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Swedbank ISIC Card

Choose the option that suits you:

Swedbank ISIC pupil and student cards

  • Use as an official pupil or student card
  • Get discounts at more than 550 locations in Latvia
  • Payment of for purchases using smart phone or smart watch

* Special offer! Order Swedbank ISIC card by 02.06.2024 and enjoy the card without the monthly fee during the first year.

  • Prove your status as a pupil or student all around the world, for example in libraries, museums and on public transport.
  • Get discounts at more than 550 locations in Latvia and 125,000 locations worldwide, such as Apollo Cinema, Jānis Roze, Hesburger, u.c. Find out more about discounts here.
  • Make online purchases by first activating this feature in your Internet Banking user account. Find out more about Internet shopping here.
  • New! Now you can check your PIN code and payment card details in our app. Easily access the card number, expiry date, and Security code/CVC2 code for all your active cards and view your PIN code in case you have forgotten it.

Ezītis miglā

Apollo Kino




See all the discounts offered by ISIC!

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Ezītis miglā

Enjoy a wide variety of foods and drinks for all tastes in a pleasant atmosphere in the bar/cafe “Ezītis miglā”. Every now and then there are creative evenings taking place as well as late brunches, concerts, improvisation theatre shows, and other events.

Offer: show your Swedbank ISIC card for a 10% discount for all purchases in any “Ezītis miglā”.

How to get the discount: show your Swedbank ISIC card before paying to receive the discount.

Where: find the nearest “Ezītis miglā” in Riga, Ogre or Daugavpils here

Five people, above the table with food, hold five different drinks.

Apollo Kino

“Apollo Kino” cinema has 9 auditoriums, including the first IMAX auditorium in Latvia. The cinema is equipped with the latest sound and image technologies and offers its audience special ergonomic seating as well as a wide selection of snacks and drinks.


  • Every day get a 10% discount* for cinema tickets with Swedbank ISIC card
  • On Thursdays get a 50% discount* for cinema tickets with Swedbank ISIC card

How to get the discount: in the ISIC Global App choose “Limited Offers”. Find “Apollo Kino” and get the discount code. Go to, choose the movie screening time and enter the discount code before paying.

Where: Apollo Kino Akropole Rīga, Apollo Kino Plaza, Apollo Kino Domina.

*The discount applies to the standard price of the ticket

A man and a woman watch a movie in the cinema and rejoice, pointing a finger at what is happening.


Delicious burgers and tortillas, healthy smoothies, salads and other dishes – this is Hesburger's craftsmanship. Here you can meet with friends, sip a cup of delicious coffee, and for those in a hurry - take a meal with you.

Offer: when presenting your Swedbank ISIC card, you will receive a 10% discount on your purchase receipt. 10% discount is not applied to promotional offers, Bonus card offers and children's plan. Discounts do not add up.

How to get the discount: before paying, present your Swedbank ISIC card to receive the discount.

Where: In all Hesburger restaurants in Latvia. Looking for the closest to you

Hesburger food set that includes cheeseburger, drink coca-cola and french fries.


The Sportland chain of stores offers only the products of the world's best-known and high-quality manufacturers of sportswear, accessories, shoes and equipment.

Offer: 10% off purchase. Discounts do not add up with other discounts and cannot be used to purchase a gift card.

How to get the discount: Before paying, show Swedbank ISIC and get a 10% discount on your purchase. To receive a discount code for the Sportland online store, use the ISIC Global app app. In order for the discount code to work, customer must be registered. Discounts do not add up with other discounts and cannot be used to purchase a gift card.

Where: in all Sportland stores in Latvia and

Four teenagers in Sportland clothing stand together and smile.


Omniva provides convenient and simple delivery of parcels not only in Latvia, but also throughout the Baltics. Send your parcel using the extensive parcel machine network or choose delivery by courier.

Offer: When placing a parcel get a 20% discount on "Parcel machine - Parcel machine" for deliveries throughout the Baltics. Discounts do not add up.

How to get the discount: Using the ISIC Global app, go to the "Limited Offers" section, find the Omniva code for the service. Go to website, choose a service and enter the code received before payment to receive the discount. The discount code will be changed every month.


Opened Omniva parcel door, with a parcel placed inside.

To be eligible for a Swedbank ISIC card, the person needs to be at least 6 years old, have a national identity number assigned in Latvia and must study at an educational institution accredited in Latvia.

The card can be ordered by the child’s parent or legal guardian.

If the child already has a bank account at Swedbank, then you can order a card here.

If you already have an account with Swedbank, you can conveniently apply for the card yourself in the Internet Banking site’s section “Cards” or at any Swedbank branch. If you’re not yet a customer of our bank, press the button “Find out more” and become our customer.



Service Price, EUR
Ordering the card Easier Internet Banking Free of charge The card delivery method can be selected via Internet Banking.
Production and delivery of the card Faster and easier by post Free of charge If the card is ordered remotely, it can be received only at a branch.The way of receiving the card can be changed via Internet Banking.
Accelerated card production No available
Monthly fee 0.25 EUR - 0.55 EUR

Schoolchild - 0.25
Students - 0.55

(previously 2.85 EUR - 6.50 EUR yearly)
The card’s monthly fee is debited automatically from the customer’s account at the start of each month for each month when the card has been in customer’s use.
Purchases in Latvia and abroad Free of charge
Currency exchange mark-up 2% The fee is charged if the transaction (purchase or cash withdrawal) is made in a currency other than the card currency. Information about current exchange rates is available on the websites of the international card organizations and
Balance in ATMs
- In Swedbank ATMs in Latvia Easy via mobile app Free of charge
- In ATMs of other banks 0.40
Printout of last 5 transactions in Swedbank ATMs in Latvia 0.20
Cash transactions See Cash transactions in ATMs and retail outlets
Emergency cash assistance in Western Union service points 42.00 The service is available if the card is lost or blocked.
Claim processing Free of charge If processing of the claim involves obtaining documentary proof of transactions, then a fee will be charged to the amount of the actual cost of the service.
Closing the card Easier Internet Banking and the mobile app Free of charge Cards can be easily and quickly suspended in the mobile app, and will be closed automatically within 10 days.

Effective from 01.07.2018.

  • Examine the retailer - the website must contain information regarding the company’s name and location, as well as the e-mail address and phone number. Information must also be provided regarding the terms and conditions of delivery, returns and warranty, as well as the procedure for lodging complaints.
  • If you shop online with your card infrequently, activate the Internet shopping option only at the time of making the purchase.
  • Protect your money by setting suitable limits. You can set individual limits for purchases, as well as cash and payment transactions.
  • The usage limits can be modified on the Internet Banking site under “My cards” or via Swedbank’s mobile app.
  • If you have forgotten your card’s PIN, check it in the Swedbank mobile app under “Cards” > “Card PIN”.
  • Do your best to enter the PIN in a way that nobody else could see it because the card can be stolen and used by somebody else. If a payment with a stolen card is confirmed by the PIN, the customer themselves will be responsible for it.
  • Immediately change the PIN if you suspect that somebody has found it out or if you get a message from the bank that you need to replace the PIN. This can be done at any Swedbank branch.
  • When choosing a new PIN, don't use one you've already used. Don't choose the same code for more than one card. Don’t reveal the PIN to bank employees or anyone else.
  • When you pay by card, do not let the person serving you take it outside your field of vision because your card data can be stolen.
  • In case of losing your card, immediately block it on Swedbank's mobile app or Internet Banking site. If you’ve blocked your card on the mobile app or Internet Banking site, you can unblock it or request replacement of the card within 10 days of the card being blocked.
  • Always check the transaction amount of the purchase you’re making with the card. Also, try to regularly check the past card transactions via Swedbank’s Internet Banking site or mobile app. If a transaction seems suspicious, contact the bank.

Using cash not only brings environmental issues but also may support the shadow economy. By moving from cash to digital payments, we can protect our planet, remove the anonymity of transactions, and even more - save time spent managing money.

  1. Pay digitally. It helps you track your expenses, set the limits for certain expense categories, and identify where you can manage your consumption habits.
  2. Be aware of non-recyclable receipts. Paper receipts are made from non-recyclable thermal paper. When paying by card, ask for a paperless receipt which you can receive online by e-mail.
  3. Contactless payments are clean and hygienic. By using contactless payments, you can reduce the physical contact between different people who are exchanging banknotes or touching the ATM.

The total volume of card payments in the Baltics increased by 45% during the last 6 years. Paying by card is hygienic, quick and flexible - use contactless or chip and PIN transactions.

{ "xAxis": { "visible": true, "categories": ["2012", "2013", "2014", "2015", "2016", "2017", "2018", "2019", "2020", "2021", "2022"] }, "yAxis": { "visible": true, "title": "" }, "legend": { "enabled": true }, "plotOptions": { "column": { "dataLabels": { "enabled": false } } } }

Source: Swedbank

Measure your cash payments’ CO2 footprint and see how many trees are needed to absorb the emissions created per year.

Cash payments

  • 0
  • 0

If you paid by card, you could save

  • 0
  • 0

Source: Lindgreen, E.R., van Schendel, M., Jonker, N. et al. (2018); Hanegraaf, R., Larçin, A., Jonker, N. et al (2020)

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