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Group account

Simple and effective management of funds!

The key feature of the account is the national pooling of funds from current accounts of several companies connected within a group which enables:

  • having a single view of all the group’s funds;
  • borrowing funds within the group;
  • convenient and centralized account handling;
  • reducing the need for external credit resources.

To get an offer, contact your account manager at Swedbank!

Creation of an internal lending market

The group account gives the opportunity to allocate the funds available inside the group to the member that needs them the most at the given moment.

Less need for external borrowing

Companies can use each other’s funds within the internal borrowing limits set for them.

Decreased interest expenses

In the case of a group account, the positive and negative balances of the group members offset and the amount to which the overdraft interest rate is applied is smaller.

Better overview of the group's activities

You will get an overview of the entire group’s funds, which allows you to manage the group’s assets more efficiently.

Different group account statements can be obtained through the electronic channel and they are available only to the parent company.

Group account statement reflects the movement of money of the entire group, as well as of every member during the selected period by days.

Balance statement is a consolidated statement of the average and actual balances of group members over a certain time period.

Interest statement gives an overview of the positive and negative internal interest rates established for group members and the interest earned and/or to be paid within the group during the selected time period.

Group turnover statement gives an overview of the group’s turnover showing the opening and closing balances by account groups or members and the movements and balances on the account.

Statements can be made more flexible by grouping the accounts of group members (e.g. revenue account, expense account, payroll account, etc.) and by giving names to accounts if necessary.

Product/Service Price, EUR
Opening account 200,00
Annual fee Min. 200,00 Depending on structure.
Sub-group / second cash pool account - 200,00.
Group member's monthly fee 15,00
Contractual amendments 25,00
Closing account Free of charge

Effective from 25.07.2019.

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