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Standing orders

Save your time – order your payments to be done automatically

Standing orders will save your time spent on clicks if you regularly:

  • Transfer money to those closest to you, i. e. pocket money for children.
  • Transfer money to your another account or credit card account.
  • Transfer money to your Easy Saver.
  • Pay other recurrent sums periodically.
Conclude international standing order
  • Convenience: bank will make requested payments on your behalf on the day you’ve indicated. You won’t have to remember each of them.
  • Seamless saving: a chosen sum could be automatically transferred to your savings deposit account every month.
  • It’s easy and flexible – you can terminate or conclude a new standing order agreement with a few clicks at any time.
  • Standing order can be launched and done right after signing the agreement.
  • Setting up a Standing order is free in the internet bank. When setting it up in our bank branch, standard fees are applied.
  • You can view all your Standing orders and terminate their agreements in your Internet bank regardless the channel where you concluded them.
  1. Select one of your available defined payments or fill in the Standing order form fields manually.
  2. Preview the filled in data and then confirm the Standing order agreement.
  3. Enjoy your life and let the bank make sure that all necessary payments are made at the right time.

On the day of your Standing order transfer, the bank systems shall check your bank account.

If your funds will be sufficient, the transfer will be executed. If not, bank systems will be checking your account for 10 more days after the payment date. If your funds will be still insufficient for the payment, standing order will not be paid.

Important: your Standing order agreement will not be terminated because of insufficient funds for the payment. Next payment day that you’ve set yourself, bank systems will be checking your account again to make the transfer.

Service Price, EUR
Standing orders
Standing order registration Best value via Internet Banking 0.00 - 3.00, incl. VAT
Standing order automated payment 0,00-0,36
Early termination of standing orders Free of charge
Registration of e-invoice receipt application or automated payment agreement Easier via Internet Banking 0.00 - 3.00, incl. VAT
E-invoice receipt Easier via Internet Banking Free of charge
E-invoice payment 0,00-0,36
Amendment or termination of e-invoice automated payment agreement, discontinuation of e-invoice Easier via Internet Banking Free of charge

Effective from 01.10.2016

document Terms and conditions of the Standing order agreement

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