Earn while planning where to use it!

Strategically right placement of a company's spare funds can increase the company's return on equity, while maintaining the required level of liquidity. Spare funds can be invested for various time-horizons to match the company's cash flows.

Swedbank offers a variety of investment options, including different term deposits, treasury securities, shares and investment fund units. In choosing the most suitable investment vehicle, one must consider the both the profit potential and the associated risks.

For secure profit

An opportunity to deposit spare funds for a fixed period of time at a fixed interest rate, as well as:

  • receiving a fixed return;
  • making a deposit in various currencies;
  • receiving the earned interest upon final maturity or each month;
  • automatically extending the deposit for a set period of time or on an open-ended basis.
Price list

The Dynamic Deposit is a deposit which gives companies an opportunity to deposit their spare funds for a fixed period of time and enjoy extra profit potential with guaranteed repayment of the original deposit amount at maturity.

In Dynamic Deposit, the profit depends on the rise in price of the deposit's underlying asset (the selected security, equity index or other financial instrument) on global financial markets. The more the price of the underlying asset grows over the agreed time period, the higher interest the customer earns.


  • make deposit in various currencies
  • choose between deposit with or without risk premium
  • sign up for the deposit in special campaigns, while providing the total transaction amount in your account on the set start date of the deposit; it is at the end of this date when the funds will be automatically transferred to the deposit account
  • unlimited profit potential, to the extent of participation, from exposure to dynamically growing global financial markets
  • enjoy 100% security as repayment of the original amount of deposit at maturity is guaranteed irrespective of how much the financial markets may have fluctuated
  • receive the interest earned and the guaranteed original deposit amount at maturity
  • have several Dynamic Deposits at a time


  • examine Swedbank's price list, the general terms and conditions of the Dynamic Deposit Agreement and the Special Conditions for the particular offer
  • sign the Dynamic Deposit Agreement with Swedbank during the special campaign which can be done at any Swedbank branch or by phone on 67 444 444
  • on the deposit start date, your account must have sufficient balance in the deposit currency for the deposit principal and for the risk premium (if applicable); otherwise the Dynamic Deposit will not be activated for the customer at the end of that day
Price list

Open-ended deposits can be added to without any limitations. In order to withdraw the deposit in part or in whole, a seven days' prior notice to the bank about the necessary amount is required. Features:

  • interest on a quarterly basis
  • deposits in various currencies
  • the deposit can be added to through electronic payments, by cash at any Swedbank branch, by transfer or by standing order.
Price list
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