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Home Energy Efficiency Loan



Improve the energy efficiency of your house

Get more beneficial terms if you wish to thermally insulate your home, install a ventilation system, replace windows and doors, change the heating facilities or carry out other repairs.

  • Interest rate: 1.99% + 6-month Euribor*
  • Loan amount from 20 000 EUR
  • Improve the energy efficiency of your home and apply in the state support programme

* Representative example: When a loan of 35 000 EUR is taken out for a period of 20 years, the applied interest rate is 1,99% + 6 months EURIBOR (assuming that EURIBOR is equal to zero), the monthly payment is 177.30 EUR, the loan disbursement fee is 420 EUR. Annual percentage rate (APR) – 2.17%. Total amount repayable by the consumer – 42 969.97 EUR. Changes in the EURIBOR value will affect the amount of monthly payments, APR and the total amount repayable.

New! If you need a smaller amount, choose the Solar Panel Loan which is currently also available for purchasing a heat pump and wind generators.

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The total monthly payment can’t exceed 40% of your monthly income. Select a smaller loan amount or increase the loan term. Children under custody If you want to borrow on your own, specify your monthly income after taxes.

If you want to borrow together with a co-borrower, specify your combined monthly incomes after taxes.
Small loan, credit card, overdraft, line of credit, study loan and other short-term credits

Insure your Make sure that your newly renovated home is protected from unexpected damages (for example a storm blows your solar panels off the roof, electric fluctuations damage the geothermal heating system or a fire caused by home appliances). Insurance applies to your renovated and already existing structures, home contents and you can choose the liability amount based on your needs.

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Loan and Insurance payment calculations are approximate and may differ from your personal offers. Home insurance and insurance against borrower's unemployment and incapacity for work insurance is provided by Swedbank P&C insurance AS. Life insurance is provided by Swedbank Life Insurance SE which are represented in Latvia by their branches and by the insurance agent Swedbank AS.

  • For improving of your existing private house (for example, private house, twin house, row house, country house), including works which improve energy efficiency, such as:

    • Insulation of all or separate structural elements of the house (walls, floor, ceilings, roof, foundation, etc.).
    • Installation of centralized or local ventilation system with recuperation.
    • Replacing doors and/ or windows with new/more energy efficient ones.
    • Installation of a heating system management tool.
    • Other tools which will improve energy savings (e.g. solar panels, LED lighting, etc.).
  • No need for a down payment as your property is the collateral.

If you have the Home Energy Efficiency Loan, additionally you can sign up for the Altum support program for improving the energy efficiency of the house.

How to get ALTUM support?

  • Fill out the application and get the bank’s consultation regarding borrowing possibilities for the energy efficiency project of your house.
  • Submit application for Altum support.
  • Sign agreement with Altum.
  • Choose an energy auditor and identify the cost of work to be performed.
  • Sign agreement with the bank and get the loan.
  • The home improvement work can start.
  • After carrying out the project, prepare the necessary information for Altum.
  • The grant from Altum is transferred to your account.

Learn more about the support program here (LV).

  • Fill in the application on the Internet Banking site and get a consultation.
  • Evaluation by an independent valuator of acquired or pledged real estate will be needed after consultation.
  • Receive your loan offer.
  • Sign the loan agreement on the Internet Banking site and set up home insurance or review your insurance covers. New lending transactions may be concluded via Internet Banking between 7 AM and 10 PM. Automated aggregation and registration of data on transactions concluded during the day takes place after 10 PM and, pursuant to the Consumer Rights Protection Law, it is prohibited to enter into consumer lending contracts during night time until 7 AM.
  • After registration of the pledge in the Land Register, the bank issues a loan.
  • After you finalize your planned renovations, don’t forget to share your result with the bank by sending in photos.
  • Loan amount from 20,000 EUR.
  • Loan up to 85% of collateral value.
  • Loan term up to 30 years.
  • Income at least 750 EUR per month after taxes, at least 1050 EUR per month with a co-borrower.
  • Interest rate consists of individual interest margin from 1.99% + 6-month Euribor.
  • Additional expenses (notary, real estate valuation, pledge registration fee) and bank fees will apply to your loan.
  • Loan is repayable on the basis of annuity or amortization schedule within the agreed term by pre-determined monthly payments on your chosen payment date.
Mortgage loan interest rates
  • After completing your energy efficiency renovation work, you will need to send photos as proof.
  • If you fail to use the loan according to its purpose, the bank will have the right to increase the interest rate up to an individually agreed margin.

With the self-service feature, you can:

  • change payment date after the monthly payment has been made;
  • change payment account;
  • make early partial repayments.

In other cases (applying for a grace period, prolonging the payment term, change or release of additional collateral), fill in the application.

The property being pledged requires an appraisal carried out by certified real estate valuator for bank-lending purposes and intended for submitting to Swedbank.

Real estate can be appraised by real estate valuators approved by Swedbank. All valuations performed by an accepted real estate appraiser above the set limit or by a appraiser not included in the list as well as all forest valuations that contain the value of the forest stand, will be verified by Swedbank.

Swedbank may review any external appraisal received (also ones by the approved valuators) and accordingly revise the market value stated there if it is not based on well-founded assumptions and does not represent the market situation at the time of valuation.

Real estate valuators approved by Swedbank

Company Address Telephone Real estate type / restrictions
RE eksperts Ernestīnes iela 12, Rīga 67544380, 26683829 Valuation of all real estate types without limitation
Colliers International Advisor Satekles iela 2B - 512, Rīga 67783333 Valuation of all real estate types without limitation
Latio Krišjāņa Valdemāra iela 8, Rīga 67032300 Valuation of all real estate types without limitation
Newsec Valuations LV Vesetas iela 7, Riga 67508400 Valuation of all real estate types without limitation
Arco Real Estate Blaumaņa iela 5a-1, Rīga 67365555 Residential property valuation without limitation
Commercial property valuation with market value of
up to 300,000 EUR without limitation,
in other cases - with the bank’s approval
Eiroeksperts Krišjāņa Valdemāra iela 20-9, Rīga 67365999 Residential property valuation without limitation
Nira Fonds Brīvības iela 73-1, Rīga 67216678, 27011887 Residential property valuation without limitation
Ober Haus Vērtēšanas serviss Gustava Zemgales gatve 76, Rīga 29557121, 67284544 Residential property valuation without limitation
VCG Ekspertu grupa Kr. Barona iela 31, Rīga 29722989, 67229008 Residential property valuation without limitation
Jelgava 29543033, 63082556 Residential property valuation without limitation
Langes pils Dzirnavu iela 31-1, Rīga 67505676 Residential property valuation without limitation
Vestabalt Krišjāņa Barona iela 11-47, Rīga 67323608, 26477700 Residential property valuation without limitation
Vindeks Lāčplēša iela 14, Rīga 67285403, 29235485 Residential property valuation with market value of up to 100,000 EUR without limitation,
in other cases - with the bank’s approval

If you want your property to be valuated simply, conveniently and fast, let Swedbank valuators take care of that! Swedbank valuations are prepared in abbreviated form and are not suitable for presenting to other credit institutions and cannot be used for the needs of other individuals or legal entities. The fee for Swedbank valuations is charged according to the bank’s price list.

For the possibilities of obtaining real estate valuation from Swedbank, ask your financial consultant at the bank!

Agreement fee 0 EUR!

For property purchase or renovation of your own property.

Suitable solution for purchasing or building a home.

Agreement fee 0 EUR!

Loan that can help you to fulfill your plans!

For purchase and installation of solar panels, a heat pump or wind generators.

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