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Domestic payment

The most efficient way of making payments

Making payments via Swedbank Internet banking is the fastest and the easiest way of transferring funds to another individual or to another account of yours.

Payments to other Swedbank accounts

  • Fund transfers are executed in several minutes' time;
  • Making such payments via Internet banking is free of charge;
  • Internet banking section "Bank defined payments" offers almost 200 pre-defined payment forms to the most popular Latvian corporations;
  • In section "My defined payments" on the Internet banking page you may create your own pre-defined payment forms, if you plan to make fund transfers to that beneficiary later on;
  • In Telephonebank or any Swedbank branch you can make fund transfers for a fee.

Payments to other banks of Latvia

Swedbank has the most active customers in Latvia.

  • If the beneficiary provided you with an account number in a different bank, before making the payment ask him, if he also has a Swedbank account;
  • Making a payment to a Swedbank account is free of charge, and the beneficiary will receive the funds after several minutes after the payment has been accepted;
  • If the beneficiary does not have an account in Swedbank, tell him about the advantages that our customers receive. For example our 218 free day-to-day services!
  • Payments to others Latvian banks cost less if made on our Internet banking page, but are more expensive than payments within Swedbank (see our price list for more information);
  • Beneficiary receives the funds in several hours or on the next week day - the funds are credited to the beneficiary bank on the same day when Swedbank has accepted the transaction order only if the remitter made the payment before a certain timeline (more information in the price list).

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Important to know for payment remitters

If you make a payment within Swedbank Latvia via Internet banking, the bank's system will automatically check if your entered IBAN number is correct for the indicated name and surname or the company's name. If the data does not match the system will inform you about the error. For transfers to other local banks we cannot check if payment requisites are correct.

According to the legislation of Latvian Republic, any credit institution is authorized to credit the transferred amount into the beneficiary's account according to the account number indicated in the payment order. In such case credit institutions may avoid making additional checking, like comparing the name, surname, company's name or ID number that were entered in the payment order. By transferring funds within Swedbank Latvia you will protect yourself from mistakes in money transferring.

Required payment data

  • Beneficiary name, surname or company's name
  • Beneficiary ID number or company's legal ID
  • Beneficiary account number in IBAN format
  • Number of the bill/agreement/customer etc. in case it is a payment for services


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Pursuant to Cabinet Regulations No.972 of 12.10.2010 "Regulations concerning the procedures to be followed in effecting payments into the state budget and in recognizing them as having been received, and concerning requirements for use of online payment services in settlements with the state budget" it is no longer necessary to verify at the bank a range of payment orders printed from the Internet Banking site. No confirmation by the bank is required on payment orders that serve as proof of a payment into the state budget (taxes, state duties, fines, paid services, and other non-tax revenue).
The regulations referred to above do not apply to other payments or payees.

From 01.09.2012 the government institutions will use the state budget electronic settlements system called e-Kase for verifying the receipt of payments made via payment services providers (banks). Consequently, payers will no longer need to obtain a confirmation of payment from their payment services provider (bank) and, instead, the government institution itself will verify the receipt of payment.

The regulations apply to

  1. institutions financed out of the state budget;
  2. institutions not financed out of the state budget and capital companies in which a part of the capital of the state has been invested;
  3. notaries public (as far as administration of state budget funds is concerned).

The regulations do not apply to

  1. judicial institutions and payments to be made into the state budget in connection with judicial institution activities;
  2. enforcement officers (sworn bailiffs) and payments to be made into the state budget in connection with enforcement activities;
  3. payments to be made into budgets of local governments and municipal institutions;
  4. payments not made into state budgets.

The table gives a summary of cases when individuals and businesses do or do not need to have the bank's verification on payment orders printed from Internet Banking site.

Verification not necessary Comments Requirements
Payments into state budget by natural and legal persons Taxes, state duties, fines, paid services and other non-tax revenue and the corresponding accounts are listed on the website of the State Treasury. As from 01.09.2012, all institutions use the state budget electronic settlements system called e-Kase for verifying payments.
Verification is necessary Comments Requirements
  1. payments into the state budget in connection with judicial institution activities;
  2. payments to enforcement officers (sworn bailiffs) and payments into the state budget in connection with enforcement activities;
  3. payments to institutions not financed out of the state budget or if the payment is not transferred to state budget (e.g. local governments, tertiary education institutions).
  • tuition fees;
  • municipal duties;
  • duties related to legal proceedings;
  • payments related to enforcement actions.
Verification by the bank: bank employee's stamp and signature on the payment order

IBAN (International Bank Account Number) is a bank account granted to clients in banks and credit institutions according to the international ISO13616 standard.

The European Bank Standard Committee (ECBS) in the middle 90-ties decided that a more transparent and internationally recognised client account number and financial establishment's identifier should be established in order to decrease the number of errors in payments and accelerate processing of payments. Therefore, in 1997 this committee made a decision on implementation of a new account number format - IBAN in financial establishments of European countries. This format allows to recognise the beneficiary's country and account, as well as check the mathematical correctness of the indicated beneficiary's account.

In each country the length of IBAN account number may be different - even up to 34 letter and digit signs, which consist of:

  • 2 letter country code
  • 2 verification digits
  • bank code
  • bank's client's account number (0-9,A-Z)

Latvia's IBAN corresponds to the international IBAN standard, which in its structure is similar to client account identifiers used in other European countries for cross-border payments and will be recognised in cross-border payment documents in all countries where IBAN standard is implemented.

Latvia's IBAN consists of 21 symbol: 2 letters (country code) + 2 digits (control digits) + 4 letters (bank's BIC code) + 13 signs (account number, for currently shorter account numbers the missing signs will be replaced by zeros).

Swedbank assigned IBAN numbers to all of its clients on February 7, 2004. The old account numbers were transformed, and all newly opened account as from this date are only in IBAN standard.

Swedbank's account number in IBAN format is as follows:


From the very cooperation partner (including state authorities) only, who is the holder of the account and is aware of IBAN.

  • Starting from 01.01.2005, payments to Latvian banks will not be accepted if the indicated beneficiary's account number does not comply with IBAN standard.
  • There are no changes regarding payments in other currencies to other countries and the payments will be accepted in the same way as until now.

IBAN always starts with the country code of the respective European country, for example, LV, DE, IT. Additionally, compliance with IBAN of the beneficiary's account number of any country may be checked with the IBAN verification calculator. You can view the IBAN structure of some countries on the home page of European Banks standards in a brochure available for download. One should note that IBAN accounts in other countries usually is not equal to the one used in Latvia, after the country code there may be both letters and digits used.

IBAN examples:

Country Length Example
Andorra 24 an AD12 0001 2030 2003 5910 0100
Austria 20 an AT61 1904 3002 3457 3201
Belgium 16 an BE68 5390 0754 7034
Cyprus 28 an CY17 0020 0128 0000 0012 0052 7600
Czech Republic 24 an CZ65 0800 0000 1920 0014 5399
Denmark 18 an DK50 0040 0440 1162 43
Estonia 20 an EE38 2200 2210 2014 5685
Finland 18 an FI21 1234 5600 0007 85
France 27 an FR14 2004 1010 0505 0001 3M02 606
Germany 22 an DE89 3704 0044 0532 0130 00
Gibraltar 23 an GI75 NWBK 0000 0000 7099 453
Greece 27 an GR16 0110 1250 0000 0001 2300 695
Hungary 28 an HU42 1177 3016 1111 1018 0000 0000
Iceland 26 an IS14 0159 2600 7654 5510 7303 39
Ireland 22 an IE29 AIBK 9311 5212 3456 78
Italy 27 an IT60 X054 2811 1010 0000 0123 456
Latvia 21 an LV80 BANK 0000 4351 9500 1
Liechtenstein 21 an LI21 0881 0000 2324 013A
Lithuania 20 an LT12 1000 0111 0100 1000
Luxembourg 20 an LU28 0019 4006 4475 0000
Malta 34 an MT84 MALT 0110 0001 2345 MTLC AST0 01S
Netherlands 18 an NL91 ABNA 0417 1643 00
Norway 15 an NO93 8601 1117 947
Poland 28 an PL27 1140 2004 0000 3002 0135 5387
Portugal 25 an PT50 0002 0123 1234 5678 9015 4
Romania 24 an RO49 AAAA 1B31 0075 9384 0000
Slovak Republic 24 an SK31 1200 0000 1987 4263 7541
Slovenia 19 an SI56 1910 0000 0123 438
Spain 24 an ES80 2310 0001 1800 0001 2345
Sweden 24 an SE35 5000 0000 0549 1000 0003
Switzerland 21 an CH39 0070 0115 2018 4917 3
United Kingdom 22 an GB29 NWBK 6016 1331 9268 19

Obviously there is an error in the account number. In practice, most frequent mistakes are missing symbols, or the digit "1" is mixed with the letter "I", the digit "0" - mixed with the letter "O", there is no country code, etc. In order to clarify the current account, you should contact the beneficiary of payment and specify the account number.

The same way as before, for payments to another bank in Latvia you choose the beneficiary's bank/institution, for example, the State Treasury, BIC: TRELLV22, and in addition to the previous procedure, if you have, you indicate the budget code, for example:

The beneficiary State Treasury
The beneficiary's account No. LV08TREL1060000121000
Beneficiary's bank/institution State Treasury, BIC code: TRELLV22
Information to the beneficiary/Payment purpose corporate income tax advance
Budget code 0194

In the same way as with payments to another bank in Latvia, the beneficiary's bank/institution is chosen to be the State Treasury, BIC: TRELLV22, for example:

The beneficiary Latvian National Library
The beneficiary's account No. LV14TREL2220260010800
Beneficiary's bank/institution State Treasury, BIC code: TRELLV22
Information to the beneficiary/Payment purpose invoice No. 14 DD 05.05.2010.

The same way as with payments to another bank in Latvia, the beneficiary's bank/institution is chosen to be Latvijas Pasts, BIC: LPNSLV21, for example:

The beneficiary Jānis Bērziņš
The beneficiary's account No. LV28LPNS0123456789012
Beneficiary's bank/institution BO VAS Latvijas pasts, BIC LPNSLV21
Information to the beneficiary/Payment purpose invoice No. 14 DD 05.05.2010.

IBAN verification calculator

Correct IBAN number Wrong IBAN number
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