Standing orders

Save your time – order your payments to be done automatically

Standing orders will save your time spent on clicks if you regularly:

  • Transfer money to those closest to you, i. e. pocket money for children.
  • Transfer money to your another account or credit card account.
  • Transfer money to your Easy Saver.
  • Pay other recurrent sums periodically.
Conclude international standing order
What's it for?
  • Convenience: bank will make requested payments on your behalf on the day you’ve indicated. You won’t have to remember each of them.
  • Seamless saving: a chosen sum could be automatically transferred to your savings deposit account every month.
  • It’s easy and flexible – you can terminate or conclude a new standing order agreement with a few clicks at any time.
You have full control of your standing orders
  • Standing order can be launched and done right after signing the agreement.
  • Setting up a Standing order is free in the internet bank. When setting it up in our bank branch, standard fees are applied.
  • You can view all your Standing orders and terminate their agreements in your Internet bank regardless the channel where you concluded them.

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