Small loan

Via mobile app – no disbursement fee!

Small Loan – a loan just when you need it!

With the Small Loan, you can accomplish your plans and pay for it gradually. For example, if the repairs or home refurbishment can wait no longer.

Setting up via mobile app – convenience and value:

  • A loan from 500 EUR to 12 000 EUR;
  • Fill out the application in the Mobile app and get the reply about borrowing opportunities within 20 minutes (on weekdays, 9.00–17.00).

Borrow responsibly by fairly assessing your loan repayment capabilities!

Calculate the monthly payment

The size of your monthly payment depends on the amount and period of the loan.

Amount of the loan
Period of the loan

The data provided by the calculator is for information only, however it gives you a picture of what could be the size of your monthly payments for consumer credit.
Borrow responsibly by fairly assessing your loan repayment capabilities.
Basis for the calculation

Monthly payment
Loan amount
Loan period
Commision fee

* No contract fee until 31 May

Guarantor’s application

Consumer credit is a good option when you need a specific amount of money for a specific goal or purchase, such as refurbishing your home, improving your garden, travelling or covering medical expenses.

  • The money will be available in your account immediately after setting up the contract
  • Convenient planning of expenses and budget - the credit is repayable according to a schedule by monthly instalments
  • The available amount and the interest rate varies on case-to-case basis depending on your regular income, existing loan commitments and credit history (interest rate per annum from 16%)
  • Quickly from your Internet bank!

Step-by-step guide to receiving consumer credit

  1. Fill out the consumer credit application on the Internet Banking site or at any branch.
  2. After submitting your application, a bank employee will contact you in 2 business days' time to arrange the next steps.
  3. Sign the consumer credit agreement on the Internet Banking site.
  4. After signing the contract, the money will be transferred to your current account at Swedbank.
  5. Congratulations! Now you can materialize your plans.

Eligibility requirements

  • Passport (if not in possession of account with Swedbank)
  • At least 18 years of age
  • Regular income of at least EUR 252 a month after taxes
  • Positive credit history (if any loans have been taken out in the past)
  • Total monthly loan payments do not exceed 30% of the total monthly income
  • Customers who, at the time of issuing the loan, do not receive their income in their account with Swedbank, must ensure, within the following 3 months, that salary or funds equivalent to their salary are transferred to their account at Swedbank

Before the consumer credit

During the credit

Service Price, EUR
Credit disbursement Easier via Internet Banking 2% of the amount. min. 25.00
Disbursement of additional amount Easier via Internet Banking 2% of the amount, min. 25.00
Interest rate From 16% a year
Change of monthly payment date or the linked account Best value via Internet Banking 0.00 - 7.00
Other changes in credit agreement without disbursement of additional amount (incl. restructuring) Easier via Internet Banking 25.00
Early partial repayment of credit Easier Internet Banking Free of charge
Full early repayment of the credit Easier Internet Banking Free of charge

Effective from 18.04.2017.

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