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€ 9 900

Trailed mower combination Fella SM991TL-KCB

  • Price of machinery excl. VAT: 38 900,00EUR
  • Price of machinery excl. VAT for Swedbank customer: 29 000,00EUR

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Relaxed financing conditions – with support by European funds

Financing with reduced down-payment

With EU-fund co-financing (LAD)

Interest rate 2,79%+6-month EURIBOR 2,79%+6-month EURIBOR
Down payment 5% = 1755 EUR 10% = 3509 EUR
Average payment 584,15* EUR/month 455,77** EUR/month
Seasonal payments option available Seasonal payments option available
Repayment period 60 months Repayment period 60 months
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Results are approximate and may differ from conditions offered to you.

* Finance lease with COSME, 5% down payment, finance interest rate 1.99% + EURIBOR, repayment period 60m

** Finance lease with LAD, 10% down payment + LAD (20% of the amount excl. VAT) in 3rd month, finance interest rate 2,79% + EURIBOR, repayment period 60m


Trailed mower combination Fella SM991TL-KCB
Mower width: 8.3 m


Valtek SIA
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Address Jaunbērzi, Cenu pag., Ozolnieki
Contacts Jānis Balodis, 28336649
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