3rd parties' e-services

State and local governmet e-services

  • E-services of Latvian municipalities

    • Viewing personal real estate data;
    • Paying the real estate tax;
    • Paying the real estate tax on behalf of an other person (available also for representatives of legal entities);
    • Contacting the municipality.
  • State and municipal e-service portal

    • My date in cadastre information system;
    • Declaration of residence place;
    • Persons, whom declared in my property;
    • Verification if a person has valid registration at the place of residence at the indicated address;
    • My data in the Civil Register;
    • My data at the municipality;
    • And other e-services.
  • Riga local government portal

    • Place of residence, real property, construction;
    • Education and science;
    • Finance, taxes, benefits, financial declarations;
    • Legal protection, personal status and documents, consumer rights, government procurements;
    • Family and children, health, social services.
  • The data from Latvian companies data basis

    • Commercial register
    • Annual review register
    • Commercial Pledge register
  • State Social Insurance Agency

    • Submission of 2nd pillar pension e-documents;
    • Receipt of 2nd pillar pension e-documents.
  • The data from Latvian companies data basis

    • Comapny and person reports;
    • Annual reports;
    • Commercial Pledge register.

Utility e-services

  • Latvenergo customer portal elektrum.lv

    • Electricity payments
    • Meter readings submission
    • Payments and consumption history
    • Applications to various Latvenergo services
    • Editing contact information
    • Inquiries and proposals
  • E-pakalpojumi.dabasgaze.lv

    • Submitting of meter readings electronically;
    • View of consumption data;
    • View of invoices and current balance;
    • Application for electronic consumption reports and invoices.

Telecommunications e-services

  • My Lattelecom

    • Receiving and paying of Lattelecom bills;
    • A detailed list of calls and analysis of calls by grouping them according to numbers, duration or cost;
    • Messages on new mails incoming to Apollo e-mail;
    • Consultations and possibility of easy application for new services.
  • My LMT

    • Activation of services
    • Status and costs of services
    • Customer information
    • Receiving and paying of bills
  • My Tele2

    • Information about bills and payments;
    • The present-day bill balance;
    • Sending of SMS messages as from Your number;
    • Contacts with Tele2.
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