Beware of scammers calling and asking for card and Internet Banking details or Smart-ID codes. Keep in mind - confirm with the Smart-ID or PIN calculator only the operations that you’ve initiated yourself (such as logging in to Internet Banking, making payments, registering the mobile app on a new device etc.).

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Customer data

Full, up-to-date data – better and safer services

Just like other banks, we too have a duty to comply with regulatory requirements and follow the Know Your Customer (KYC) principle in our operations. For this reason, we ask our clients:

  • To indicate their contact information, nationality, place of residence, field of activity and other similar data.
  • Update this information time from time.
  • If necessary, to provide further details about certain transactions (e.g. about the origin of funds transferred to customer’s account).

Good to know

  • Why do banks ask their customers to provide information about them?

  • Do these requirements apply to other banks as well?

  • Which institutions are authorised to receive the details I provide?

  • How do you ensure that my data is in safety?

  • What could happen if I refuse to submit the declaration/questionnaire?

  • Who are “politically exposed persons”?

  • What languages can be used to fill in the declaration/questionnaire?

  • Which legislation regulates the KYC principle, incl. data processing routines?