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Payment difficulties

In case of the customer struggling with loan payments, Swedbank and Swedbank Līzings offers the following solutions:

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Good to know

  • Payment discipline and, if necessary, timely communication with the bank before the monthly payment is past due serves as the basis for mutual trust.
  • Good credit history increases the possibility to receive financing also in the future.

Questions worth considering

  • How much money is necessary to keep the company running? How long could the company run by tapping into its internal financial reserves?
  • What measures have been taken or will be taken to reduce the company’s day-to-day costs? For example, changes in rent payments, administrative expenses, revised payments for extra conveniences at the workplace etc.
  • Have you asked suppliers about the possibilities to extend invoice payment time limits?
  • What is the optimum amount of products in the warehouse?
  • Have you identified opportunities for alternative sales channels and e-commerce?
  • What are the possibilities and willingness of the company owner to support the business with their personal funds?
  • Have you inquired about the possibility to defer payments at all financial institutions that your company does business with?

Questions and answers about the deferred principal repayment solutions

No special documents are required.

Deferral of principal repayments applies to lending products that have a schedule with monthly repayment of the principal amount, including leasing.

Normally, the answer will be given within a couple of days, however in some cases the assessment will take more time. Likewise, the time it takes to prepare an answer is influenced by the number of applications we get which may be more time-consuming in case of large volumes but at present we provide answers within a couple of days.

If your retailing is put on hold, we suggest not hurrying with returning the POS device to the bank but rather contact the bank by sending a message via Internet Banking to inform about the situation - we will assess each application on a case-by-case basis and help find a solution for reducing the expenses for the company.

The new schedule will be available on the Internet Banking site after finalizing the changes.

Personalized solutions are possible. Please send us an Internet Banking message here.

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