internet bank.

You are required to have a printed green card when you travel to the following countries.

If you need to get a green card, or have any questions concerning insurance, please contact Swedbank Insurance specialists by calling 67444449 or visit any Swedbank branch in Latvia.

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The insurer is Swedbank P&C Insurance AS, which is represented in Latvia by Swedbank P&C Insurance AS Latvian branch and the insurance agent is Swedbank AS and Swedbank Līzings SIA.

Insurance claims handling

Fill out claim form

In case of an insured event, please notify us either personally or via a family member at the earliest opportunity.