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Processing of Personal Data

Your privacy is important to us

Taking care of the safety of personal data is our priority. The personal data you have entrusted to us allows us to serve you taking into account your preferences, as well as to provide you with personalized support and advice.
Like the majority of service organizations, Swedbank processes personal data at its disposal, including, in order to create offers and servicing tailored for you, as well as to provide secure access to them.
We want you to know what personal data we process and why, how we use it and what options and controls are at your disposal.

Personal data is used to provide you with secure access to our products and services and to enhance your customer experience with our services. Your personal data enables us to understand your individual needs so that we can provide you with best possible support and advice. It is extremely important for Swedbank to protect your personal data and to ensure its confidentiality. We continuously implement appropriate technical and organizational measures to prevent personal data from unauthorized access and make sure that your data, money and other valuables are safe with us in our premises and systems. Swedbank ensures that you are always in control of what is happening with your personal data. You can see the majority of your personal data at our disposal on Swedbank Internet Banking site. You can edit your personal data and update your preferences on Swedbank Internet Banking site, at branches, over the phone with the Consultation Centre, as well as in mobile app.

Consents and permissions management

  • Choose your preferences how to your personal data within Swedbank.
  • Choose ways of receiving offers and other information

Ways of communication

Select the most convenient ways for you to be contacted by us: via e-mail, phone, SMS or post.

Cookies management

We use cookies to ensure technically sufficient website functioning, also to make our website easier for you to use and to provide a personalised experience

Starting from June, Swedbank will ask for your consent to prepare and deliver you even more personalized advice – personalized suggestions, personalized financing and insurance limits, and offers together with partners. It is planned that we will gradually add new valuable offerings that will allow you to make even more thoughtful choices. Requests for consent will be provided via your Internet bank and in our branches.

With this change, we also have reviewed the scope of personal data that we process to prepare offers. By this, we respond to our customers’ increasing expectations towards more tailor-made information that ensures personal data safety and integrity at the same time. We process data with care and transparency by giving you more control over what and how your personal data is processed.

Your personalized offers and messages will be delivered via your Internet bank and Mobile App, some relevant information will be provided via ATM, during your visit to the bank’s branches, or when calling the bank. You also can choose to receive the offers via e-mail, SMS, phone, or via post by giving a separate consent.

We will gradually approach our customers with the request for consent until July 31, 2022. As soon as we receive your consent choice, it will take us 5 days to apply it.

  • We have renamed Offers tailored for you as Relevant information.

    As of 01.08.2022 the Data Categories we process to prepare Relevant information and the Data Controller will change. At the moment Swedbank Group companies registred in Latvia (Data controllers) process the following data categories: account data; financial data (incl. transactions); data about habits, preferences and satisfaction; data about trustworthiness; communication data. As of 01.08.2022 the Data Controller will be limited to Swedbank AB only and the following data categories will be processed for the above mentioned purpose: identification, account, demographic data, our channels you use, and data indicating whether you are eligible for special customer program messages.

    If you wish to continue receiving offers, please give your consent to Personalized suggestions. Otherwise after 31.07.2022. we will be able to send you only Relevant information (e.g. invitations to events, newsletters and birthday greetings).

  • As of 01.08.2022 we will stop processing your personal data to prepare Personalized financing limits based on our legitimate interest. To continue receiving this type of offers, please provide consent for Personalized financing and insurance limits.

Personal data means any information that can be linked to a specific person. This can be the first name, surname, contact information, card payment details, information about concluded agreements, customer satisfaction, and much more.

We obtain personal data directly from you and from the products and services you use. In this regard, we process the data you provide to us when you contact us via Swedbank Internet Banking, mobile app, branches, as well as over the phone and by e-mail. We can also obtain personal data from other persons, such as public registers (Land Register or Credit Register etc.) and use it, for example, for issuing mortgage loans or setting up an insurance policy.

We can also process data about you if you are a natural person’s or legal entity’s representative, transaction party, heir, ultimate beneficial owner etc.

Read more in Swedbank Principles of Processing Personal Data chapter 3

We process your data to provide you with products and services and to ensure that you can conveniently use them. We also process your personal data in order to be able to create offers of services tailored for you and personalized financing limits. Last but not least, subject to applicable legislation, your personal data helps us to prevent money laundering and enables us to carry out creditworthiness and risk assessment. In some cases, we make audio and video recordings of the mutual communication to ensure protection of your and our interests and guarantee your safety.

Read more in Swedbank Principles of Processing Personal Data chapter 5

We may share your data with other persons for the purposes of providing Swedbank services. For example, in order to set up a lease or insurance policy, Swedbank Group companies will share some of your data among themselves.

Likewise, we may share your data with registries and databases in order to perform agreements entered into with you or our legally binding obligations. Also, your data will be shared with persons and companies involved in the provision of Swedbank services, for example, to deliver you mail, e-invoices etc.

Read more in Swedbank Principles of Processing Personal Data chapter 8

Swedbank Principles of Processing Personal Data contain the key information about how Swedbank processes personal data. Swedbank updates the Principles of Processing Personal Data in cases when essential changes occur in how personal data is being processed, including in connection with amendments in the applicable law.

Swedbank notifies about changes in the Principles of Processing Personal Data one month in advance, on Swedbank website, via Internet Banking messages, text messages or e-mail.

If you have any question or complaint in connection with how we process your personal data, please contact us by using the most convenient method of communication.

Read more in Swedbank Principles of Processing Personal Data chapter 13

You have the right to ask Swedbank to provide information about what your data we process and to have that data amended or deleted if they are incorrect or outdated. In cases when you do not want to receive offers of service tailored for you or personalized financing limits, you have the right to withdraw your consent or object to data processing. You can exercise this and other rights by making a Swedbank an identified request via Internet Banking or at a branch or by calling the Consultation Centre or by e-mailing a request signed by e-signature. We will do our best to reply to you within one month. In case we don’t reply or refuse to exercise your rights, you have the right to approach the Data State Inspectorate with your complaint.

Read more in Swedbank Principles of Processing Personal Data chapter 11

You may contact the Swedbank appointed Data Protection Officer by sending email to: or sending a letter by post to: Balasta dambis 15, Riga, Latvia, LV-1048, marked for “Data protection officer”.

documentRead more in Swedbank Principles of Processing Personal Data chapter 12

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