Welcome to the Computing Challenge!

Welcome to the Computing Challenge!

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The computing challenge has two parts – a quiz and practical exercise. Fill out the quiz with at least 70% accuracy to receive practical exercise. And yes, you can try more than once. Good luck!

Is Java a pure object oriented language?

How to define a constant variable in Java?

This code - double randNumber = (int) (Math.random() * 40 + 20); will generate a random number between what range?

Which package is imported by default into Java programs?

Is Java portable language?

Java is developed by

Which keyword would you use if you wanted a class to use an interface?

What will be the output of this code? String aString = "Crayons are great!"; System.out.print(aString.charAt(8))

What is the return type of the main() method?

Java and javascript are the same thing

Congratulations on completing the quiz!

Now moving on to the practical exercise. We are providing an “unfinished” project, and you have to finish it according to the task:

You have an unlimited amount of 1, 5, 10 and 25 cent coins. Your task is to write a function, which will calculate all possible coin combinations for given sum (Example: sum 7 will have only 2 such combinations; 10 already has 4 possible combinations). Extra points can be earned if you will find a way to display all combinations. Integrate your function into given code and send it to us with instructions how to run your program. Enchantments of existing code are welcome.

When completed, fill out the application form and upload it here.

Thank you for completing the quiz!

Unfortunatley, you have not answered enough questions correctly. Don’t worry, you can try again!

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