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House building costs

Type of works Detailed description of types of works Sum EUR
Excavation and foundation works Breakdown of construction lines, land leveling, digging well constructions, foundation of chipping, construction of foundation (including formwork, reinforcement and concreting or installation of prefabricated blocks), insulation of foundation, preparation of ground floor and floor-filling with ground coating.
Bearing walls and chimneys Laying of bearing and interior walls (claydit blocks or aircrete), installing link-beam apertures (claydit precast link beams, metal link beams), installing pipes, overcoating of bearing metal structures and stone walls
Inter-floor covering Constructing of precast slabs or monolith reinforced concrete
Roof Wooden structures, grating, wind sealing, insulation, vapour sealing, roofage, wind boxes, cornices, drainpipes, gutters
Facade decoration Insulation, reinforced or painted decorative plaster, socle decoration
Windows, external doors, garage doors PVC windows, windows ledges, metal or wooden external doors, sectional liftable garage doors
Floor constructions Insulation, reinforcement, underlayment, sealing, installation of OSB and plywood
Walls and ceilings dry walls and ceilings from light constructions, metal frame, thermal and acoustic insulation
Preparation and decoration of walls and floors puttying and lining, presizing, wallpaper hanging, painting, water proofing, slabbing
Floor covering Laminate, linoleum, water proofing, paving tiles
Internal doors MDF or wooden doors, fittings
Flight of staircase Wooden or metal staircase
Heating system Heating boiler, heating pipes, heaters, connecting assemblies
Water-carriage system, water-supply Water-supply and water-carriage pipes, connection assemblies, plumbing constructions and devices (shower cabins, bath tubes, WC facilities, sinks)
Electric installation works Conduit boxes, cables, lamps, sockets, switches
Water-supply Conduit of pipes, connecting assemblies, overall length - 15m
Water-carriage Conduit of pipes, connecting assemblies, reinforced settling wells, overall length - 15m
Electric installation works Electric cables from counter till building, overall length - 15m
Gas-supply Conduit of pipes, connecting assemblies, overall length - 25m
Paving of territory Overall paving space 90m2
Territory improvements
Planting Overall planting space (lawn) - 150m2
Fencing Overall fencing length - 80m
Costs for 1m2:

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