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Internet shopping

Enable online payments for card to be able to pay for purchases at online stores!

The online payments feature must be enabled for each card separately.

Enable internet shopping

How to pay by card at online stores

  1. Card number.
  2. Cardholder’s full name.
  3. Card expiry date.
  4. Card’s CVC2** code.

* Debit / Credit designation on the front side of the card will help you understand what type of card you have: “Debit” meaning debit card and “Credit” - credit card

** For oldest card could be CVV/CVC.

Before confirming the purchase, check if the details and value of the purchase are stated accurately on the merchant’s page.

We recommend shopping at stores with websites bearing the MasterCard SecureCode and/or Verified by Visa logotypes which denote a secure purchase system.

If the merchant has joined the MasterCard SecureCode and/or Verified by Visa system, then for extra safety the purchase will need to be verified via Swedbank Internet Banking.

If the store’s website doesn’t have the MasterCard SecureCode and/or Verified by Visa logo, then additional verification via Swedbank Internet Banking is required.

Card payments may fail at some online stores. In such cases information about other payment options can be provided to you only by the retailer.

  1. If you have the security message check is it correct and click „Continue”.
  2. Log on Internet Banking by entering your user ID and confirm with Smart ID, biometrics, PIN calculator or Mobile ID, ID card.
  3. After confirming the purchase you will be redirected back to the merchant’s website.

Even greater security requirements under EU directive take effect from Jaunary 2021. Card payments may fail at some online stores. In such cases information about other payment options can be provided to you only by the retailer.

  • Internet shopping feature may be not enabled for the card.
  • The account lacks sufficient funds.
  • The card’s purchase transaction limit may be too low.
  • The card has expired.
  • It may be due to restrictions set by the merchant (e.g. cards of a specific type or cards issued in a specific country are not accepted).

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Make sure the card is active in the section “My Cards”. If the card is not active, it cannot be registered for internet shopping.
  • If your card is linked to other person’s or company’s account, then you first need to contact the account holder or company’s representative in order to enable internet shopping. Internet shopping can be enabled for the card only by the card’s account holder or company’s representative.

In case of supplementary card, the cardholder needs to have an active Swedbank Internet Banking user account. If you don’t have one, contact the bank for further instructions.

If the user ID or code/password is entered incorrectly more than 5 times in a row, Swedbank will block access to the respective Internet Banking user account. In such an event contact the bank by phone on 67 444 444 for instructions on how to unblock access.

The participating merchants have the following logos displayed at their internet store:

Online purchases may be confirmed with the Smart-ID, PIN calculator or eID card if the Internet shop has joined the secure shopping system MasterCard SecureCode and/or Verified by VISA.

If the card is registered with the merchant for recurring purchases and a separate contract for it exists between the customer and the merchant, the merchant will be able to charge for transactions.

For example, if a user profile has been created, card details have been supplied and a contract has been signed on iTunes, Apple and Google website, then purchases will be charged to the card according to the contract irrespective of whether or not the card is registered for internet shopping.

  • If necessary, the internet shopping feature for the card can be disabled by clicking “Disable”.
  • In cases when the card is lost, we suggest temporarily suspending the card via internetbank or via the mobile app in the “Cards” section. If the card is found, it can be activated within 10 days via internetbank.
  • If the card is stolen or falls into possession of another person, the card must be closed by calling 67 444 444.

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