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Quick notifications (SMS)

Always be informed what is happening in your account!

  • Payed invoices and other incoming transactions;
  • Completed or failed payments;
  • Account balance.
Price list

Change SMS settings
  • Text message will include the amount of a particular transfer, beneficiary/remitter and account balance.
  • You can choose what is the minimum amount you want to be notified of, for example, transfers above 100 EUR.
  • A quick notification about account balance allows better planning of your expenses.
  • You can choose to receive information in case the account balance drops below a specified threshold, for example, below 50 EUR.

Stay up to date with your payments, for example, be notified when an e-invoice has been paid. This type of notifications can be received if you have automatic payment of e-invoices enabled or have standing orders set up.

If you have a loan with Swedbank, you can choose to receive notifications whenever a loan payment goes through (except credit card and consumer loan payments).

Service Price, EUR
Registering the service Free of charge Information about notification types.
Receiving notifications (text message, e-mail) 0.09 The fee for each notification received is debited automatically, once a day - for notifications sent the previous day.
Closing the service Free of charge

Effective from 01.01.2014

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