Car financing

Enjoy driving your car!

If you need extra cash to buy a car, choose a loan that suits you best:

  • Car Loan – for buying a used car
  • Car Lease – for buying a new or second-hand car

Borrow responsibly by fairly assessing your loan repayment capabilities.

Car lease / Car loan calculator

Interest rate

The data provided by the calculator is for information only, however it gives you a picture of what could be the size of your monthly payments for сar loan (сar lease).

Information about loan costs

Consumer loan

Car loan

Car Lease

Monthly payment
Down payment Not needed Not needed From 10%
Loan amount From 500 up to 5500 EUR From 3000 up to 12 000 EUR From 5000 EUR
Repayment period 6-60 months 6-84 months 12-84 months
Monthly income From 252 EUR From EUR 600 From EUR 600
CASCO Recommended Recommended Compulsory
Collateral Not needed Not needed Car

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