Cash Pool Account

Simple and effective management of funds!

The key feature of the account is the notional pooling of funds from current accounts of several companies connected within a group which enables:

  • having a single view of all the group’s funds;
  • borrowing funds within the group;
  • convenient and centralized account handling;
  • reducing the need for external credit resources.


  • an efficient solution of managing and maximizing return on current assets both for a single company and a group of companies;
  • in case of credit facility, it is made available to the whole group with the group members remaining liable, jointly and severally, for the liabilities;
  • a possibility of setting up and managing an internal online credit market;
  • automatic zero/ target balancing;
  • a chance to pay less interest to the bank for credit liabilities.

Cash pool account statements

  • average and minimum group member balances in current accounts over a specified period of time;
  • the calculated interest rates fixed between the group members by the manager of the group of companies through setting up the group’s internal credit market;
  • daily cash flow statements for all the current accounts included in the group;
  • cash pool account members’ turnover over a specific period of time.

Implementation of the cash pool account

A tailor-made offer is developed in order to implement the solution in line with the structure and the needs of the group.

Please contact the bank for an offer by e-mail to