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All invoices lead to Internet Banking

Put your day-to-day affairs in order – receive and pay invoices all in one place!

  • Setting up and receiving invoices via Internet Banking is free of charge.
  • With automatic payment enable, your invoices will always be paid on time.
  • Log in to Internet Banking to see free notifications about the status of e-invoices received.
  • Option to activate notifications to e-mail or by SMS with the Quick Notifications service.

Companies offering the e-invoice service in Swedbank Internet Banking.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why it's a good idea to set up an e-invoice?

    E-invoice via Internet Banking means convenience in receiving, paying and storing invoices. All in one place - you can save time both in checking out and paying your invoices.
  • How much does it cost to receive and pay e-invoices via Internet Banking?

    Setting up and receiving e-invoices via Internet Banking is free of charge. Paying between Swedbank accounts is free of charge; the cost of transfers to other banks is according to the current price list.
  • How do I pay the e-invoice I’ve received?

    E-invoices have two easy ways for paying them via Internet Banking: clicking the “Pay” button or enabling automated payment.
  • What to do if the service provider does not offer e-invoices?

    If the service provider does not offer e-invoices that you’d like to receive via Swedbank Internet Banking, suggest us this company and we will get in touch with them to offer the opportunity to use e-invoicing.

    Please be reminded that any invoice (not only e-invoices) can be paid via Swedbank Internet Banking.

    We offer other simple ways of paying invoices via Internet Banking:

    • If the amount of the monthly invoice is constant, enable the standing order via Internet Banking here. Fill out the details of the company and choose the payment date. Setting up the service via Internet Banking is free of charge and the payments will take place on the specified date.
    • If the invoice amounts are subject to change, use the pre-defined payment. There are pre-filled payment forms available on the Internet Banking site which makes it easier to make the payment. Such invoices need to be paid manually each month after receiving the invoice. The Defined Payments between Swedbank accounts are free of charge.
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    • If the invoice amount is up to 30 EUR and you use the Swedbank mobile app, activate money sending without code entry.
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