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Investment funds

Investing into fund it is important to remember that high risk investments not only have higher potential profit, but also higher potential losses. Securities' values can fluctuate in both positive and negative directions. Historical profitability does not ensure the same income in the future.
To find out what investments types will be acceptable for, fill in Investment profile questionnaire.

High liquidity

It is possible to invest into investment funds every business day (if the fund is public), as well as receive invested money in several days' time, depending on the fund.


To minimize the risk, the fund's assets are invested in a dispersed manner in various objects. By making an investment, the investor acquires relative ownership to the fund's investment portfolio in proportion to the investment amount.

Professional management

Investment of fund assets is done by competent investment managers with rich experience in operating on financial markets, which will ensure efficient management of your portfolio.


Investing in funds allows the investor to save time and money as it takes only one financial operation. By purchasing and selling securities fund make transactions for large amounts, thus more favorable terms can be achieved.

Opportunity to profit from the stock market dynamics

Investment funds are formed by uniting financial resources of many investors. These resources are further managed by professional investment managers, giving possibility to get profit from securities market.

Transactions with fund units

Fund order

A fund order is an order you give to the bank if you wish to buy or sell units in a particular fund. In a purchase order you note the value up to which you wish to purchase units and state whether the issuance fee of the units forms part of the transaction amount or not. In a sales order you state the amount of units you wish to sell. The bank programme checks whether there are sufficient fund units in your securities account and enough money in your settlement account to pay the service fee. If so, the sales order will be carried out.

Securities transfer

Through Swedbank you can buy and sell securities which are traded on the stock market as well as those which are not. To trade in securities off the stock market, you will need to provide your account manager (i.e. Swedbank) with an order to buy or sell securities. The other party in your transaction must provide the same order to their account manager.

Securities transaction against payment means that Swedbank guarantees the transfer of the money from the buyer's account to the seller's account. Secure transaction means that no automatic transaction occurs: the buyer must pay for the securities.



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