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Do your banking responsibly!

The unusual situation in the world and in the country raises new questions among our customers. To help you find the answers, we compiled information about our services.

Remember! All the daily banking services are available via Swedbank mobile app or Internet Banking.

Currently, Latvia is actively fighting against Covid-19. So far, we have protected ourselves against the virus with simple but effective methods, but we must continue to be careful when the restrictions are reduced, and work is resumed. To stop the virus from spreading the mobile application “Apturi Covid” has been developed. We encourage everyone to download it to their mobile phones. Personal data in application is encrypted and private. The application is provided by the Centre for Disease Prevention and Control. More information can be found at

The mobile app is perfect for managing everyday financial matters:

  • send payments
  • check account balance
  • make money requests
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For more advanced management of financial matters we recommend Internet Banking:

  • manage cards and payments
  • set up e-invoices
  • choose lending products
  • buy insurance

You can do it from the comfort of your home with passport or eID, if:

  • Smart-ID account has expired
  • your smart device has changed
  • you wish to change PINs, or upgrade your Smart-ID account
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To avoid potentially spreading the virus, pay for your day-to-day purchases with:

Answers to nine out of ten questions about banking services can be found here.

However, if the answer is not there, log in to Internet Banking and ask your question in the chat or send us a message.

Currently, visits to branches to talk to our financial advisors are possible by prior appointment only.

  • When shopping online, pay by bank card, by money transfer via Internet Banking or with ApplePay. To make payments to volunteering assistants, a money transfer will be the most universal and accessible solution.
  • If you and the provider of assistance both use the Swedbank mobile app, you can carry out the settlements between you through the app’s feature called money request that the volunteer can send by text message, e-mail or WhatsApp - the payment details will appear automatically in the app for the payer.

If no computer, smart phone or internet can be used:

  • If you have a bank card, contact the Samaritan Association for help with delivery of necessary purchases by phone on 2 66 02 002. The Samaritan Association has the portable bank payment terminals available to enable paying by card at your doorstep for the items delivered. Important to remember - the card may only be used its owner! If the card is about to expire, you can request delivery of the new card to your mailbox via Internet Banking or by phone on 67444444.
  • Engage your Internet Banking account’s additional user, or person of trust, in making the payments. The person of trust, normally a family member, has the right to access the customer’s account with their Internet Banking credentials (Smart-ID or Digipass) in order to make transfers in it. If such access rights have not yet been set up and the health condition permits that, arrange a visit to branch (if the additional user is not a customer of Swedbank, you both must come together). With the safety of health while visiting branches in mind, consultations during the state of emergency are available only by prior appointment via Internet Banking or by phone on 67445555.
  • If none of the above options are suitable for your situation, call the Swedbank Consultation Centre on 67444444 - our specialists will answer your questions and help finding a solution that works best for each customer.

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If you do not find the answers on this page please visit Frequently Asked Questions section and follow the news on, where our experts comment on current news and share useful tips.

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