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Being young is cool. Take advantage of it and achieve more together with us:

  • 2 types of cards – Swedbank ISIC or Swedbank Payment Card. Choose the one that suits you best
  • Mobile app features – money request, biometrics, account balance widget
  • Modern solutions – mobile contactless payments, payments with smartwatch
  • Special prices and offers

To open an account for a child, the child must have a valid passport or ID card. If the passport/ID card has been issued in Latvia, a parent or a legal guardian can open the child's account without bringing the child along to the branch. If the child's passport/ID card has been issued abroad, you must bring the child along.

When visiting a branch, bring with you:

  • Child’s passport/ID card
  • Parents and legal guardians – passport or ID card
  • Documentary proof of parentage/guardianship (e.g. birth certificate)

Book a visit at your preferred branch and time!

To open an account for yourself, visit any of our branches, bringing along your passport/ID card. Book a visit at your preferred branch and time!

Did you know that there is a difference between debit card and credit card? Unlike a debit card, the credit card comes with the possibility to use additional funds from the bank. Repay the spent amount on time and you won’t be charged any interest payments. All credit cards provide purchase insurance and the travel insurance included with the Gold Credit Card will support you when exploring the world.

Debit card

Swedbank ISIC card

Swedbank Credit Card

Gold Credit Card

A card for convenient and modern everyday payments

Use it as a pupil/student ID card worldwide, get discounts, pay in stores and online

The best choice for shopping and everyday needs

Explore the world with included Travel insurance

Ordering the card 0.00 - 2.00 EUR

Via Internet Banking - 0.00
Via Telephone Banking - 2.00
At branches - 2.00

Card ordering fee for account holders from the age of 23:
Via Internet Banking - 0.00
Via Telephone Banking - 4.00
At branches - 4.00

Free of charge Free of charge Free of charge
Card production and delivery 1.00 - 2.00 EUR

By post - 1.00
At branches - 2.00

Card production and delivery for account holders from the age of 23:
By post - 2.00
At branches - 4.00

Free of charge Free of charge*

By post in Latvia - 2.00
At branches - 4.00

Free of charge

By post in Latvia - 2.00
At branches - 4.00

Fee 0.71 EUR monthly Card monthly fee for account holders from the age of 23 - 1.41 EUR 2.85 - 6.50 EUR yearly Schoolchild - 2.85
Students - 6.50
Free of charge for the first year* Afterwards 1.42 EUR Free of charge for the first 6 months* Afterwards 5 EUR
International student / scholar card - agree - -
Contactless payment option agree agree agree agree
Purchases in home country and abroad Free of charge Free of charge Free of charge Free of charge
Credit limit - - From 300 EUR From 600 EUR
Interest-free period for used credit limit - - Up to 30 days Up to 40 days
Purchase insurance - - agree agree
Travel insurance - - - agree
Discounts and offers - agree agree agree
Find out more Find out more Find out more Find out more
  • The full price list can be found here.
  • All terms and conditions are available here.

* Offer for youth segment customers aged from 18 to 25. The offer is valid if you haven’t had this type of credit card before or if at least 18 months have passed since termination of agreement on the same type of credit card.

The information shown in the table may differ from the terms offered to you.

Representative example of credit expenses: Customer signs the Credit Card Agreement with 500 EUR credit limit; the issuance fee is EUR 2, the applicable interest rate is 21%. The APR calculated for the customer – 32.33% and the total amount payable – 576.61 EUR (it is calculated on the assumption that the credit will be drawn down immediately and in full, and is repaid in equal instalments within a year every month).

How can I save?

Personal finances are all the matters related with your money management, saving and investment. Knowing how to manage your finances helps to manage money, set goals and reach them, choose the best solutions for your money matters.

Recommendations which can help you save money

Create a savings plan

Calculate how much money you will need to put aside for savings every month to reach your goal.

Set up your saving goals

Having a clear goal will motivate you to save up to a particular sum.

Separate your savings from your everyday money

By putting aside your savings, you will not risk spending them on spontaneous purchases.

Don‘t underestimate small coins

Start saving with small steps. Put loose change in your piggy bank.

Save without noticing

With the help of the Easy Saver, you can create savings step by step. How often and how much to set aside for savings is your call.

Setting up your budget

80/20 rule

Spend only about 80% of the money you get and save the other 20%. Use 80/20 rule when planning your budget. Divide your income into at least two categories:

Expenses – 80% of the budget

Money that you will spend in the short-run (e.g. lunch at school, cinema, etc.).

Savings – 20% of the budget

Money that will be spent on more expensive things (e.g. a smartphone, clothes, etc,)

With our expenditure monitoring tool My Budget you can easily keep track of your spending. There you can see a categorized overview of your expenditure and find out where you’ve spent money and where you might save. To learn more and start using the tool, press here.

Needs and wants

You should learn to distinguish between needs and wants. Below you can find an example list of needs and wants. Please be aware that needs and wants will not be the same for everybody.

  • School materials
  • Public transport ticket
  • Lunch at school (food)
  • Gym subscription
  • Entertainment (cinema tickets)
  • Coffee to go

Distinguish between needs and wants

You can distinguish between them by following these steps:

Group your purchases into different categories (e.g. entertainment, food, etc.).

Generally, a need is something you can’t live without. A want is everything else that is not a priority need.

A rule of thumb is that you should spend 50% of your income on your needs and around 30% on your wants. If your current spending is largely disproportionate, you should either reconsider your categories or cut spending in either of the categories. 20% of your income should go to your savings.

While using daily banking products, you should keep in mind these safety recommendations:

  • Always keep your card and your PIN code safe; do not disclose it to anyone
  • Always check the sum of the transaction before entering your PIN number
  • Make sure nobody sees your PIN code while entering it
  • Always pay attention to the transaction when making a payment
  • Always set a screen lock
  • Use different passwords for each site
  • Use strong passwords that you can remember
  • Do not open e-mails from unknown senders
  • Make sure your phone display is locked
  • Be careful with what you download. Download apps only from official app stores
  • Never give out your personal data
  • Do not open websites or links that seem suspicious

When you decide to sign any legal document (for example a gym membership contract):

  • Read the whole document and pay attention to details.
  • Make sure you understand everything in the document- if anything is unclear, ask for clarification.
  • When you have signed the contract, save a copy.
  • Remember you are responsible for your commitments in the contract!

The visit to the lab is an interactive outside-school financial education activity (4-12th grade students) that adds to the study process and provides a possibility both to acquire new knowledge and practically strengthen the existing one. It’s based on a game with escape room elements, where the students have to answer various questions concerning financial skillfulness to find the code that opens the safe.

Parts of the code discovered are hidden in 5 thematic base stations:

  • 21st century skills
  • budget planning
  • responsible borrowing
  • useful skills for personal development
  • Location: Swedbank, Balasta dambis 15, Riga.
  • Visiting the Finance Lab is free of charge.
  • Arrange a visit to the Finance Lab by email to:

Study and invest in your future

Apply for a state-guaranteed study loan and gain knowledge in a field you’re passionate about.

  • Guarantee by a private individual not necessary
  • When you apply for a study loan, you can also apply for a student loan
  • To apply for the loan, you need to be a Swedbank customer
Find out more

Support at the right moment

Starting an independent life and a career also brings about new needs. Buying a larger home appliance or improving or renovating your home? Support from your own bank is always within reach.

  • Filling out the application will only take 1-2 minutes
  • When applying for the Small Loan, you may be able to borrow from 300 to 12 000 EUR
  • Money in your account immediately after signing the contract
Find out more

Your first car

If you want to buy a new or a certified pre-owned car, we will help you find the most suitable solution.

Car lease – for buying a new or a certified pre-owned car. For eco-friendly cars there’s a reduced interest rate.

Car loan – for purchasing a used car, without any down payment.

Choose the car financing option that suits you best

Your credit card

A bicycle or a computer? How about both? With the Swedbank Credit Card you can have financial support precisely when you need it.

Special offer for credit cards:

  • Swedbank Credit Card - first year of use without a monthly fee*
  • Golden Credit Card - first 6 months of use without a monthly fee*

    • 180-day purchase and travel insurance
    • Zero-interest period for up to 40 days
    • Credit limit from 300 EUR
Find out more

Your first business

We will help you if you already have your business idea or if you’re only just looking for one.

  • Business planning tool
  • Invoicing tool
  • Educational platform for setting up an online store
Opening a business account

Swedbank’s co-creation space Dobe is the place where ideas come to life. Dobe is situated at the 5th floor of the Swedbank Headquarters and is a true innovative project and ideas hub.

Find out more

Your first investments

Everyone can be an investor – including you. Find out about investment possibilities.

  • Start investing from as little as 1 EUR
  • Transactions and safe-keeping is free of charge
  • Low management fees
Start investing today

* Offer for youth segment customers aged from 18 to 25. The offer is valid if you haven’t had this type of credit card before or if at least 18 months have passed since termination of agreement on the same type of credit card.

Do you have an overview of your spending’s? My Budget is a perfect tool for that.

The Easy Saver will help your savings grow in small but smart steps.

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Got called an auntie by some kids?

This could be a sign that it’s time to start 3rd pillar pension savings.

Start saving and make use of the benefits of 3rd pension pillar:

  • Broad selection of pension plans
  • Sustainable investments
  • Low fees