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3rd pillar pension

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Why are savings important for employees?

Human resources are the key to success in business in any circumstances. Savings are one of the most important benefits that an employer can offer for additional financial security of employees.

Savings in a private pension fund in favour of employees:

  • Boost long-term motivation of employees and increase loyalty to the employer.
  • Allow taking advantage of tax relief.
  • Improve the company’s prestige and competitiveness on the labour market.
Monthly contribution
Accrual period
Pension plan
It has proved true historically that in case of comparatively long accrual periods (over 10 years), choosing pension plans with higher equity investment proportions offers best value as they have been able to produce better yield indicators.
It has proved true historically that in case of comparatively shorter accrual periods (less than 10 years), choosing pension plans with lower proportion of investments in equities offers a better performance as they are less exposed to fluctuations on equity markets.
Upon supplementary pension capital payout,the employee receives
Employer’s economy

Calculation and assumptions

Tax relief

Employer's pension deposits in private pension funds are not being taxed as long as they do not exceed 10% of employee's gross wage.

Motivated employees

Pension contributions in private pension funds allow for improving your corporate motivation system for employees, which increases competitiveness of the enterprise.

Socially responsible employer

Creates a positive employer image in society. Employer who cares for the employees not only in the present moment, but also in the longer term, and who also stimulates creating of savings.

Transparence and service

Companies can easily set up contributions via Internet Banking, while employees can keep track of growth of their savings via Internet Banking as capital is calculated and pension plan performance indicators are updated on a daily basis.

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