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Commercial vehicle leasing


Forms (LV/RU)

Cars, commercial vehicles and industrial equipment leasing applications:

Pursue more with new commercial vehicles

  • Down payment up to 9%. Learn about EIF guarantees.
  • For new and used commercial vehicles
  • Opportunity to have newer commercial vehicle
Apply also if search for the car is ongoing The offer will be valid for 30 days Once the car is found, just sign the agreement
The minimum amount in leasing is 6000 EUR. Invalid amount! Down payment entered incorrectly!
  • 0

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Commercial lease payment schedule sample

Payment Residual value* Lease payment Interest payment Document processing fee with VAT Total
0 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00
  • Lorries and trucks
  • Semi-trailers and trailers
  • Buses
  • Special purpose vehicles
  • Become the owner of the vehicle at the end of the lease period.
  • Gradually pay out vehicle purchase value and interest within the lease period.
  • Possibility to buy a used or new vehicle.
  1. Fill in an application via Internet Banking or apply for consultation.
  2. Submit vehicle valuation if needed.

    Valuation is required if you buy a used vehicle and the seller is not a Swedbank cooperation partner.

    Vehicle valuation can be obtained from our cooperation partners in Riga:

    • SIA BRC, address: Maskavas iela 463, Riga, phone 67 317 524;
    • SIA AR Control, address: Daugavgrivas street 77, Riga, LV-1007, phone 29 209 154, 29 398 462.
  3. The lease agreement may be signed via Internet Bank or at Swedbank branch. See a tutorial on how to do it easily via Internet Banking.
  4. Pay the down payment, commission fee invoices.
  5. Re-register the vehicle at CSDD.
The vehicle must have valid CASCO insurance and MTPL insurance. If your CASCO insurance provider is not Swedbank P&C Insurance AS, send a copy of the policy by e-mail to For the approved insurance companies, see here.

Assessment of my company

{ "yAxis": { "min": 0, "max": 100 } }
  1. Log in to internet banking
  2. You’ll get an financial evaluation of your company
  3. Discover your company’s strengths and weaknesses
  4. If you do not see the calculation or need help understanding it - apply for a consultation

Available to Swedbank customers. We can show the company’s individual valuation if the balance sheet and income statement are available in public databases.


Your company’s loan eligibility is based on your latest financial statement, so be sure to do your accounting properly and keep the financial statements up to date.

Up-to-date annual, and sometimes quarterly, financial statements are instrumental in the loan application process.

Your equity is:  .

Equity ratio is:   %.

The more of a company’s assets (real estate, equipment, machinery, stock, current assets etc.) are financed by the owners themselves rather than creditors, the better its chances to obtain financing. In order to receive financing, your equity cannot be negative.

EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes and depreciation)  .

A company’s ability to generate profit is an important factor in financial eligibility evaluations.

A company should have enough funds available to cover potential additional liabilities.

To be eligible for financing, a company must have a sufficient level of turnover or a future project with good turnover potential. A sustainable pace of turnover growth is one sign of a financially healthy company.

Credit history

A company’s credit history is one of the most important factors in determining its loan eligibility. This means reviewing the payment history of the company, related companies and key officials. You can find more information about the personal data processing in the Swedbank approved Principles of Processing Personal Data.

Timely payments of existing and past loans held by your company in Swedbank is one of the key elements for future financial eligibility of both the company and related individuals.

The payment discipline of your company and its group members in respect to third parties also indicates your trustworthiness today and in future.

Relationship with bank

Please let us know if you have recently changed the name of your company, its ownership or area of business. Make sure to complete and update your anti-money laundering (AML) questionnaire, as this is an essential part of financing applications.

A completed and up-to-date AML questionnaire is a prerequisite for applying for a loan from Swedbank.

A successful and sustainable relationship with the bank creates beneficial conditions when applying for financing.

Blocked accounts can be an indication that a company is experiencing difficulties.

The longer your business has been operating, the more trust we will have in it.

  • Leasing available for commercial vehicles (above 3.5 tonnes).
  • Financed vehicle from 6 000 EUR.
  • Down payment from 20%.
  • At the end of lease period vehicle must be not older than 12 years.
  • Repayment period up to 5 years.
Product/Service Price, EUR
Granting of lease Apply for via Internet Banking 1.5 % of the car/equipment price, min. 130.00 + VAT
Document processing fee 0.00 - 213.00 + VAT Standard terms - 0.00
In case of deviation from the standard terms of the agreement or if the agreement needs to be drafted in a foreign language - EUR 213 + VAT.
Additional lease granting fee applies.
English or Russian.
Valuation of a car at a branch 37.19 + VAT Valuation may be carried out for cars with acquisition value of up to EUR 70000. The valuation fee is charged regardless of whether bank's financing is set up or not. The valuation is for internal use only and will not be issued to the customer. Valuation is available only in branches outside Riga.
Change of lease currency, change of interest rate type 1.5% of the outstanding amount, min. 60.00 + VAT
Processing of other changes and contractual amendments Apply via Internet Banking Up to 0.5 % of the outstanding amount, min. 60.00 + VAT
Preparation and issuance of agreement copies, standard bank certificates, sub-letting approvals and authorizations for travelling outside the Republic of Latvia Apply via Internet Banking 25.00 - 50.00 + VAT Standard - 25.00 + VAT
Urgent - 50.00 + VAT
Urgent preparation of authorization - in 4 business hours of the Bank
Preparation and issuing of non-standard documents upon customer's request Apply via Internet Banking 70.00 + VAT
Monitoring of the leasing transaction in connection with insurance of the collateral 200.00 + VAT
Document processing Final invoice for a third party may only be requested from your manager or any Swedbank branch. In case of finance lease, also the document showing the residual value must be submitted together with the request for final invoice.
- in case of early performance of obligations Apply via Internet Banking 1.5% of the outstanding amount, min. 70.00 + VAT.
Additionally EUR 100.00 + VAT, if the final invoice is issued to a third party.
For finance lease or loan.
- in case of redemption of the object of operating lease agreement Apply via Internet Banking 1.5% of the outstanding amount, min. 70.00 + VAT.
Additionally EUR 100.00 + VAT, if the final invoice is issued to a third party.
- in case of re-financing Apply via Internet Banking 1.5% of the outstanding amount, min. 170.00 + VAT
CSDD fee: Deregistration for sale in Latvia 3.02

Supplementary car leasing services

Car insurance
Setting up fee Free of charge
Monthly payment According to the insurer's rates
Early termination Current period's monthly payment

Effective from 01.08.2021

The following changes can be made to the lease agreement:

  • Change in date of monthly payments here.
  • Early performance of obligations (in full) here.
  • Deferral of principal repayments here.
  • Extension of payment deadline here.

Authorisation for Use of the Vehicle

If you plan to go to with the car or motorcycle on lease to Albania, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iran, Macedonia, Morocco, Moldova, Montengro, Serbia,Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine or drive such a vehicle in any of these countries, then you need to purchase Green card. Before you travel make sure that your CASCO insurance is valid in the country you are travelling or plan to cross.

Early termination

  • If you wish to pay off the remaining lease before the contract end date or ask the final invoice to be issued in the name of a third party, fill out an application here.
  • If final invoice is asked to be issued in the name of a third party. and you currently have finance lease, then also the waybill - invoice about the remaining balance of lease must be submitted at any Swedbank branch or signed with secure electronic signature and sent by email to
  • After discharging the lease obligations, you can register the vehicle with CSDD in your or buyer’s name.

End of finance lease period

  • When the agreement expires, we will start the vehicle ownership transfer process in CSDD’s e-services.
  • SMS text message will be sent to the registered phone number and when you receive it you can go to CSDD to re-register the vehicle in your own name.

Contracts entered into between the European Investment Fund (EIF) and Swedbank enable us to provide loans and leasing services to micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. The Guarantee is provided with the ultimate purpose of enhancing access to finance in line with defined policy objectives. The guarantee programme also helps financing necessary investments if an enterprise does not have sufficient collateral.

Guarantee program for medium-sized enterprises “InvestEU SME Guarantee”

The objective of this program is to increase access to finance for SME-enterprises by offering additional guarantee from the EIF.

Conditions for using the guarantee:

  • Leasing assets (incl. vehicles, machinery, equipment) are financed.
  • The maximum amount to be financed for finance lease is up to 500 000 EUR.
  • The company has up to 250 employees.
  • The annual turnover is up to 50 million EUR, or the balance sheet total is up to 43 million EUR.
  • The guarantee is free of charge.

To get the EIF-supported financing, ask your contact person in the bank or fill in an application.

Guarantee program for micro-enterprises “InvestEU Micro Guarantee”

The objective of this program is to increase access to finance for micro-enterprises by offering additional guarantee from the EIF.

Conditions for using the guarantee:

  • Leasing assets (incl. vehicles, machinery, equipment) are financed.
  • The maximum amount to be financed is up to EUR 50,000.
  • The company has up to 9 employees.
  • The annual turnover is up to 2 million EUR, or the balance sheet total is up to 2 million EUR.
  • The guarantee is free of charge.

To get the EIF-supported financing, ask your contact person in the bank or fill in an application.

The supported financing benefits from the support from the European Union under the InvestEU Fund. The InvestEU Fund is designed to support policy objectives of the European Union by means of operations that contribute to (i) the competitiveness of the European Union; (ii) growth and employment in the European Union economy, the sustainability of the European Union economy and its environmental and climate dimension; (iii) social resilience; (iv) the promotion of scientific and technological advances, of culture, education and training; (v) the integration of the European Union capital markets and the strengthening of the internal market; (vi) the promotion of economic, social and territorial cohesion; or (vii) the sustainable and inclusive recovery of the European Union economy after the crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Additional information can be found on the information page provided by the European Commission.

European Investment Fund

To find out which financing option would work best for your company, sign up for a consultation!

Choose the purpose of financing and find suitable loan.

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