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Domestic payment

The most efficient way of making payments

Making payments via Swedbank Internet banking is the fastest and the easiest way of transferring funds to another individual or to another account of yours.

Payments to other Swedbank accounts

  • Fund transfers are executed in several minutes' time;
  • Making such payments via Internet banking is free of charge;
  • Internet banking section "Bank defined payments" offers almost 200 pre-defined payment forms to the most popular Latvian corporations;
  • In section "My defined payments" on the Internet banking page you may create your own pre-defined payment forms, if you plan to make fund transfers to that beneficiary later on;
  • In Telephonebank or any Swedbank branch you can make fund transfers for a fee.

Payments to other banks of Latvia

Swedbank has the most active customers in Latvia.

  • If the beneficiary provided you with an account number in a different bank, before making the payment ask him, if he also has a Swedbank account;
  • Making a payment to a Swedbank account is free of charge, and the beneficiary will receive the funds after several minutes after the payment has been accepted;
  • If the beneficiary does not have an account in Swedbank, tell him about the advantages that our customers receive. For example our 218 free day-to-day services!
  • Payments to others Latvian banks cost less if made on our Internet banking page, but are more expensive than payments within Swedbank (see our price list for more information);
  • Beneficiary receives the funds in several hours or on the next week day - the funds are credited to the beneficiary bank on the same day when Swedbank has accepted the transaction order only if the remitter made the payment before a certain timeline (more information in the price list).

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Important to know for payment remitters

If you make a payment within Swedbank Latvia via Internet banking, the bank's system will automatically check if your entered IBAN number is correct for the indicated name and surname or the company's name. If the data does not match the system will inform you about the error. For transfers to other local banks we cannot check if payment requisites are correct.

According to the legislation of Latvian Republic, any credit institution is authorized to credit the transferred amount into the beneficiary's account according to the account number indicated in the payment order. In such case credit institutions may avoid making additional checking, like comparing the name, surname, company's name or ID number that were entered in the payment order. By transferring funds within Swedbank Latvia you will protect yourself from mistakes in money transferring.

Required payment data

  • Beneficiary name, surname or company's name
  • Beneficiary ID number or company's legal ID
  • Beneficiary account number in IBAN format
  • Number of the bill/agreement/customer etc. in case it is a payment for services

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