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Mobile application

New Swedbank app. Created to be your favorite.

Enjoy everyday banking with our new features:

  • Biometrics - log in and confirm payments with your fingerprint or face ID
  • Mobile contactless payments - pay with your phone
  • Widget - see your account balance whenever you want without logging in

Available for OS versions - iOS 12.0 (or later) and Android 5.0 (or later)

iPhone mobilā lietotne Android mobilā lietotne

What`s new!

My Budget

From October we are also gradually rolling out the My Budget tool in our mobile app. This will let you see a categorized overview of all your expenses also on your phone.

  • If you are not already a user of My Budget, then to see it in the mobile app, first click on the link “Detailed view” next to Expenses in Overview tab, give your consent and it will automatically appear in the mobile app.
  • To be able to see and manage the full version of My Budget tool on your phone, click on the link “Detailed view”.
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Payments to a phone number

From now on you can transfer money to others by their phone number only! Set it up with these simple steps.

  • Link your phone number to your bank account in Swedbank mobile app in order to receive these payments.
  • When making a new transfer in the app, choose to find the recipient from your phone contacts or enter it phone number manually.
  • You can invite others to link their phone numbers to bank accounts in order to transfer money by phone number to each other.

Watch video tutorials:

How to link your phone number to bank account

How to make transfer by phone number

How to invite friends to start using it

Find more information here.

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Biometric data is the most convenient way of logging in to our mobile app as you won’t have to memorize or enter any codes. It allows you to use your most unique data, such as fingerprint or facial features, in order to:

  • Log in
  • View account balance in a matter of seconds
  • Confirm payments (up to 100 euros 10 times in a row)
  • Access Internet Banking without any additional login through the “Services” section of the app

Watch a tutorial on how to start using it

Payments by phone

What could be more convenient than being able to pay with your phone!

Besides new features, we have also updated your favourite and usual ones so you can continue to enjoy them at a new level.

Receive money from a friend by sending a request in a text message, e-mail message or instant message.

  • Prepare the money request in the Payments section of the app
  • Choose how to send the request link (text message, e-mail or otherwise)
  • Select the respective person from the contact list
  • Swedbank's customers can make the payment by simply opening the link from the request
  • The maximum amount per request is EUR 500

Android smartphone users can make money request also with QR code.

  • Prepare the money request
  • Choose request with QR code
  • Show your phone screen to people near you so they can scan the code to start a payment
How to send money request

Use the widget to quickly check your balance:

  • Set up the widget on your home screen
  • View your account balance without logging in to the mobile app

See how to add widget:

We are always here to help you. In the contacts section you will find all the options for contacting us.

  • Book a meeting
  • Call us by phone or Skype
  • Send us an e-mail or find the nearest branch
  • Give us feedback

We know that sometimes payments need to be made urgently, so to make this process easier, we've made it easier to navigate the payments and have grouped them. Choose between:

  • Relevant payments
  • Payments between your accounts
  • Defined payments
  • Instant payment to another bank in Latvia what joined Instant payments schema
Get notified about your account activity free of charge. View all your transactions in one place, both payments and card transactions in a single overview.

Everything you need to manage with your card, you can do it in the app:

  • Block, unblock card
  • Change limits

As a bank of many products and services, we believe you have many other things to handle apart from cards and payments. So we have created a services section:

  • Manage your insurance and loan products
  • Apply for new services

New Swedbank Latvia app is available for any smart device (phone, tablet, etc.) with software versions:

  • iOS: 12.0 or later
  • Android: 5.0 or later

For using mobile contactless payments in Android:

  • operating system version has to be Android 6.0 or above
  • you must have a Swedbank card with the contactless payment function enabled

For using biometrics:

  • Device must have fingerprint or face recognition sensor
  • Android - 6.0 version
  • iOS - 12.0 version

If you have the Swedbank Latvia app but:

  • If during time period between 16 July and 13 August, your phone hasn’t updated the app to the new version and also making update manually fails, then you need to check which iOS or Android version your device supports.
  • The new Swedbank Latvia app works on most smartphones and tablets on the market. Remember that your smart device must run:
    • iOS 12.0 or later version
    • Android 5.0 or later version

If your smartphone or tablet runs an earlier version, unfortunately there is no possibility to get the update to the new app and we suggest using the Internet banking on your phone after the existing app is discontinued.

If you don’t have our Swedbank app:

  • Go to Google Play or App Store
  • Download Swedbank Latvia app

Enjoy convenient daily banking!

iPhone mobilā lietotne Android mobilā lietotne
  • Always protect your smartphone or tablet with a password.
  • Don't let others use your smartphone or tablet.
  • Have an anti-virus app installed.
  • Always follow the instructions from your smartphone manufacturer when enabling biometrics.

Smart-ID is a free mobile app for conveniently logging in, making payments and signing agreements on the Swedbank Internet Banking site and the mobile app.

Pay by phone in most stores in Latvia and elsewhere in the world.

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