Quick notifications

Get notifications about transactions in your account to your phone or e-mail

  • Salary, pension or stipend transfer;
  • Completed or failed payments;
  • Account balance.

The Quick notifications service can also be used for topping up Zelta Zivtiņa, Amigo, LMT Karte, Bite pre-paid cards and the Mobilly account.

Price list

Add notification
  • Notifications about incoming/outgoing transactions

    • Text message will include the amount of a particular transfer, beneficiary/remitter and account balance.
    • You can choose what is the minimum amount you want to be notified of, for example, transfers above 100 EUR.
  • About account balance

    • A quick notification about account balance allows better planning of your expenses.
    • You can choose to receive information in case the account balance drops below a specified threshold, for example, below 50 EUR.
  • About payments

    Stay up to date with your payments, for example, be notified when an e-invoice has been paid. This type of notifications can be received if you have automatic payment of e-invoices enabled or have standing orders set up.

    If you have a loan with Swedbank, you can choose to receive notifications whenever a loan payment goes through (except credit card and consumer loan payments).

  • Account balance upon request

    The option to get information about your account balance at any time. To do so, send BAL (if you have more than one account, then BAL# and the specific account number) in a text message to the mobile carrier service number:

    • LMT - 29310101
    • Tele2 - 29610101
    • TRIATEL - 25810101
    • BITE - 1643

You can use the Quick notifications service to top-up your own or other subscriber's pre-paid cards and Mobilly account from your mobile phone. To do so, you need to activate the service and send the relevant text message from your phone to the respective mobile carrier's service number. The pre-paid card balance will be topped up within a couple of minutes.

You can also use other alternative top-up options: via Internet Banking by a domestic payment, via mobile app, or in Swedbank ATMs.

How to top-up prepaid cards (Zelta Zivtiņa, Amigo, Bite, LMT Karte) and Mobilly accounts.

Service SMS text
Maximum of 5 top-ups a day
Zelta Zivtiņa top-up
Amount - 1.50; 3.00; 5.00; 10.00 or 20.00 EUR.
ZZ amount or ZZ#amount
For example, ZZ#5.00
LMT Karte top-up
can be topped up with any amount between 0.01 EUR and 42.69 EUR.
OK amount or OK#amount
For example, OK#5
AMIGO top-up
can be topped with any amount between 00.01 EUR and 28.44 EUR.
AMIGO amount or AMIGO#amount
For example, AMIGO#5
BITE top-up
can be topped with any amount between 0.01 EUR to 50.00 EUR.
BITE amount or BITE#amount
For example, BITE#5
Mobilly top-up
amount - one of the pre-defined nominal amounts of 5.00 or 10.00 EUR.
CITY amount or MOBILLY amount
For example: CITY 5.00 or MOBILLY#5.00
  • There must be a separator between the characters and the top-up amount, which can be either a space or the character #.
  • It is important that a dot and not a comma is used in the text message as the decimal separator.

The text message must be sent to your mobile carrier's service number:

  • LMT - 29310101
  • Tele2 - 29610101
  • TRIATEL - 25810101
  • BITE - 1643

In order to top-up the pre-paid card for other customer, send an SMS with the text ZZ amount number. For example: ZZ 3.00 26XXXXXX (or ZZ#3.00#26XXXXXX).

Service Price, EUR
Registering the service Free of charge
Receiving notifications (text message, e-mail) 0.09
Topping up pay-as-you-go phones via Quick Notifications service 0.09
Closing the service Free of charge

Effective from 01.01.2014

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