Swedbank Gateway

Convenient payments directly from your accounting software

Swedbank Gateway is a solution that links the company's accounting software and Swedbank's Internet Banking service that way making accounting department's work much easier.

  • 24-hour mass automated data processing;
  • Automated salary, international and other payments;
  • Instantly available account balance information;
  • Opportunity to operate company's Swedbank accounts across the Baltics.

This service requires you to have software with Swedbank Gateway support, or, alternatively, develop support for Swedbank Gateway in your software.

Swedbank Gateway has the following functionality:

  • 24/7 availability*;
  • Real-time information about account balance;
  • Account statements;
  • Local and international transfers to any bank in Latvia and worldwide;
  • Currency exchange;
  • Information about the Bank of Latvia's and Swedbank's exchange rates on the current day and during any past period;
  • POS terminal reports;
  • Automated payment of E-invoices service administration;
  • Sending and receiving of E-invoices;
  • Quick notifications about incoming and outgoing payments.

* Processing of incorrect payments or payments with additional instructions is only guaranteed on business days from 09:00 to 18:00.

Swedbank Gateway Security

The security of transactions in this channel is ensured via Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). To contact the bank and make queries, you need a valid data communication certificate. Execution of transactions requires that each user, who approves transactions, uses a smart card containing the transaction certificate data.

Information about the service

To receive further information about the service and the technical documentation of the service, please get in touch with our Technical Customer Support Centre by calling + (371) 67444444 or by e-mail uznemumi@swedbank.lv.

Product/Service Price, EUR
Registering the service 25,00 - 60,00
Monthly fee
- Operator channel 10,00 - 25,00
- Direct Channel 25,00 - 50,00
- Operator agreement from 10,00
Current day automated account statement 35,00
Current day's account statement request 0,50
Notifications on transactions 0,10
Closing the service Free of charge

Effective from 11.12.2017.


The Horizon online banking solution offers an opportunity for businesses to work with the bank directly from their accounting software with a unified interface for handling payments and bank statements in the resource management system.

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INTELSYS Bank Communicator for SAP ERP empowers organizations with the tools to automate their daily banking communication with Swedbank Gateway and quickly adopt SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) standarts.

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Tildes Jumis

With the accounting system “Tildes Jumis”, you can get real-time information from the bank about account balance in online mode, as well as receiving account statements. This makes it significantly easier to deal with bank statements in case of big document flow.

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PayTraq offers the benefits of automatic uploading of all operations on your bank accounts and their registration in accounting, thus increasing data entry speed and accuracy. Your current balance and all transactions in your bank accounts are updated in real time and always reflecting the actual financial position of your business.

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HansaWorld Standard ERP

By using Swedbank Gateway electronic channel, HansaWorld Standard ERP provides you with an opportunity to operate your Swedbank accounts online, directly from your accounting programme.

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With Swedbank Gateway, in the resource management system G-VEDIS accountants can access account statements, process incoming payments, and compare payments and accounts statements in the resource management system with bank account statements and turnovers, all of this performed online.

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Through the mediation of the Swedbank Gateway, Tavirekini.lv ensures automatic processing of bank account statements, automatically synchronising payment statuses of the issued documents.

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Navex Banking

NAVex Latvia’s module Navex Banking provides the possibility to use Swedbank’s Gateway solution for creating an online connection between Swedbank and Microsoft Dynamics NAV system, providing immediate exchange of necessary information.

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