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Car lease

Applications (LV/RU)

Applications and Forms (LV/RU)

Cars, commercial vehicles and industrial equipment leasing applications:

Full Service Car Leasing applications:

What business requires, car lease delivers!

  • Leasing interest on new cars from 2.49%
  • More favorable conditions by choosing an environmentally friendly car
  • Option to include CASCO in one monthly payment
  • Discounts for setting up a lease – if applied for and the contract is signed via Internet Banking

Calculate leasing payment

Type of car
Car price
Down payment

Financial lease Operating lease (rent)
Monthly payment 0 EUR 0 EUR
Residual value No remaining value EUR
CASCO Insurance*


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* Terms of insurance: insurance type - Standard CASCO Insurance, a deductible for damages – EUR 140 , theft, robbery deductible - 5%, but not less than EUR 140.00 , glass deductible – EUR 0 .

The offer is indicative only. The calculations may differ depending on the vehicle selected and the customer’s insurance history.

  • Become the owner of the car at the end of the lease period.
  • Gradually pay out car purchase value and interest within the lease period.
  • Possibility to buy a used or new car.
  • Possibility to return a car to the buyback provider or buy it out for residual value at the end of lease period.
  • Suitable for buying a new or second-hand car.
  1. Fill in an application via Internet Banking or apply for consultation.
  2. Submit asset valuation if needed.

    Valuation is required if you buy a used car and the seller is not a Swedbank cooperation partner (car dealer).

    Car valuation can be obtained from our cooperation partners in Riga:

    • SIA BRC, address: Maskavas iela 463, Riga, phone 67 317 524;
    • SIA AR Control, address: Daugavgrivas street 77, Riga, LV-1007, phone 29 209 154, 29 398 462.

    Cars can also be valuated at any Swedbank branch outside Riga subject to prior arrangement with valuation specialist or by phone on 67 444 444.

  3. The lease agreement may be signed via Internet Bank or at Swedbank branch.
  4. Pay the down payment, commission fee invoices.
  5. Re-register the car at CSDD.
The car must have valid CASCO insurance and MTPL insurance. If your CASCO insurance provider is not Swedbank P&C Insurance AS, send a copy of the policy by e-mail to For the approved insurance companies, see here.

Leasing available for passenger and light commercial vehicles (up to 3.5 tonnes).

  • Interest rate from 2.49% + 6-month Euribor
  • Financed amount from EUR 5 000.
  • Down payment from 10%.
  • At the end of lease period vehicle have to be not older than 15 years.
  • Repayment period up to 6 years.

If you choose an environmentally friendly car – hybrid, plug-in electric or small-engine car with CO2 emissions level below or equal to 95 g/km - you will get special conditions:

  • Interest rate: 1.89% + 6-month Euribor.
  • CASCO insurance with 10% premium discount for the first year.

In order for the special conditions to be applied, leasing agreement has to be signed digitally, the car must meet CO2 level up to 95g/km. Offer is valid when applying for new cars.

Insurance service provider: "Swedbank P&C Insurance" AS.
Discount for CASCO insurance is applicable together with leasing only.
Terms and conditions for CASCO insurance

Product/Service Price, EUR
Granting of lease Best value via Internet Banking 1,0 % - 1,5 % of the car/equipment price, min. 100,00 + VAT 1% of total price determined by whether lwease applied for and agreement signed via Internet Banking.
Document processing fee 0,00 - 213,00 + VAT Standard terms - 0,00
In case of deviation from the standard terms of the agreement or if the agreement needs to be drafted in a foreign language - EUR 213 + VAT.
Additional lease granting fee applies.
English or Russian.
Valuation of a car at a branch 37,19 + VAT Valuation may be carried out for cars with acquisition value of up to EUR 70000. The valuation fee is charged regardless of whether bank's financing is set up or not. The valuation is for internal use only and will not be issued to the customer. Valuation is available only in branches outside Riga.
Change of lease currency, change of interest rate type 1.5% of the outstanding amount, min. 60.00 + VAT
Processing of other changes and contractual amendments Apply via Internet Banking Up to 0,5 % of the outstanding amount, min. 60,00 + VAT
Preparation and issuance of agreement copies, standard bank certificates, sub-letting approvals and authorizations for travelling outside the Republic of Latvia Apply via Internet Banking 25,00 - 50,00 + VAT Standard - 25,00 + VAT
Urgent - 50,00 + VAT
Urgent preparation of authorization - in 4 business hours of the Bank
Preparation and issuing of non-standard documents upon customer's request Apply via Internet Banking 70,00 + VAT
Monitoring of the leasing transaction in connection with insurance of the collateral 142,00 - 284,00 + VAT If liabilities secured against the collateral are less than EUR 1.5 million - 142,00
If liabilities secured against the collateral exceed EUR 1.5 million - 284,00
Signing of debt agreement 0,2 % of the outstanding amount, min. 71,00
Debt agreement document processing fee 0,00 - 213,00 + VAT Standard terms - 0,00
In case of deviation from the standard terms of the agreement or if the agreement needs to be drafted in a foreign language - EUR 213 + VAT.
English or Russian.
Document processing Final invoice for a third party may only be requested from your manager or any Swedbank branch. In case of finance lease, also the document showing the residual value must be submitted together with the request for final invoice.
- in case of early performance of obligations 1.5% of the outstanding amount, min. 70,00 + VAT.
Additionally EUR 100,00 + VAT, if the final invoice is issued to a third party.
For finance lease or loan.
- in case of redemption of the object of operating lease agreement 1.5% of the outstanding amount, min. 70,00 + VAT.
Additionally EUR 100,00 + VAT, if the final invoice is issued to a third party.
- in case of re-financing 1,5% of the outstanding amount, min. 170,00 + VAT
CSDD fee: Deregistration for sale in Latvia 3,02

Supplementary car leasing services

Car insurance
Setting up fee Free of charge
Monthly payment According to the insurer's rates
Early termination Current period's monthly payment

Effective from 19.08.2020.

The following changes can be made to the lease agreement:

  • Change of date of monthly payments.
  • Early performance of obligations (in full or in part).
  • Extension of agreement period and postponement of principal repayments.

To change the contract please submit an application.

Applications & forms

Authorisation for Use of the Vehicle

  • Using the vehicle in Latvia and elsewhere in the EU no authorisation is required.
  • Using the vehicle in another foreign country fill in the Application for Authorisation.

In case you travel with your leased car or motorbike to Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Belarus or Russia, you will need to conclude a supplementary policy in addition to your Casco insurance policy.

  • If you wish to pay off the remaining lease amount or sell the vehicle before the contract end date, fill out an applicationhere.
  • If you want to ask the final invoice to be issued in the name of a third party, then you need to fill out the application at a Swedbank branch. If you currently have finance lease, then also the waybill - invoice about the remaining balance of lease must be submitted together with the application.
  • After discharging the lease obligations, you can register the vehicle with CSDD in your or buyer’s name.
  • When the agreement expires, we will start the vehicle ownership transfer process in CSDD’s e-services.
  • SMS text message will be sent to the registered phone number and when you receive it you can go to CSDD to re-register the car in your own name.
  • Agreement extension. Once the application is filled out, we will offer you the most suitable solution for financing the residual value and will prepare a new payment schedule.
  • Paying off residual value. After filling out the application, you will receive an invoice - once it’s been paid, you can go CSDD and re-register the vehicle in your own name.
  • Returning the vehicle. The car on lease must be made available for inspection to the car dealer no later than 1 month before end of the agreement. The vehicle must meet the normal wear-and-tear requirements when returned.

After making the last payment, the respective information will be entered in CSDD database. On the day when the information is provided, you will receive a text message and from this moment you will have five calendar days to re-register the vehicle in your name.

  • Check the insurance contract end date when the lease agreement expires.
  • You can easily review all contracts with P&C Insurance AS when you’re logged in to Internet Banking. For further information, please contact us by phone on + 371 67444449 or by e-mail at

Free technical assistance and guaranteed original spare parts for repairing cars not older than five years.

All contracts of financial services in one place. You don’t need to worry about payments as they will be debited automatically from your bank account.