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Pay by a simple tap of your card!

Paying for small purchases with Swedbank's new payment card is up to 3x faster than paying in cash and 2x faster than paying with PIN entry.

Contactless payments are available in places where this symbol is visible. This symbol will also be on cards with the contactless payment feature.

In Latvia for purchases costing up to 50 EUR, pay by simply tapping the card, without PIN entry.

Cards with the contactless payment feature

Debit cards

Swedbank Payment Card

Swedbank Payment Card

Private Banking card

Private Banking card

Exclusively to Swedbank Private Banking clients.

Swedbank ISIC Student Card

Swedbank ISIC Student Card

Swedbank ISIC Schoolchild Card

Swedbank ISIC Schoolchild Card

Credit cards

Fixed Payment Credit Card

Fixed Payment Credit Card

Swedbank Credit Card

Swedbank Credit Card

Gold Revolving Credit Card

Gold Revolving Credit Card

Visa Platinum Credit Card

Platinum Credit Card

Debit cards for companies

Business Debit Card

Business Debit Card!

Credit cards for companies

Business credit card

Business credit card

Business Gold credit card

Business Gold credit card
POS terminal
How to activate?

When you receive your new Swedbank card, activate it via Internet Banking and make sure that the box next to "Activate contactless payments" is ticked Ķeksis .

The contactless payment feature will be activated when you make a purchase by inserting the card in a card terminal and entering the PIN.

The contactless payment feature can be enabled or disabled at any time during your use of the card in the Swedbank mobile app or via Internet Banking.

Manage cards in your smartphone with the Swedbank mobile app!

POS terminal
How to pay?

To be able to pay for a purchase by simply hovering the card over the terminal, both the payment terminal and the card must be equipped with the contactless technology.

In Latvia when your purchase costs up to 50 EUR

and you see this symbol at the point of sale,

pay by simply hovering your card over the card terminal!

Note that contactless payment amount limits can be different in other countries. When make purchase - asks the seller.

For larger purchases pay as usual insert the card in the card terminal and enter the PIN.

POS terminal
It is secure!

The main functionality of contactless cards lies within the possibility to make fast and convenient payments for small purchases. In order to make a payment for an amount below EUR 50, all you need to do is to touch the card on the reader.

Just as with any other type of cards, the highest security standards are applied to contactless cards.

You can only pay once for a purchase - even if you hover the card over the terminal more than once, only one transaction will take place.

Before you pay, make sure that the correct purchase amount is displayed on the card terminal!

If you've misplaced your card, suspend it temporarily via the Swedbank mobile app.

POS terminal

In order for every youth to be able to not only focus on studies but also to have proper fun, we've put together widely available user-friendly solutions which will give access to great shopping deals and will allow taking full advantage of ISIC privileges on day-to-day basis.

Only with Swedbank ISIC in Latvia and worldwide:

officially prove that you're a student or pupil;

enjoy hundreds of discounts;

shop online and pay by card;

use the card for contactless payments.

Choose a solution that best suits your day-to-day life!

Try out your new ISIC and get discounts!

-10% Wok to Walk, Aspazijas bulvāris 30, Rīga.

-20% Coffee Tower, Torņa iela 4, Rīga.

-5% Boards.lv, Bruņinieku iela 29/31, Rīga.

-10% Ausmeņa Kebabs, Nikodema Rancāna iela 41, Rēzekne.

For all the ISIC card discounts, see www.isic.lv/atlaides

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For businesses

The contactless payment functionality is already available in your terminal, regardless of whether the terminal is rented from Swedbank or other provider of this service. Please let your customers know about it. Put up stickers with the contactless payment symbol at your retail outlets

Your benefits

  • Faster customer service.
  • Reduced risk of infection.
  • Satisfied customers.

How to get a card terminal with the contactless payment capability?

1. Choose the type of terminal.

2. Fill in application and a representative of the bank will get in touch with you to arrange the terms of the agreement.

3. Sign the agreement via Swedbank Internet Banking.

4. Within 5 business days, we will set up a card terminal at your retail outlet and will provide free-of-charge training on how to use.

POS terminal
For retailers

Contactless payments - faster payments, shorter queues!
Satisfied shoppers is what makes retailers happy. If the customer's purchase costs less than 50 EUR, invite them to use the convenient contactless payment option and they will appreciate it, plus this will let you pay more attention to the customer themselves.

Simple - the purchase is paid for when the customer hovers the card over the terminal.

Follow the instructions - the text on the terminal screen will notify when a purchase is successfully paid for, refused or when PIN must be entered.

Secure - the transaction receipt after the purchase will additionally inform about successful payment for a purchase or about the reason of refusal.