Opening a foreign account

Open an account abroad without leaving Latvia!

Through Swedbank, you can open a foreign account in 21 country – both at Swedbank Group banks and at any of Swedbank’s associate banks that are part of the Unicash organization.

Depending on the bank chosen, the company can start using:

  • a current account
  • business Internet banking
  • SWIFT services
Only Swedbank clients can open an account abroad for international business.

The application for opening an account may be lodged by the company’s authorized signatory by sending a message to the bank via Internet Banking, by Phonebank services or by visiting the nearest Swedbank branch.

In the application you will need to specify the bank in which and why you wish to open an account. The duration of the account opening procedure depends on the bank chosen.

Requirements for opening an account with a foreign bank:

  1. the company must have been active in conducting settlements within Swedbank in the last six months;
  2. the company must have links with the country where it wishes to open an account; account opening must be well-founded and connected with the company’s operations;
  3. documents related to account opening are signed at the premises of the home bank;
  4. documents related to account opening must be in English.

For further information, please contact your company’s account manager at the bank, send an e-mail to or send a message to the bank via Internet Banking.

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